Episode 11

Be Your Ancestors’ Wildest Dreams

by | Nov 14, 2020 | Episodes | 0 comments

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On this episode of Le Twins Experience,  Kim & Donyetta are talking the upcoming election, with our black girl magic spotlight on Kamala Harris.  More buffoonery from rappers.  C. Murder gifting Monica luxury items from prison, Tamar’s drama with her ex, more celebrity births in 2020.

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Episode Transcript

[00:00:00] Donyetta: [00:00:00] Welcome to Le Twins Experience with Kim and Donyetta.

[00:00:07] Kim: [00:00:07] Now let’s get back on our Bullshit! Okaaaaay!

[00:00:21] I’m Kim

[00:00:23] Donyetta: [00:00:23] and I’m Donyetta

[00:00:25] Kim: [00:00:25] and welcome back to another episode of Le Twins Experience. Back

[00:00:30] Donyetta: [00:00:30] on all bullshit.

[00:00:32] Kim: [00:00:32] We need a back on our bullshit theme song.

[00:00:36] Donyetta: [00:00:36] What could it be

[00:00:40] Kim: [00:00:40] if you ever singer, and you’re listening to this here podcast and you want to sing out theme song hit us up.

[00:00:47] Donyetta: [00:00:47] Oh, I liked that idea,

[00:00:49] Kim: [00:00:49] you know, back on Apple.

[00:00:53] But with a good voice,

[00:00:55] Donyetta: [00:00:55] you want it to be like, I kinda like am to the no Mo to the E to the, [00:01:00] is that right? Well, he

[00:01:01] Kim: [00:01:01] shouldn’t say we ain’t giving that dog on Brandy. No more burn on his shit.

[00:01:04] Donyetta: [00:01:04] Oh, wait, talk about that. We want it to be classic, like the good times theme song. Good. She knows the worst of that, but she won’t learn the words that Juveniles back that ass up 

[00:01:19] Kim: [00:01:19] American and a random render mandates

[00:01:26] juvie cop. Call me juvie. The great why name and Juven at juvenile was taken.

[00:01:33] Donyetta: [00:01:33] Somebody probably got it. You

[00:01:34] Kim: [00:01:34] know? He was late. He, Oh, no, he was late to Instagram.

[00:01:38] Donyetta: [00:01:38] Are you probably just get on their light last year? Well, you know what, the funny thing about Instagram is, is like some of the people that were iconic and our generation and that we still like hold up to that level.

[00:01:52] They don’t really be having the Instagram followers, like all these new addition, people

[00:01:55] Kim: [00:01:55] like Brittany.

[00:02:00] [00:02:00] I don’t know how I came across Brittany Spears. I’m like, dang, Britney Spears. She has millions of followers, but she don’t have like 170 million, like Kim Kardashians. Like

[00:02:09] Donyetta: [00:02:09] I to say she don’t have like Kylie and BSA followings.

[00:02:12] Kim: [00:02:12] No, she’s like in the tens or twenties. I know really, this is a whole new generation.

[00:02:20] Donyetta: [00:02:20] So what’s been going on in your

[00:02:21] Kim: [00:02:21] week. Um, I been chilling, chilling on preparedness and knees cheering back to school.

[00:02:31] Donyetta: [00:02:31] I forgot about that. That’s coming up next

[00:02:33] Kim: [00:02:33] week. Yeah, they started back on Monday. I’m a little, I’m kind of nervous, but I dunno, you know, they have the, the school set up where they have like partitions around each desk.

[00:02:45] Like the desk used to all be together before, but now they’re all like the teacher took me on a tour, a virtual tour of the classroom. So the kids sit by theirselves and their partitions around the desks. So it’s going to be different. [00:03:00] But, you know, she, she, um, brung the camera in the class and I, and she’s like, Hey, everybody say hi to Dylan.

[00:03:05] He’s coming back on Monday. And they were

[00:03:07] Donyetta: [00:03:07] like, Hey, it’s already in there.

[00:03:11] Kim: [00:03:11] Oh yeah. They students, you know, they went some students like our district. We had an option either in school or hybrid or totally at home. Okay. Yeah, so my kids were totally at home and because my little one he’s only in first grade, he goes five days a week and my oldest only goes two days a week still.

[00:03:31] So,

[00:03:32] Donyetta: [00:03:32] so will your oldest be, um, going back to the classroom as well as he going to stay?

[00:03:37] Kim: [00:03:37] No, he’s gone back. They got to, they get to go.

[00:03:42] Donyetta: [00:03:42] Bring them out. Bring them out.

[00:03:44] Kim: [00:03:44] Listen, people don’t this home. It’s not really homeschooling, but it’s VR at home virtual. It is stressful. Okay. You, it’s very hard to monitor a six year old work and do everything you have to do.

[00:03:59] It’s [00:04:00] just like. It’s hard work. So

[00:04:02] Donyetta: [00:04:02] I’ll probably ask you questions instead of asking the teacher

[00:04:06] Kim: [00:04:06] all day long and he bus blessed so much, they’re going to listen to a teacher that’s on a computer screen, you know, so yeah. I have to have my son in the room with, I tried it in his room. That don’t work. He has to be in the room with me.

[00:04:19] So I have to monitor

[00:04:22] Donyetta: [00:04:22] from your word.

[00:04:24] Kim: [00:04:24] It’s a hot mess. Yeah. I’m happy to see them go. I just hope that everything goes good. I get scared. It’s a scary world. We live in, man. Um, so what happened with you this week?

[00:04:40] Donyetta: [00:04:40] Plus C I think I’ve found somebody that’s gonna do the, uh, repair to muscle in a flooding situation.

[00:04:48] Kim: [00:04:48] That’s good.

[00:04:49] Donyetta: [00:04:49] So that’s progress. It’s been really hard to find somebody because. Of all the previous storms we had this year, like everybody’s booked up. And so I got a referral to somebody and he’s going to come [00:05:00] out this weekend. And then I started my meal plan. I think I might’ve told you all about my meal plan.

[00:05:06] I paid on Instagram. He is mr. Mind, your own fitness is longer than Don. He had a child. Um, I paid for a 30 day meal plan. And so I started it on Monday. So I’ve been in it about a week and I’m already down like six flat pounds. But I think some of that might’ve been, yeah. Cause I don’t look any, I don’t feel like I look any different.

[00:05:30] The only thing I noticed is my stomach’s not as bloated, but you know, like as females we like blow and then we have like bloating with PMs and stuff like that. But he said the goal is for me to lose 10. I don’t even know if I should tell y’all cause I don’t want to be held to it. What is it? He said, I can safely lose 10 pounds in the first month.

[00:05:49] Kim: [00:05:49] She and I want to lose

[00:05:50] Donyetta: [00:05:50] 2010 pounds in a month. He said, it’s all about manipulating your macros and your micros. And so he has me doing three [00:06:00] meals a day with one snack. And of course I eat most of my calories for breakfast. And then they, the, each meal has a smaller amount of calories as we get towards the end of the day.

[00:06:10] But like, it was your, was

[00:06:11] Kim: [00:06:11] your plan for today.

[00:06:13] Donyetta: [00:06:13] Today for breakfast. I had, uh, like eggs with salsa on them, like scrambled eggs with sausage. So like five scrambled eggs was like one serving typically if I cook. Yes. So that’s going to be my biggest calorie meal for the day, but it’s not the breakfast I would eat.

[00:06:35] I want eggs. With the salsa and the bacon and

[00:06:39] Kim: [00:06:39] the C we’d be Oh, did we do too much?

[00:06:43] Donyetta: [00:06:43] Yeah, it’s just eggs. And then for a snack, I had a banana smoothie with almond milk and honey, and then for lunch, I had. Brussels sprouts. So see for lunch, I want to have a Chick-fil-A sandwich with the fries and a [00:07:00] milkshake.

[00:07:00] And if I went to checkers, I get the Apple pie or if it was Popeye’s, I get the Apple pie. Um, and then for dinner, I usually just do a protein for Dennis. So earlier this week, the protein was chicken kabobs today. The protein was salmon. Yeah. One day it’s going to be a T-bone steak, but it’s only four ounces.

[00:07:17] So I actually had to like measure out my food. When I go to the restaurant, I want the 10 ounce steak with the baked potato .

[00:07:26] Kim: [00:07:26] So are you drinking your water because the water keeps you full.

[00:07:31] Donyetta: [00:07:31] I haven’t been doing a good job of drinking my water. So there may have been some nights where I was in the refrigerator eating like slice ham and cheese.

[00:07:45] So I’m going to do that. Yeah. So we’ll see how it goes

[00:07:49] Kim: [00:07:49] now. Does he give you any cheat days? There are

[00:07:53] Donyetta: [00:07:53] no cheat days in those 30 days. So I think I might have to just Carpe diem and do my own .

[00:08:00] [00:08:00] Kim: [00:08:00] Well, she was six pounds in a week. I ain’t mad at it. That’s good enough. No, I see

[00:08:05] Donyetta: [00:08:05] in that middle plan and I drink like two cups of coffee every day.

[00:08:09] There is no one. There’s no Perseco there’s no,

[00:08:11] Kim: [00:08:11] Tito, hold on, hold on, hold on. Why you can’t drink coffee with no sugar? When, if you put no sugar, see, I

[00:08:22] Donyetta: [00:08:22] don’t want that. I want my coffee to be like my collection with three tablespoons of sugar.

[00:08:27] Kim: [00:08:27] Now see you do it too much.

[00:08:29] Donyetta: [00:08:29] I like lattes. I be all at Starbucks ordering the $15 coffee.

[00:08:34] They got 800 calories in it.

[00:08:36] Kim: [00:08:36] You know what? I started drinking this week. Cause I finally found some doggone. Ginger ginger has been like hard to come by. So I’ve been making, I’ve been cutting now. Listen, I had to Google cause I didn’t know how the heck to make this damn ginger lemon tea. Then I asked my friends and she’s like graded up.

[00:08:53] I said, I ain’t got no time to be graded. No ginger. So, and it’s hard. I

[00:08:57] Donyetta: [00:08:57] don’t feel too.

[00:08:59] Kim: [00:08:59] I didn’t appeal it. [00:09:00] I ain’t got no time for that.

[00:09:00] Donyetta: [00:09:00] I went to the grocery store this weekend, so I could like get all my ingredients. I had to buy like 15 dang bananas. I looked like, I dunno if I was feeding the preschool or if I got hit monkeys or what I was like, woo.

[00:09:15] Kim: [00:09:15] Now, does he have you count in your calories in like, um, Matt? My, what is it called? My fitness pile or one of those apps? 

[00:09:23] Donyetta: [00:09:23] he did say too that he bought it before or after photos. I don’t know about that. Yeah. I see. After I would be the same way you are not seeing these love handles.

[00:09:37] Kim: [00:09:37] You can see them a little bit

[00:09:38] Donyetta: [00:09:38] or

[00:09:39] Kim: [00:09:39] Instagram, but that’s it.

[00:09:41] Donyetta: [00:09:41] And that’s only coming from like so shorts and a bra and that’s it like mobile for a, I was. The F U C K. Does this belly come from? If I could have last year stomach with this year’s breasts y’all I would be on somebody’s pole.

[00:09:57] Kim: [00:09:57] Listen, you better not be one of those people that’s [00:10:00] posting their before and after picture 10 years later, I don’t want to see that shit.

[00:10:08] Donyetta: [00:10:08] Like, of course you have made progress. We hope, but see, there’s another thing too, like. For those of you that are runners you’ll understand. So there’s a difference between like how much I would weigh on an average day as to what my running weight is. I am like 20 pounds heavier than I was last year when I was a serious runner.

[00:10:30] And so I’m going to have to make a decision and soon on if I want to, uh, Look in what my opinion is good for me, that would be like between a size six and an eight, or if I want to be a more efficient runner. Cause you know, the more you weigh it slows your pace down. Uh,

[00:10:49] Kim: [00:10:49] but said I ain’t got no time for that.

[00:10:51] I like my size eight. I find that when I’m running, I can eat,

[00:10:57] Donyetta: [00:10:57] I can eat. [00:11:00] My problem is I’m not running, but I’m eating.

[00:11:02] Kim: [00:11:02] That’s my problem too. Like, I haven’t run it as long as 31st. I need to get back out there.

[00:11:07] Donyetta: [00:11:07] But

[00:11:08] Kim: [00:11:08] yeah, like running keeps the body look, listen, y’all we met through running. That’s how me and Tanya to man and running does a body.

[00:11:17] Good. Okay. Like, and you don’t have to be fast. You do not have to be a fast runner. You just have to get out there and do it and see it. I need to follow my own dog on and bias because winter is coming.

[00:11:34] Donyetta: [00:11:34] And then too, like I know like if I start losing weight, then like the boobs that I got, because I gained weight, they’re going to go away and I’m going to go back to me and flat chested Dianna.

[00:11:43] Kim: [00:11:43] That is true. That’s the sucky part about it?

[00:11:48] Donyetta: [00:11:48] So

[00:11:49] Kim: [00:11:49] I think what we need to do is plan a trip and then set a goal. Because if you plan a trip, you have something to, you have something to attain [00:12:00] because I want to look good in that bathing suit. And if I know that I have a trip on the books in two months, three months, and I’m gonna have to make it happen, shoot.

[00:12:09] Donyetta: [00:12:09] Well, technically, yeah, like I’m supposed to be going somewhere for new year’s Eve. If they had like banned the USA. So I need to get my whole life.

[00:12:17] Kim: [00:12:17] Yeah. Women, we just can’t win. Like what can we do and why can’t we gain weight and keep it where we need it? Like, give me some of this, some boobs, a little bit of, but some hips.

[00:12:34] And that’s it. Like, I only know, tell me, you could keep these bags.  don’t say no lives. They killing me. You could keep them, keep them. I was

[00:12:44] Donyetta: [00:12:44] running the other day. I was running this week and I had to stock up my shorts down. My dad was about to rub. No, they weren’t rubbing. They were about to bleed and I hadn’t even got like a quarter of a mile into my room.

[00:12:58] And then I was like, my neighbor’s gonna think [00:13:00] I’m like digging in my crotch, but I just gotta pull these shorts down. Lord

[00:13:03] Kim: [00:13:03] Lord

[00:13:06] Donyetta: [00:13:06] with that T

[00:13:07] Kim: [00:13:07] all right. So let’s get into these song picks

[00:13:09] Donyetta: [00:13:09] of

[00:13:10] Kim: [00:13:10] the week. We have a Le Twins Experience podcasts. Why do I keep saying pocket? This is a podcast. We have a playlist, a late spins experience playlist on Spotify, and you can find it at bit that L Y slash lates wins experience.

[00:13:28] That’s the shortcut. Um, we also live, leave a link. Down below. So you can scroll down and link to our pot. Our playlist, if I say podcasts, one more time, shoot link to our playlist and you can follow it and jam to all of these songs that we add to the list every week. So my pick this week is a DJ Calla pop star featuring Drake.

[00:13:57] And somebody else, I don’t know. The other [00:14:00] person has on someone because they don’t say, cause it ain’t Drake is somebody they’re

[00:14:03] Donyetta: [00:14:03] not getting paid.

[00:14:05] Kim: [00:14:05] I don’t know. We got, we would have to look in the song credits and the CD booklet and you know, they don’t have CD booklets no more. So where do you find these men?

[00:14:13] Donyetta: [00:14:13] A book with the lyrics and the pictures boys. The men and Brandy and Monica CD vole, or I’ll say Brittany Monica again.

[00:14:21] Kim: [00:14:21] A dog on Brandy and Monica. We, we haven’t seen them since that doggone versus

[00:14:27] Donyetta: [00:14:27] they probably afraid to come after you dragged him, likes him, his getaway,

[00:14:32] Kim: [00:14:32] Bob Brandy and Monica shoe.

[00:14:36] What’s your pick for this week?

[00:14:38] Donyetta: [00:14:38] My pay for the week is a song by Tiana Taylor featuring her daughter Juni and Rick Ross and his call. Come back to me. I like it, it gives me old school vibes, but then Rick Ross with his like 50 bar verse is like adding a little bit of, you know,

[00:14:58] Kim: [00:14:58] I’m gonna need them to shorten his verse.

[00:15:00] [00:14:59] It is like 20 seconds of sufficient. I don’t need an hour at the beginning of the song of up.

[00:15:06] Donyetta: [00:15:06] Yeah. Yeah,

[00:15:09] Kim: [00:15:09] but I liked that song. It was ha it’s a bad it’s NCI. Tayla is she’s very underrated. I don’t think she gets her justice.

[00:15:18] Donyetta: [00:15:18] Did not tell me that her music was banging. Like I just so happened to be listening to like one of my Pandora stations.

[00:15:24] And I was like, I didn’t know what that was. Tiana Taylor song. And then I listened to the album and. Her music is awesome. I had like three, I had to literally pick between like five songs that I was going to include this week. But like I was telling Clint, Kim, like some of those songs are like, so sexually explicit.

[00:15:42] Kim: [00:15:42] Hmm.

[00:15:43] Donyetta: [00:15:43] Can we add the light, clean version of songs to the playlist?

[00:15:46] Kim: [00:15:46] There’s now the option. Yeah. I like the dirty versions.

[00:15:50] Donyetta: [00:15:50] That no, these dirty versions are like watching like porn hub. Like

[00:15:58] Kim: [00:15:58] what you know about porn hub.

[00:16:03] [00:16:00] Donyetta: [00:16:03] It’s hard

[00:16:07] trying to get the money photo.

[00:16:10] Kim: [00:16:10] So what’s up for our black girl magic this week.

[00:16:14] Donyetta: [00:16:14] We have none other. Then who we hope to be our next vice president, Kamala Harris for black girl magic.

[00:16:25] Kim: [00:16:25] Madame vice president.

[00:16:27] Donyetta: [00:16:27] Please y’all. And so we’re giving black girl magic this week to Carla Harris, because as you all know, the, this is the last episode that we were record before we find out who is the next vice president and president for the United States of America.

[00:16:46] And I am so nervous. Kill.

[00:16:50] Kim: [00:16:50] I’m nervous too. And you know what? I’ve been seeing these news stories about people who didn’t vote in the last election, because they didn’t like Hillary [00:17:00] and they didn’t like Trump, so they just didn’t vote. And then in some of them say that they are going to vote this time.

[00:17:06] And some people still saying they’re not going to vote. I don’t understand what is wrong with you. People

[00:17:13] Donyetta: [00:17:13] like

[00:17:15] Kim: [00:17:15] a non votes.

[00:17:17] Donyetta: [00:17:17] Go ahead.

[00:17:18] Kim: [00:17:18] A non-voting. Is a vote for Donald Trump. We’re not even talking about fly pens, flying the pants because nobody cares about pens flying the flying ahead and the flies Twitter account, but listen, black people.

[00:17:38] And I’m talking to black people specifically. I don’t care if you don’t like Harris and bite him. Think about what the

[00:17:49] Donyetta: [00:17:49] alternative is?

[00:17:51] Kim: [00:17:51] No, no. Harrison,

[00:17:54] Donyetta: [00:17:54] the president

[00:17:56] Kim: [00:17:56] has it bite it. If you don’t like her, I sit by then. So [00:18:00] what get yo ass to the polls and votes you have to, by the time you listen to this show, you have to vote in person.

[00:18:08] Cause election day is tomorrow. It’s Monday, election day is Tuesday. So if you have an early vote at yet, this is act like Barack Obama’s on the ballot and get y’all behind to the polls and vote because do you want to go through another four years of this BS that we’ve been going through?

[00:18:30] Donyetta: [00:18:30] And the thing I don’t like understand is when people say like, well, Hillary, they said that they didn’t vote because they didn’t like Donald and they didn’t like Hillary, you don’t have to like them.

[00:18:42] They are not inviting you to a over, they are not inviting you to lunch, brunch or tea. So it’s not about liking the person per se. You have to pick the person whose policies that you, but what they say their policies are most aligned with. It’s not a [00:19:00] popularity contest. This is not homecoming queen and King.

[00:19:03] Um, and I think a lot of people get like mixed up in that. Like, who do you want running your country? It’s not about liking me. You don’t have to like me. You probably do, but you don’t have to. I hope you do. There’ll be a troll listening to this podcast. So you don’t like me. Um, but yeah. And so I think people, and then we have to, like, we can’t wrap our head around, like what we consider to be irrational behavior, but somebody y’all made bad decisions for your personal life.

[00:19:32] So of course you would say some foolishness about why you’re not going to vote for this election. You ain’t making good decisions in general. Yeah,

[00:19:40] Kim: [00:19:40] I don’t understand some people. And you know, it’s not only about the presidential election you’re voting for your local elections as well. You know, you’re you’re when you get a parking ticket in your neighborhood, those judges that are ruin the courts they’re on the ballot to your district.

[00:20:00] [00:19:59] Attorneys are on the ballot, attorney generals on the ballot. It’s not just president, your local elected officials are on the ballot is with those assembly, mens, those state senators. They are so many positions positions. What do you call it?

[00:20:16] Donyetta: [00:20:16] Uh,

[00:20:18] Kim: [00:20:18] Whatever it’s called.

[00:20:19] Donyetta: [00:20:19] There’s a lot

[00:20:20] Kim: [00:20:20] of, there’s a lot to vote for in this election and all elect this propositions on the ballot that affects, you know, road, work, construction, things like that.

[00:20:31] So remember to flip your ballot over because they’d be sneaking stuff on the back of those bowels and you don’t even know. And the volunteers in the. The PA at the polls, they’re just regular people like us. They don’t know what’s going on neither. So flip your ballot over. Good. And I want to see your eye, you know, I’m getting sick of seeing early, but I’m loving it too.

[00:20:50] I’m loving it. That everyone is getting out to vote early, keep posting your posts because you’re encouraging other people to get out and vote. [00:21:00] So if you get your little Ibotta sticker, I know when I listen to my poles, they be slacking while they makin on the Ibotta stickers, they don’t have it. Listen to it.

[00:21:10] They don’t have that Ibotta sticker. I’m gonna raise hell up in there. Y’all gonna see me on the news.

[00:21:16] Donyetta: [00:21:16] They better do something. And another thing I know is like, this has been such a year where, because. COVID a lot of us had to sit still where we otherwise would not have. I know me for sure, but like, this is a year where you see like racial injustice going on.

[00:21:31] So don’t be like going hard saying that black lives matter. And then you don’t go vote because you’re allowing like district attorneys and judges and prosecutors to remain in office. Who have shown you what they do think or don’t think about black lives matter and as a person, as a black person, and especially if you are a female, like me, there was a time that I could not vote because I was a female and, or because I was black and it is disrespectful.

[00:21:58] For people to have [00:22:00] gotten sprayed by water hoses, dogs, sicked on them, their heads bust open, all kinds of just blatant disrespect, and they fought for your right to vote and you don’t go vote, like be your ancestor’s wildest dreams. Don’t be their biggest disappointment.

[00:22:14] Kim: [00:22:14] I love that. I love that. So if you can hear the sound of our voice.

[00:22:23] Make sure you get out and vote on Tuesday,

[00:22:27] Donyetta: [00:22:27] right? Yeah. We’re at the segment of the show where we talk about what irks us this week on social media.

[00:22:35] Kim: [00:22:35] Why is something always at me on social media? I might need a social media rests.

[00:22:41] Donyetta: [00:22:41] You need to give it up for lit,

[00:22:44] Kim: [00:22:44] but y’all doing it to me. Like, I’ll be over here, mine and my little streak in business.

[00:22:48] And y’all just want to bother me, like,

[00:22:50] Donyetta: [00:22:50] let me live. Can you let me live?

[00:22:55] Kim: [00:22:55] Okay. This, I absolutely love this. [00:23:00] Okay. Don’t tag me and post that don’t have shit to do with me. There is no,

[00:23:14] there is no reason why you should be tagging me on a post for what? Like who’s going to see my name and do what. What are they going to do? Like, like goals.

[00:23:24] Donyetta: [00:23:24] They’re going to see your name, but go to your page so you can traffic off of your page.

[00:23:28] Kim: [00:23:28] And I’m not even gonna know. No, but it’s annoying because every comment I get a notification I’m not even on the post.

[00:23:33] It has nothing to do with me.

[00:23:35] Donyetta: [00:23:35] That is like this week I was tagged in multiple posts that I’m not in the photo. And like, before I wake up, my comments are already popping. I thought I’m going viral again. Now it ain’t like you me.

[00:23:48] Kim: [00:23:48] You killing my battery before I even

[00:23:50] Donyetta: [00:23:50] get out the bed. Like what,

[00:23:52] Kim: [00:23:52] like, why are you tagging me?

[00:23:54] It’ll have, if it’ll have nothing to do with me, if I’m not in the picture, if I’m not a subject of the [00:24:00] post don’t tag me in shit period.

[00:24:06] Donyetta: [00:24:06] He said what? She said, I had a person that tags me in their posts and they dang stories. And I’m not in any of these photos. Like I have a person tagging me on that.

[00:24:19] Dang fake. Tic-tacs I E the reels on Instagram. Why are you tagging me or your reels

[00:24:28] Kim: [00:24:28] where you in the real?

[00:24:30] Donyetta: [00:24:30] No. So

[00:24:34] I just thought of another thing. Yeah. Stop posting something on social media. And then inboxing it to the people that follow you.

[00:24:48] Kim: [00:24:48] Oh,

[00:24:49] Donyetta: [00:24:49] gee. Yeah. That’s like, that’s like a fire shut up in mob. Buy-ins yeah, if I’m gonna like it, I’m gonna like it, but if you inbox it [00:25:00] to me, like, I already feel some type of way about the fact that when I post something, I put it in my stories and say new posts, but you don’t DM your friends, your posts, because now I’m not going to like it.

[00:25:14] That’s

[00:25:14] Kim: [00:25:14] so annoying. You got too much time on your hands and you can sit there and DM people, your posts. If I wanted to know when you post it, I’ll put, turn on post notifications, like, come on, man. Come on, man.

[00:25:28] Donyetta: [00:25:28] Like, yo, that’s so true.

[00:25:30] Kim: [00:25:30] Y’all too thirsty to get like, it’s the famous, like, if it’s meant to be, it’ll be, if you go pop, you go on pap son, like,

[00:25:39] Donyetta: [00:25:39] come on.

[00:25:41] Like, I really,

[00:25:43] Kim: [00:25:43] you know, I have to say the sun on y’all because like, if you, if you’re going to blow, you’re going to blow and you can’t ride people’s coattails. I hate that. I hate that you can not ride people’s coattails to the top. [00:26:00] Stop buying followers,

[00:26:05] stop buying, like why you’re buying likes, like if your posts was up for an hour and you had 12 likes and then an hour later you have 600 likes. We know you’re buying likes, like Adam, why do you, okay, let me tell y’all something. Do you know when you buy likes and followers, Instagram knows. And they stopped showing your shit to people.

[00:26:31] Donyetta: [00:26:31] How do you, how, like, what do you do to buy them? Like, is it an app or a website

[00:26:35] Kim: [00:26:35] inbox me, like at least two, three times a week. I get an inbox grow your social media. Let’s

[00:26:40] Donyetta: [00:26:40] keep it at, say if you want to grow. Oh,

[00:26:42] Kim: [00:26:42] okay. Twenty-five dollars for this many likes or this many followers, like,

[00:26:47] Donyetta: [00:26:47] well, how do they make it happen?

[00:26:50] Kim: [00:26:50] It’s it’s just bots. It’s all fake accounts. Because if you go to someone that has fake followers and you look through their followers, a lot of the followers won’t have a profile picture [00:27:00] or that have a picture and they’ll have like one post and that’s it. So they, you can tell

[00:27:06] Donyetta: [00:27:06] by the comments too, when somebody has bought likes, this is awesome.

[00:27:10] But as opposed to like my pedicure. Wow. I really love this. So yeah, like

[00:27:16] Kim: [00:27:16] it at like numbers are, your engagement is what’s important. Like the numbers don’t matter. I mean, yeah, it matters when you have a lot of followers when they’re authentic, but when they’re fake and you know, once in a while, Instagram sweeps their followers and they get rid of all that stuff.

[00:27:32] So you’re going to lose all the followers you pay for eventually. Anyway. So like what’s the point

[00:27:37] Donyetta: [00:27:37] I’ve seen, like people with millions of followers lose, like. Thousands on any given day when Instagram cleans that stuff up.

[00:27:45] Kim: [00:27:45] So be authentic. Like you can’t coach me if you cheat in our life. Oh,

[00:27:53] Donyetta: [00:27:53] so last week, Kim and I mentioned that we were going to have these.

[00:27:58] Fabulous back on [00:28:00] my bullshit shirts that we are wearing available for purchase. And so we wanted to let you guys know that by the time you hear this, the website is up and running and we’ll, we’ll be offering a presale from Friday the 30th until Tuesday, November 3rd. Of 2020. So if you listen to this podcast a year for

[00:28:24] 2020,

[00:28:27] Kim: [00:28:27] yeah. So if you want to pick up one of our back of my bullshit teas, we’re going to have teas. We’re going to have hoodies and we’re going to have long sleeve tees as well. Nice fitted ones for the ladies fellows. I know y’all, don’t really wear long sleeve tees, but if you want one. Send us a DM on Instagram and we’ll, we’ll hook you up.

[00:28:46] So we’ll have the red teas like I’m wearing, man. The black tee Daniela is wearing and everything else will be in black. And we’ll also have a red hoodie with white print and a black hoodie with [00:29:00] white print as well. So

[00:29:01] Donyetta: [00:29:01] pre-sale.

[00:29:03] Kim: [00:29:03] Yeah, we’re going to be rocking those hoodies y’all. So you can go to Le Twins Experience that com slash shop to get your gear.

[00:29:13] Um, the gear will show about two weeks after you purchase after the presale is over, actually. So get your gear and you’ll be in a very soon and don’t sleep. Cause when we say, when we say it’s over, it’s over.

[00:29:31] Donyetta: [00:29:31] So don’t be like me today with the Ivy park, a sale. And Kim took him out. We both ain’t got nothing,

[00:29:42] Kim: [00:29:42] not a dog

[00:29:44] Donyetta: [00:29:44] shoot. I ain’t even get them socks. Dang. It y’all bought the socks too, but yeah. So back on my bullshit, we put the exclamation. Uh, you guys have been saying that you love the shirts. So follow through if you really love them and purchase them. And we want to see when you buy it [00:30:00] and you get it and you wear it, post your picture and tag.

[00:30:04] I can’t wait to see it.

[00:30:05] Kim: [00:30:05] Me too. That’s going to be cute.

[00:30:08] Donyetta: [00:30:08] Y’all going to be back on y’all’s bullshit, ladies and gentle. We are now to the segment that we call bullshit of the week, where we talk about topics that caught our attention. And some of them are actually some bullshit.

[00:30:24] Yeah,

[00:30:24] Kim: [00:30:24] you sell in this week’s bullshit. First we have all set and

[00:30:30] Donyetta: [00:30:30] he got home. Oh, just can’t say offset. You gotta say offset.

[00:30:33] Kim: [00:30:33] Woo, woo. Woo.

[00:30:37] Donyetta: [00:30:37] Direct to my records, my records. That’s the only part I know

[00:30:41] Kim: [00:30:41] you beat the best of me.

[00:30:45] What are they saying?

[00:30:49] Donyetta: [00:30:49] It’s a bunch of don’t even look it up doughy. I know he said, then I call that Uber though.

[00:30:55] Kim: [00:30:55] No, God. So this whole, [00:31:00] I’m a call him a fool because yeah, he was minding his business rolling through Beverly Hills and he got pulled over because the police said that it was reported as someone was waving a gun outside of the window of the car.

[00:31:15] Donyetta: [00:31:15] He was driving past a Trump rally. Y’all wait, you forgot that part. And, uh, somebody called and said this food was waiting. And then in the car, then the police took the

[00:31:25] Kim: [00:31:25] Popo, you know, those Trump supporters, uh, snitches. So they stitched on his nose immediately, immediately. So get this,

[00:31:33] Donyetta: [00:31:33] don’t wave a gun at me.

[00:31:36] Kim: [00:31:36] So Cardi B’s, what is it? Her cousin.

[00:31:40] Donyetta: [00:31:40] Oh,

[00:31:42] Kim: [00:31:42] I think it was her cousin. Was in the car with offset and had a weapon and was arrested for possession of a weapon.

[00:31:54] Donyetta: [00:31:54] Like, well, like he didn’t have a permit to care.

[00:31:58] Kim: [00:31:58] Uh, well, there in Cali, he don’t have it. [00:32:00] You can’t bring your weapon across state lines

[00:32:02] Donyetta: [00:32:02] unless he, right.

[00:32:02] It was yesterday in Cali. They was in Beverly Hills. Wait a minute. Of course there’ll be trunk rallies in Beverly Hills because that’s where all the rich people, rich white

[00:32:10] Kim: [00:32:10] people. Let me

[00:32:13] Donyetta: [00:32:13] find it, uh, arrested.

[00:32:16] Kim: [00:32:16] No, all says it is. They took him in. They, I don’t know what happened. I think they let him go or whatever, but her cousin Marcella, our men’s are, who was very yelling too.

[00:32:27] I, I think he’s like 20 years old. He was, he got two charges of carrying a concealed weapon and carrying a loaded firearm in public. So this full, like, okay. These Rapids get on my nerves. Yeah, all this money you buy a Cardi B a damn Rose voice SUV with the baby. See custom baby seat in the back.

[00:32:53] Donyetta: [00:32:53] All the Birkin bags,

[00:32:56] Kim: [00:32:56] she got a closet full of Burkins from the router to the tutor.

[00:33:00] [00:33:00] She even

[00:33:01] Donyetta: [00:33:01] got an army fatigue print

[00:33:02] Kim: [00:33:02] one. Why don’t you have 24? Our security. Why Cardi has that crocodile Burke, you know, must have their crock Bergen costs, at least 50 GS, at least 50 GS

[00:33:21] Donyetta: [00:33:21] one. She gave him a, like a refrigerator full of money.

[00:33:25] Kim: [00:33:25] They are so Nigro Indian and I get that from Wendy Williams. She said, hell yeah, I don’t want to say the N word y’all know, gritty into the bone, like pay for, I listen, if I had the money, I would have security.

[00:33:39] I would have rotate and security. I would have three security guys on full-time PA they work in eight hours a piece each.

[00:33:46] Donyetta: [00:33:46] Even if it’s just my uncle, somebody,

[00:33:49] Kim: [00:33:49] my math is not good. Was eight times three, 24, 24. That’s 24. You should have three security guards working eight hours a day rotating. You [00:34:00] can have a half, a million dollars of Birkins.

[00:34:02] You can afford to have full-time security. You should not be in a vehicle carrying a weapon and no one in your entourage to have a weapon other than secure, what is wrong with them?

[00:34:13] Donyetta: [00:34:13] That’s like women at time T I had their trunk full of like machine guns and

[00:34:16] Kim: [00:34:16] foolish. What were you doing? Like,

[00:34:20] Donyetta: [00:34:20] and that whole video made me nervous.

[00:34:22] Number one, because. Black people and police, right. And police really don’t care if you’re recording. So offsets recording. They tell him to turn the car off. He’s like, I’m not moving my hands and he let them know he was on. Was it Instagram live or Facebook live

[00:34:39] Kim: [00:34:39] Instagram live.

[00:34:41] Donyetta: [00:34:41] He’s like, I’m not moving my hands.

[00:34:43] Yeah, cause y’all have guns drawn and they were like, step out of the car. He’s like, I’m not even open the door cause y’all have guns drawn, but we know we’ve seen black people get shot on camera, on video without even moving, but still, and then they reached in the car, they unlock the door and [00:35:00] they open it for him.

[00:35:01] He’s like, y’all, can’t do that. That’s illegal. I don’t know if that’s illegal or not, if y’all know, let us know. But then Cardi comes and she popping off and that made me nervous again because black people and

[00:35:18] Kim: [00:35:18] like, y’all gotta be smarter than this. I don’t care what hood you’re from. You’re a celebrity. Now you’re famous. You make an oldest coin and you’re making stupid decisions, period.

[00:35:33] Donyetta: [00:35:33] Yo, how black, like the relationship that black America has with the police nowadays, I’m not giving you like you. Most times you don’t even have to give them a reason, but I’m not going to give you a reason,

[00:35:44] Kim: [00:35:44] you know?

[00:35:45] You you making their job easier, you making it easy for them to get away with murder because you out here carrying around concealed weapons, like an

[00:35:52] Donyetta: [00:35:52] idiot, she really tried to run up on the police in the video. I saw what you got to do.

[00:36:01] [00:36:00] And then you had the peanut gallery. Is that what you call them? The peanut

[00:36:04] Kim: [00:36:04] gallery. Oh my

[00:36:05] Donyetta: [00:36:05] God.

[00:36:09] Don’t run up on the police. Y’all crazy in the back. From running away from the police and you’re going to run up on the police

[00:36:20] Kim: [00:36:20] in offset. They told you to get out the car, they, they issue you an order to get your ass out the car you want to die today.

[00:36:26] Donyetta: [00:36:26] Well, no. Who was the black man that he was in the car with his either girlfriend or wife and his child.

[00:36:32] And they told him to do something. He let them know he had a weapon in the car. He had a permit to carry. And when he moved, the police officer shot him.

[00:36:40] Kim: [00:36:40] Remember, that’s not offset. Woo

[00:36:42] Donyetta: [00:36:42] woo.

[00:36:44] Kim: [00:36:44] They do. They do.

[00:36:46] Donyetta: [00:36:46] I said why? He said I’m not moving my hands. That part.

[00:36:50] Kim: [00:36:50] I understand that. I understand that

[00:36:52] Donyetta: [00:36:52] the weapons and the running up on the police, here’s the thing.

[00:36:55] No fight in a neighborhood. You don’t run up on the police.

[00:36:58] Kim: [00:36:58] But here’s the thing [00:37:00] you in the wrong, because obviously little elements. I was raving that, raising that gun outside the window,

[00:37:08] Donyetta: [00:37:08] how bizarre for the Bronx too? Like already they all from the whole family, from the

[00:37:12] Kim: [00:37:12] Bronx. You know, he from the Bronx got, got the Bronx and I’m from the Bronx.

[00:37:18] I ain’t from Nissan in the Bronx though.

[00:37:20] Donyetta: [00:37:20] Listen, I was watching, we didn’t get that in the Bronx. I was watching this big

[00:37:25] Kim: [00:37:25] or YouTube cool hood. What is it? Cool is cool. Hood something, but they showed different neighborhoods. Put blogs is cool or YouTube. I need

[00:37:37] Donyetta: [00:37:37] flocks.

[00:37:38] Kim: [00:37:38] This check was coming through the Bronx.

[00:37:39] I’m like what part of the Bronx is

[00:37:41] Donyetta: [00:37:41] that? I ain’t never been over there. You’re like, I don’t know streets.

[00:37:47] Kim: [00:37:47] That must be weird. Connie. That was fro cause I had dope. I did. I grew up over there. Okay. But listen, you ain’t in the Bronx no more. You need to get you. Well, where’s the Mancos from Atlanta.

[00:38:00] [00:37:59] Donyetta: [00:37:59] Yeah.

[00:38:00] They’re well, they’re from really, like, I think like Lawrenceville. So that’s like at the top of Georgia, but it’s like,

[00:38:07] Kim: [00:38:07] y’all not in the hood anymore. Act

[00:38:09] Donyetta: [00:38:09] like it. Don’t run up on the police, show

[00:38:13] Kim: [00:38:13] you by and roll sports SUV. Act like you got some money now and get your shit together. Y’all just simple. Like, I don’t feel bad when these rappers get, like when Juul Santana got brung the gun to the airport in the bag

[00:38:26] Donyetta: [00:38:26] talking

[00:38:26] Kim: [00:38:26] about, he forgot the gun was in the bag.

[00:38:30] Donyetta: [00:38:30] I find my place once in TSA flag did a damn good.

[00:38:37] Kim: [00:38:37] Wait, what you had in there.

[00:38:38] Donyetta: [00:38:38] My water bottle. It was one of the big smart waters too. I forgot my water bottle. I ain’t never forgot. I had a gun

[00:38:45] Kim: [00:38:45] girl. They let me through, um, last time with my dog on pepper spray. I got some Mexico’s like what pepper spray. I could see how he would have forgotten because I forgot that was in there.

[00:38:56] You know, you just forget, but I ain’t carrying around no gun.

[00:39:02] [00:39:00] And, you know, when loves, diff say he showed me the video when Juul was

[00:39:06] Donyetta: [00:39:06] talking fat, Joe,

[00:39:08] Kim: [00:39:08] he loved him upset. So Juul said that, um, someone gave him some Supreme gear and they, it wasn’t a Supreme bag, a duffle bag, and he must’ve put the gun in there. And then, I don’t know, days later or something, he had to hop on a flight.

[00:39:22] So he used that bag and he didn’t remember that the gun was in it, but.

[00:39:26] Donyetta: [00:39:26] Okay.

[00:39:28] Kim: [00:39:28] You don’t remember the gun was in there, but why are you carrying a gun in the first place? Why, what are you doing that you need to carry a gun?

[00:39:39] I need you to sell some Cuban links. Listen, sell your Cuban Linx, sell your Rolex, sell all that other bullshit and the gritty and stuff that you have and buy you some security. You don’t need to carry no damn gun. If you, and if urines age out of your life, you need to change up your lifestyle. [00:40:00] Speaking

[00:40:00] Donyetta: [00:40:00] of things that guardians need to sell, I’ll put a pen.

[00:40:05] What is what everybody? So now that I have taken a deeper look into Birkins, I don’t like the way that they look

[00:40:16] Kim: [00:40:16] and

[00:40:17] Donyetta: [00:40:17] I don’t like the way that they look. The only reason I would buy a Birkin is to prove that I’m a bad bitch. And so I could walk around and be like, I thought a broke bitch said something.

[00:40:29] Kim: [00:40:29] That’s what it is. It’s just status. That’s all. Cause you know what the banks have been around forever. Look, burka is named after a woman, right? Let me say maybe,

[00:40:39] Donyetta: [00:40:39] but  are the only ones that are hyping it back up sort of how y’all like to do Hennessy and Timberland boots and they don’t, they don’t rock with y’all.

[00:40:47] So have you been seeing these big debates on social media? Like sweetie who dates the most part? Quavo of Migos?

[00:40:58] Kim: [00:40:58] I was going to say the other one [00:41:00] that offset is with,

[00:41:01] Donyetta: [00:41:01] yeah. I think he’s off says uncle either the other way around and then. Takeoff is a cousin. It’s a, that’s a whole nother family tree, but sweetie said that if a guy’s not paying your bills by you Birkins and performing oral sex on you, send them back to the streets mostly y’all.

[00:41:24] Okay. Buy yourself a Birkin and take yourself out to eat. Most of y’all ain’t even buying good wigs. So

[00:41:36] we ain’t

[00:41:36] Kim: [00:41:36] gonna get it to that wig. Discussion me, go

[00:41:38] Donyetta: [00:41:38] get it for me. This like mindset and celebrities. Aren’t thinking about what they’re saying sometimes like for sweetie, if a guy’s not by her Burke and I can get it. Cause she has a different type of like revenue income coming in. But what it, like, why are we making Burkins like such a big, hot commodity.

[00:42:00] [00:41:59] Kim: [00:41:59] And the status. If that’s all it is, it’s like this

[00:42:04] Donyetta: [00:42:04] bag they’ve been around,

[00:42:06] Kim: [00:42:06] they’ve been around forever. Birkin is named after a UK actress. Jane Birkin brokens have been around forever, but the style hasn’t changed, I can say

[00:42:16] Donyetta: [00:42:16] no.

[00:42:17] Kim: [00:42:17] They have all, that’s why I have that kind of vintage-y look, they have all of these new, um, materials and colors and things like that.

[00:42:26] But the style is the same and they have different versions, you know, Burke is that. Yeah. But Ermez see, lot of people don’t even know Ermez is the brand that mix Bergen the Birkin bag. And there are other Ermez are

[00:42:43] Donyetta: [00:42:43] unique. You guys were talking about that brand, that y’all car Hermes.

[00:42:49] Kim: [00:42:49] It’s not, Hermes is not herpes is Irma.

[00:42:52] And me airmail is French is French, right?

[00:43:00] [00:43:00] Donyetta: [00:43:00] it’s on the yang. It’s on me.

[00:43:05] Kim: [00:43:05] or ms. Bell felt like, why did they spend a thousand dollars or a damn belt to have that stupid age? No. No

[00:43:12] Donyetta: [00:43:12] way I’m gaining weight. It ain’t going to fit. And then,

[00:43:16] Kim: [00:43:16] and then I almost bought her amaze bracelet. I’m like, do I need a plastic bracelet from Ermez for $500? No,

[00:43:24] Donyetta: [00:43:24] that’s like buying a Louis Vuitton scarf to tie around to your personal boom.

[00:43:29] Y’all out here listening to like what these, like celebrities say, who like have the cash. Um, and a lot of times we find out they don’t even have the cash. And so don’t like hop on this. If a guy can’t buy you a Birkin and pay your bills, that you gotta throw her back to the streets because they know same streets as you.

[00:43:48] Kim: [00:43:48] Yeah. The good thing about burgers though, is that they, they hold their value.

[00:43:55] Donyetta: [00:43:55] I don’t know anybody that I know that kind of that’s like a $15,000 bag or is [00:44:00] that the higher end? No,

[00:44:01] Kim: [00:44:01] that’s, that’s the minimum. That’s the, if you, if you go into pre-lab market, that’s the minimum 15th and there nephew’s best. Yes. I

[00:44:13] Donyetta: [00:44:13] don’t know anybody that’s buying Bergens and I’ve gone out to dinner just because of work.

[00:44:17] I go out to dinner and lunch with CEOs and executives of companies. Well, you want me to tell you I

[00:44:23] Kim: [00:44:23] get a damn Birkin. You gotta be on the, you gotta keep dialing in to get a bar. It’s hard to get a Birkin. Cardi and easy

[00:44:31] Donyetta: [00:44:31] video where somebody is like, who said, we can’t get, uh, buy stuff in the store. And they were like in the store where you buy Burkins that like, but I have noticed too, like, there’s a difference between like how like black people spend their money and then how like white people spend their money.

[00:44:47] Have you ever noticed that

[00:44:49] Kim: [00:44:49] black people spend their money? As soon as they get it?

[00:44:52] Donyetta: [00:44:52] And we tend to wear and drive our money. Whereas all of the people, the white people that I know in my pay grade, [00:45:00] they drive if they’re being fancy and Acura, um, but they tend to drive like Toyotas and Hondas. And then they go to Europe for the summer, every year for two or three weeks.

[00:45:12] Kim: [00:45:12] That’s how I feel like I wanted a new car. I was going to get a new car like three years ago because someone rear ended me. And I was like, I’m getting, I was at the dealership. They didn’t have the red. I wanted, he called me back. He had the red and then I didn’t get it. And you know, I don’t, I’m driving the same car three years later and I don’t care to get a new car like it’s.

[00:45:33] So I’d rather have experiences than things. Some things. Cause I like things to now I will

[00:45:41] Donyetta: [00:45:41] say living in Atlanta. So before the car that I have now, I had my Honda and I drove that bad boy for 16 years and I live in it

[00:45:53] Kim: [00:45:53] 16 years,

[00:45:55] Donyetta: [00:45:55] 16 years. Dang, my dad still has it. Like it’s [00:46:00] still running. The only reason I got rid of it is cause like the oil started to leak and the air got a little tricky, but I literally said I was going to drive that until the wheels fell off and they still haven’t fallen off

[00:46:10] Kim: [00:46:10] y’all

[00:46:13] Donyetta: [00:46:13] and I, and I thought that I would love my car.

[00:46:16] Like I always wanted the car that I have. I wanted it in red, but it’s not red, but there would probably never be another car. I love as much as I love that Honda. Like just looking at like the nostalgia, because I would have had that for most of my twenties and most of my thirties. So like it’s like trips and memories and experiences, but living in Atlanta, And, you know, Atlanta is black Hollywood, right?

[00:46:39] I will say that I always felt like a stereotype getting out of my Honda when my red bottoms and my Louis Vuitton bag,

[00:46:51] Kim: [00:46:51] like this half, I got designer clothes and driving a hooptie,

[00:46:55] Donyetta: [00:46:55] but did not tell you, I thought my eyelash was going to fall off.

[00:47:00] [00:46:59] Kim: [00:46:59] Oh, Lord.

[00:47:01] Donyetta: [00:47:01] And I ain’t even going to edit that part of the show out child, but yeah, I felt like, uh, so should I say both of them off?

[00:47:08] Kim: [00:47:08] Yes. Take the other one.

[00:47:12] Donyetta: [00:47:12] Oh, that’s such a relief.

[00:47:13] That’s like pulling your bra at the end of the day. Chow. Um, I did, I did. I do know like rappers talk about those types of women, like driving your Honda and you got the, you know, red bottoms and your labels and your Louis Vuitton. But at the same time, like I’m writing checks for all them trips. I was going on 

[00:47:33] Kim: [00:47:33] don’t

[00:47:34] Donyetta: [00:47:34] don’t be car poor or house poor either.

[00:47:38] Kim: [00:47:38] Yeah, it just depends how you choose to live your

[00:47:40] Donyetta: [00:47:40] life.

[00:47:42] Kim: [00:47:42] You know, like me, like, I don’t, like, I like nice bags. I don’t wear a tea bag and I like nice shoes, but I don’t spend Luba time, money on my shoes either, but you know, I’ll spend four or $500 on a nice pair of boots. You

[00:47:58] know

[00:47:58] Donyetta: [00:47:58] what? I spent most of my money on [00:48:00] food.

[00:48:02] Kim: [00:48:02] This little trick, 50 cents, 50 cents.

[00:48:11] Donyetta: [00:48:11] I ain’t call somebody a trick in a long time. I’ll be like, Oh yeah, they used to be my word. She called him a trick. He

[00:48:19] Kim: [00:48:19] is like one of those people that

[00:48:23] Donyetta: [00:48:23] I just,

[00:48:23] Kim: [00:48:23] I, I hate him. I like say I hate people, but they say just the scum of the earth, man. Now he’s saying F Donald Trump and he never liked him.

[00:48:35] A week later, like, come on, man. Like pick a side and stay on the damn sun.

[00:48:42] Donyetta: [00:48:42] What he mad about something. I don’t

[00:48:46] Kim: [00:48:46] know. He is just cause you know, his expo Chelsea handler, she was on, I think Jimmy Fallon. Talking about 57 and you know how he’s he was saying that he’s off of Trump or whatever. [00:49:00] And once he just tweeted something, he tweeted a reply to her video and said, Oh, what another spin F Donald Trump.

[00:49:09] I never liked him for all. I know he had me set up a ham, my friend Andrew Fernandez killed, but that’s history. L O L

[00:49:19] Donyetta: [00:49:19] what

[00:49:19] Kim: [00:49:19] does, should I funny is not funny. Like there’s a time and a place to joke. I don’t know Andrew Fernandez is, but I just don’t like 50 cent. I think 50 cent just needs to crawl in a hole and stay there for the rest

[00:49:35] Donyetta: [00:49:35] of his life.

[00:49:36] Like

[00:49:39] Kim: [00:49:39] go in and hold ass and Brandy and Monica and go in there with them. Oh, Jesus.

[00:49:48] I don’t know.

[00:49:50] Donyetta: [00:49:50] And then it was interesting that chip is at Chelsea. Chelsea, like had the, the, the kahunas to even bring his name up. Cause we [00:50:00] know he is a troll, but you see he in drag her, like he’d be dragging black women

[00:50:04] Kim: [00:50:04] and you know, he ain’t dragging no white girl. I said, I said,

[00:50:10] Donyetta: [00:50:10] what I said,

[00:50:12] Kim: [00:50:12] who said that Nini, Nini.

[00:50:16] I

[00:50:16] Donyetta: [00:50:16] say what? I said,

[00:50:18] Kim: [00:50:18] he ain’t going to drag Chelsea, but a TM Merissa that he would drag off a filth

[00:50:23] Donyetta: [00:50:23] and released some porn of her.

[00:50:27] Kim: [00:50:27] Why? Why do we still, not me. Cause I been canceled 50 cent. He’s dead to me. Why are we still on the 50 cent bandwagon? I don’t know how

[00:50:38] Donyetta: [00:50:38] think of a song he’s made outside of power.

[00:50:41] What does he do? Like he, he invested his money.

[00:50:45] Kim: [00:50:45] Yeah. Do you know? He has his vodka, he’s acting and all that other stuff, but I don’t know why people still stand for him. Like. He’s just a horrible excuse for a human being. That’s all he is. [00:51:00] Okay. This is, um, Eshi T and I’m back on that dog on Monica, not Brandy, just Monica this time, but see murder he’s in jail.

[00:51:12] Right. But life, he been in jail for what

[00:51:15] Donyetta: [00:51:15] I seen.

[00:51:17] Kim: [00:51:17] He been to jail 15, 20 years. Right.

[00:51:20] Donyetta: [00:51:20] A long time.

[00:51:21] Kim: [00:51:21] He said Monica, it was her birthday last week.

[00:51:26] Donyetta: [00:51:26] He said

[00:51:27] Kim: [00:51:27] a shit load of presents

[00:51:31] Donyetta: [00:51:31] Louisville, Tom

[00:51:32] Kim: [00:51:32] boxes, and Louie Baton. She got a

[00:51:34] Donyetta: [00:51:34] cake. How.

[00:51:38] Kim: [00:51:38] Does he have, as people on the outside do it, does he have internet in jail where he could just go on Louie baton.com and put in his car?

[00:51:45] Does he have a credit card? Like how does that work? And

[00:51:50] Donyetta: [00:51:50] in prison they’ll put money on a person’s books or do they have like their own credit card? I don’t know how that

[00:51:54] Kim: [00:51:54] works. Do they have limits on the commissary?

[00:51:58] Donyetta: [00:51:58] I know. I thought y’all was like [00:52:00] buying cigarettes and soap. He went to the designer. So he sent her, he showed up for her birthday.

[00:52:07] Kim: [00:52:07] He sent her roses, Louie futon, and a cake look like red velvet. He loved him. Some Monica.

[00:52:18] Donyetta: [00:52:18] I bet that piss his baby mama or mama was

[00:52:21] Kim: [00:52:21] off. You know, they like this Rogerson and Monica, Louie from Julian, he don’t send me

[00:52:27] Donyetta: [00:52:27] shit.

[00:52:29] Kim: [00:52:29] They, the piece in LA, how does this work and why Monica her

[00:52:34] Donyetta: [00:52:34] body off? Didn’t he, he said the MSAP ATM is closed.

[00:52:38] He said it earlier this year. So I don’t

[00:52:41] Kim: [00:52:41] and she posted it on Instagram. Y’all like she happy to get this stuff from him. I know Shannon. What’s her husband named her ex-husband Shannon, last name. Probably like, just learn post the nurse number from,

[00:52:58] Donyetta: [00:52:58] and she posted [00:53:00] pictures of him like

[00:53:02] Kim: [00:53:02] this too much. This is too much, but yeah, you stand for yellow, old boo Monica.

[00:53:11] When he, if he get out. Cause you know, Kim Kardashian and Bob, he might just get, well, if Donald Trump don’t win reelection that he might be stuck in there, but. We’ll see what happens with that case? Shit. I didn’t even know I had an inkling, the toy was pregnant, but I don’t follow her. I didn’t even know she had the damn baby.

[00:53:29] You don’t remember

[00:53:31] Donyetta: [00:53:31] like her husband’s sat chick came, um, out like the last month of her pregnancy and was like, she got video or pictures of him and he got on social media was like, dear Lord, please. Don’t let the lies that people are telling. Make my wife go into early labor. Oh, And the Chico was Dallas and she said, what’s wrong.

[00:53:54] I think she is. Yeah, but like, if you look, they don’t follow each other, are we recording now? Or are we just [00:54:00] talking to shit? Uh, we

[00:54:01] Kim: [00:54:01] can add this to the shelf

[00:54:04] Donyetta: [00:54:04] so they don’t follow each other on Instagram, or I don’t know, they don’t follow each other on Instagram, but the chick lives in Dallas where I think is where he’s from.

[00:54:14] And so. He always goes out there sometimes for like a week at a time. Cause that’s where his daughter is. He has a daughter from a previous relationship. And then, like I say, I don’t watch family hustle, but I see snippets of the show. And so Latoya lucky and Thomas Walker, maybe like he’ll be mad at her and then just go off to the airport and go to Dallas to visit his daughter.

[00:54:38] And don’t talk to her for the whole week and then come back up in the house and be like, Hey babe.

[00:54:43] Kim: [00:54:43] Also, they ain’t together.

[00:54:45] Donyetta: [00:54:45] They people saw that and then the side check came or alleged side check was like, yeah, he’s blah, blah, blah, blah, blah. And I got receipts. Like he was like, Lord, please don’t let my wife go into early labor because of these luck.

[00:55:00] [00:54:59] Kim: [00:54:59] No, I can’t. I’m trying to see if she has a wedding ring on any of these pictures, but I, her hand is not showing and he’s not in any of these pictures.  she’s so pretty though. I always loved. Okay. So we talk about Latoya because she had her baby, like when, uh, a month or two ago,

[00:55:20] Donyetta: [00:55:20] not a month ago, I saw them

[00:55:22] Kim: [00:55:22] and she put up a picture,

[00:55:25] Donyetta: [00:55:25] a very cute little baby.

[00:55:27] Kim: [00:55:27] His name is Ty son. Why you had to spell his name sun, like the sun, Ty son Wolf Walker. No, I need some cute,

[00:55:37] Donyetta: [00:55:37] even on the show, he was like, I want to have another baby. And she’s like, we don’t even get along, like adding another child to it. It’s not gone. Like they were doing marital counseling with, um, what’s the minister, John Gray.

[00:55:49] Is that the one who keeps getting caught cheating on his wife and said the devil made him do it. You know what I’m talking about? Right?

[00:55:55] Kim: [00:55:55] No. Wait. So they have a marriage counselor with the, and the counselors, the cheetah.

[00:56:00] [00:56:00] Donyetta: [00:56:00] I think his name is John Gray. He’s a pastor. And he has gotten caught twice in the last year or so and an alleged affair.

[00:56:09] And once him and his wife got up in front of the church, pastor John Gray. I bet if you Google him and you see his face, you’ll know who I’m talking about. Um, he had they’re given, they were given them marriage counseling. On the show and like, they had bad communication. Like I said, he going to Dallas for like a week or two.

[00:56:26] He ain’t calling, he ain’t texting. He didn’t even give her a kiss goodbye. And she was the one who dropped him off at the airport.

[00:56:31] Kim: [00:56:31] No, he got to go. He sounded like a trash ass.

[00:56:38] Paterakis. What’s his name? 

[00:56:40] Donyetta: [00:56:40] Tom Thomas.

[00:56:42] Kim: [00:56:42] That’s an Indian name is dumb to buy. Oop, Oop.

[00:56:49] Okay. Y’all so Tamar Braxton was on the tamarin whole show this week and she was talking about,

[00:57:00] [00:56:59] Donyetta: [00:56:59] well,

[00:57:00] Kim: [00:57:00] not too much, you know, she didn’t say too much. She did admit that she did attempt suicide. She admitted to that. And her reasoning was that she hates, hated her job. Right. She said that we.  she said the weed network had her playing a character that she no longer wanted to play.

[00:57:25] And,

[00:57:26] Donyetta: [00:57:26] and they made her family fight in ways that they didn’t fight before. Like,

[00:57:30] Kim: [00:57:30] I don’t know, but see, I feel kind of two ways about this. All right. So Taylor was like that since we met her. Right.

[00:57:42] Donyetta: [00:57:42] She was always outspoken. And I think she’s the baby. She was always very like outspoken. And I would say like had a sassy personality.

[00:57:50] Kim: [00:57:50] So she was like, cause I watched Braxton family values from the beginning and she just, she was always like that. And you know, Tony was calm. [00:58:00] Tony was the voice of reason, you know, Trina was, you know, a little weird. Towanda had that terrible head. She used to wit him plants and just look terrible. You know, they all had a personality and a role to play, but Tamar was always like the bread, like a troublemaker.

[00:58:20] So I don’t know how she can use it. The reasoning like that she was playing a character and she’s not like that because even when she was on the Tamar events, she was like the same way. Like, well, you know what? She. Being on these

[00:58:35] Donyetta: [00:58:35] rails. Cause I’ve heard people like say like Paris Hilton, have you heard how her voice really sounds?

[00:58:42] Kim: [00:58:42] I saw her documentary on YouTube.

[00:58:45] Donyetta: [00:58:45] She’s like, I’m actually very smart. I was playing an Arrowhead. And like how Nini? I don’t see how Nini has any friends and yeah. And is Carol like, Oh, she’s terrible. So I think sometimes so [00:59:00] tape net Tamar knows that that. Personality will get the more views and in turn gets her more money.

[00:59:06] And so she might’ve, you know, embellished is the word I’ll use or accentuate it,

[00:59:13] Kim: [00:59:13] but you took the check, right? You play the part and you took

[00:59:17] Donyetta: [00:59:17] that check.

[00:59:18] Kim: [00:59:18] And when you get in, when you were sick of it, you didn’t want to do it anymore. They didn’t want to let you go. Like, this is, what’s getting the views

[00:59:26] Donyetta: [00:59:26] in the early seasons.

[00:59:27] Like, did they fight like that?

[00:59:29] Kim: [00:59:29] I started watching it in the later season. So I don’t know how it got, but like, yo y’all, wasn’t famous before this show right. Only Tony was. Hmm. So this show

[00:59:40] Donyetta: [00:59:40] little bit,

[00:59:42] Kim: [00:59:42] I know none of them though, have more Braxton, which one you knew Tamar.

[00:59:47] Donyetta: [00:59:47] Cause I remember Tate, Mars for singing.

[00:59:50] What

[00:59:52] Kim: [00:59:52] if you

[00:59:53] Donyetta: [00:59:53] don’t want to love me, don’t love that’s her first thing, go look it up. The first thing that we would have been [01:00:00] mainstream. Yeah. Like I remember being in college and like tight market really saying

[01:00:03] Kim: [01:00:03] like, did you to add crickets over that part where you sung add some crickets to that? Because

[01:00:09] Donyetta: [01:00:09] ain’t nobody heard it.

[01:00:11] Trina

[01:00:12] Kim: [01:00:12] to wall. None of them heifers.

[01:00:14] Donyetta: [01:00:14] I remember them because they had a group, the sisters, and I know they use the same backup for Tony. And then I know Vince was like, when he like producing or managing like Gaga and all that. So like I knew of them, but I still can’t. I can tell, I think Towanda, she, the taller, slimmer more chocolate complection sister and Trina is more shorter heavyset.

[01:00:34] What’s the other sister

[01:00:35] Kim: [01:00:35] to Wanda, Trina, Trina to Juan trace Merritt to Tracy. Okay. Trina was married to the Spanish guy. Then Tracy has her high school sweetheart. Okay. Or something like

[01:00:51] Donyetta: [01:00:51] that. I knew of them, but I have heard a lot of people that are reality TV, number one, talk about how fake it is. And then

[01:00:58] Kim: [01:00:58] I hear that too.

[01:01:00] [01:01:00] Donyetta: [01:01:00] It’s like, and so like with the real Housewives, if Nini don’t come on, they’re acting up. They’re not going to keep giving her a peach.

[01:01:06] Kim: [01:01:06] But what I’m saying is you can’t be mad because you played the part and took the check and you took the fame and now that you don’t want to do it anymore.

[01:01:18] Donyetta: [01:01:18] Well, yeah, you got the right to change them on at any given point in time,

[01:01:22] Kim: [01:01:22] then walk away, which is what are you bad mouth in a network, because they want you to do what you was

[01:01:26] Donyetta: [01:01:26] doing the way her contract is set up.

[01:01:29] She can’t, and she can’t work anywhere else. Well,

[01:01:31] Kim: [01:01:31] you should’ve had a better lawyer, boo. Why you signed

[01:01:34] Donyetta: [01:01:34] the contract, but yeah, I think she can’t do anything else. Make music maybe.

[01:01:41] Kim: [01:01:41] Well, that’s what you gave for calling 1-800-LAWYERS to read over your documents. You should have had your business and like w did this happen after you left Vince or before

[01:01:51] Donyetta: [01:01:51] this might’ve been, this was her manager.

[01:01:54] Kim: [01:01:54] I know. So was defense sign off on this new con, like what happened and in the [01:02:00] same contract you were at when the Braxton started? So like what trans, okay. But I don’t want to downplay her mental illness because mental illnesses are a real thing. And you know, I’m sorry that she had to go through this entire ordeal, but I just don’t like the blame game.

[01:02:16] Like you benefited from this, don’t blame it now. And the girl was downstairs

[01:02:24] Donyetta: [01:02:24] and wants to like, cause think about having the times I have, no, I personally have had jobs where I’m like driving to work crying, cause I don’t want to go. So I made sure if we take away the celebrity of who she is and we like humanize it, I didn’t have some jobs.

[01:02:41] Let me tell you.

[01:02:43] Kim: [01:02:43] I could see that

[01:02:44] Donyetta: [01:02:44] side of it, where, what I would see the billboard on the interstate driving, and I would start crying. Ain’t go. I hated it. Oh, I hated it.

[01:02:54] Kim: [01:02:54] Okay. I can see that. I can see that side of it, but. This was the first time [01:03:00] telling her story. I needed to see those tears. Cause you was crying, but it was, is dry.

[01:03:04] It was like a desert. Like you were like

[01:03:07] Donyetta: [01:03:07] that Hollywood Botox is getting y’all y’all can’t smile. And y’all can’t cry.

[01:03:12] Kim: [01:03:12] Was your team that’s frozen where you fake crying? Like why did you get kicked off the reel? Remember she was on real. Where you playing the Tamar Braxton character on the real too.

[01:03:24] Donyetta: [01:03:24] Well, she said, well there, her, her character, it was sassy, but it was very, you know, I like watching the reel when she was on it.

[01:03:31] I think she said that was some shady stuff behind the scenes. Like they don’t get along to this day. It’s like how them first two girls got Latoya and let’s all be, it got kicked out of Destiny’s child and it’s still some, he said, she said,

[01:03:45] Kim: [01:03:45] well, look again, now she’s out of her contract. Right. She said,

[01:03:50] Donyetta: [01:03:50] I don’t, is she.

[01:03:51] Kim: [01:03:51] I thought she said they let her go after the suicide attempt. I don’t know.

[01:03:56] Donyetta: [01:03:56] I can’t remember.

[01:03:57] Kim: [01:03:57] Maybe I’m just looking at this picture. [01:04:00] She’s like it

[01:04:01] Donyetta: [01:04:01] is though. Like,

[01:04:03] Kim: [01:04:03] I need to see you

[01:04:04] Donyetta: [01:04:04] girl, that Botox life.

[01:04:08] Kim: [01:04:08] And then Michael Jackson knows like, okay, I ain’t got to talk about the girl up the Michael Jackson, like you took it too

[01:04:13] Donyetta: [01:04:13] far.

[01:04:14] Like

[01:04:15] Kim: [01:04:15] too far.

[01:04:17] Donyetta: [01:04:17] She just said she got her nose fixed. Cause um,

[01:04:23] Kim: [01:04:23] The one side is smaller, the

[01:04:24] Donyetta: [01:04:24] nasal passages, it was affecting her singing.

[01:04:27] Kim: [01:04:27] Yeah. We all got, we all got that, but we ain’t get in those jobs to fix it.

[01:04:32] Donyetta: [01:04:32] That’ll rhinoplasty baby. Now

[01:04:35] Kim: [01:04:35] looking like no damn Michael Jackson knows. So yeah, I hope she gets it.

[01:04:40] She’s getting the help that she needs. She’s done with this little. This boyfriend who ain’t even cute, like, I’m gonna need you to step it up. After Vince Vince, wasn’t cute. Was abusive.

[01:04:51] Donyetta: [01:04:51] He said, Tamar punched him in the throat while he was driving, almost causing him to crash.

[01:04:56] Kim: [01:04:56] Okay. Well, we had a video cause you got the video he’s [01:05:00] talking about, she smashed it up.

[01:05:05] Yeah. Celebrity Johnny to just keep y’all business in y’all house. Like y’all shit too much.

[01:05:12] Donyetta: [01:05:12] She was saying like the, the T the, the Braxton family values, like the producers, like had her family portraying everything that they don’t want to put out in the media about black families. Like now they seem stereotypical and now they seem caddy.

[01:05:24] And like, it does seem like they pretty much don’t even get along from the, I don’t watch the show, but I’ve seen snippets. I’ve

[01:05:30] Kim: [01:05:30] seen clips. Oh, y’all participated in it. And like, I hate when they say I was edited this way. Didn’t you say what you said? Did those words come out of your mouth?

[01:05:41] Donyetta: [01:05:41] Like, all right, Donnie.

[01:05:43] And I want you to go into Papa Doe’s and you remember that time they called you about headed bitch. I want you to, so they do like tend to work you up. And TEVAR has said like when a young lady remember that I saw that episode, that was a mess. When a young Lavonne, um, was [01:06:00] on there that Tamer and the family shared.

[01:06:04] No Tamar said she never told her that she was sexually assaulted as a child. And then they get into the room with everybody else. And somebody told her Ayala because he only said it and now the camera’s got it. And you think they was going to leave that out. So like little stuff like that, like if your platform is not, you’re speaking out, um, out about like sexual assault and like sexual violence.

[01:06:28] And then how you got to talk about it. That’s the word personal who told.

[01:06:33] Kim: [01:06:33] One of your family members. So blame them. That’s why y’all not talking, right? Like

[01:06:38] Donyetta: [01:06:38] I could you imagine?

[01:06:40] Kim: [01:06:40] No.

[01:06:41] Donyetta: [01:06:41] Oh, that’s good. 38 height.

[01:06:45] Kim: [01:06:45] That is terrible.

[01:06:47] Donyetta: [01:06:47] That’s trifling.

[01:06:50] Kim: [01:06:50] It’s a lot.

[01:06:51] Donyetta: [01:06:51] It’s a lot. That’s us.

[01:06:54] Kim: [01:06:54] All right. So that is a wrap on this episode of Le Twins Experience.

[01:06:59] We want to [01:07:00] thank you all for tuning in to this show.

[01:07:04] Donyetta: [01:07:04] Don’t forget to follow us on all social media platforms, Le Twins Experience on Instagram and Facebook and Le Twins Exp on Twitter. Subscribe to the Spotify playlist and subscribe to our YouTube channel.

[01:07:17] Kim: [01:07:17] And don’t forget our back on our bullshit.

[01:07:20] Merch is on sale right now. So make sure you go get you some before it is gone. It’s a pre-order. So once they’re ordered, they’re done.

[01:07:36] Donyetta: [01:07:36] Okay.

[01:07:37] Kim: [01:07:37] Yes. We want to thank you all for tuning in and we will catch all of them.

[01:07:43] Donyetta: [01:07:43] Bye.

[01:07:47] Thanks for tuning in. Be sure to subscribe wherever you listen to your podcasts. So you’ll never miss an episode.

[01:07:53] Kim: [01:07:53] If you’re listening on Apple podcasts, please be sure to rate and or review the shell. It would really help us [01:08:00] out catch you next time.

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