Episode 14

Nasty In Bed

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On this episode of Le Twins Experience,  Kim & Donyetta are talking Black Girl Magic all through the Biden/Harris team, the Soul Train Awards happened and we didn’t even know it. Sista Souljah finally writes the sequel to The Coldest Winter Ever, and Kim is here for it! Mike Tyson & Roy Jones go 8 rounds, Gabby Sidibe is engaged, and so much more!
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Episode Transcript

[00:00:00] Donyetta: [00:00:00] Welcome to Le Twins Experience with Kim and Donyetta.

[00:00:07] Kim: [00:00:07] Now let’s get back on our bullshit.

[00:00:20] I’m Kim

[00:00:21] Donyetta: [00:00:21] and I’m done Donyetta.

[00:00:23] Kim: [00:00:23] And welcome back to another episode of Le Twins Experience.

[00:00:27] Donyetta: [00:00:27] We’re back on

[00:00:31] Kim: [00:00:31] a little heavier from the Turkey and, uh, well, I didn’t eat and I’ll do a lone Turkey. I had some, uh, some everything else. Did

[00:00:40] Donyetta: [00:00:40] you eat any meat?

[00:00:42] Kim: [00:00:42] I have ribs.

[00:00:44] Donyetta: [00:00:44] Oh.

[00:00:47] Kim: [00:00:47] I made ribs in my Crock-Pot.

[00:00:50] Donyetta: [00:00:50] Let me tell you that’s

[00:00:51] Kim: [00:00:51] the best way to make risks. Cause them suck us full of right off the door bone. It’d be, I think

[00:00:56] Donyetta: [00:00:56] my little sister does that.

[00:00:57] Yeah. I’m happy to try that. So

[00:00:59] Kim: [00:00:59] good. [00:01:00] Okay. So I may ribs. What are the meats that I make? I think that’s the only meat that I made.

[00:01:07] Donyetta: [00:01:07] Well, I think my eyelash already acting up.

[00:01:09] Kim: [00:01:09] Damn it. I see you fiddling with it.

[00:01:13] Donyetta: [00:01:13] Nothing. We’re good. Okay. Eyelashes. I would see how people walk through life with fake bodies. I can’t even get my eyelashes to egg, right?

[00:01:27] Kim: [00:01:27] Yeah. I’d be bothered with the eyelashes because I can’t ever get them close enough to my.

[00:01:33] Donyetta: [00:01:33] Like my be like mid point on my eyelid. So I try to get as close to the hairline, but I didn’t, you know, my eyes already slanted. Can you say slant it, is that politically correct? Yes. We can say Slater. We okay. Say the other.

[00:01:46] Yeah. So it’s just,

[00:01:47] Kim: [00:01:47] I don’t know. I probably can’t say chinky. They cheat.

[00:01:53] Donyetta: [00:01:53] We covered this. We covered this on the

[00:02:00] [00:02:00] Nope.

[00:02:04] Kim: [00:02:04] So back to Thanksgiving. So I usually go to my mother-in-law’s house, which we, we did. And she’s one of those slow cookers that may have food of banging, but she just takes forever to cook it. So

[00:02:20] Donyetta: [00:02:20] you sit around waiting me. Y’all like, man, I’m hungry. I can smell it, but it ain’t finished yet.

[00:02:26] Kim: [00:02:26] But I learned my lesson years ago, I make my own food at home.

[00:02:29] So I made Mac and cheese. I made some greens, had the neck bones in it. I had my wrist, I made potato salad. I made yams. So a little, little bit of everything to tide us over until we go to her house and, you know, eat more food. So,

[00:02:45] Donyetta: [00:02:45] so what does she have at her house?

[00:02:47] Kim: [00:02:47] All she has the whole shebang, the whole shebang, anything that you.

[00:02:53] Can think of one of the Thanksgiving and she makes it so she had, she had everything, the stuff. Thanks. The [00:03:00] Turkey. She had Turkey wings, Turkey, legs, corn. I made corn bread too. I finally got my cornbread, right? Yes. It’s this one to make cornbread, but like, you gotta put a little bit of sugar in it, so it can be a little sweet and then you gotta put some butter in it, you know?

[00:03:14] So it could be like

[00:03:16] Donyetta: [00:03:16] moist

[00:03:17] Kim: [00:03:17] texture, but they don’t tell you that on a Jiffy box though,

[00:03:21] Donyetta: [00:03:21] Jesse probably just like add water and bake light.

[00:03:24] Kim: [00:03:24] Exactly. Jiffy is like eggs. And what else are you putting in milk or water?

[00:03:29] Donyetta: [00:03:29] I think either

[00:03:30] Kim: [00:03:30] or. I don’t even remember. Cause I only make it once a year.

[00:03:35] Donyetta: [00:03:35] So corn bread,

[00:03:38] Kim: [00:03:38] it was so good.

[00:03:39] I put some sugar, I said with like four. Uh, teaspoons of sugar in it and B um, the butter, I don’t know how much butter I put. Girl we’d have probably not had almost like a dog on cholesterol attack, but then you did at

[00:03:54] Donyetta: [00:03:54] Paula Deen type of cooking,

[00:03:58] Kim: [00:03:58] no measure it, just cut it [00:04:00] and put it in

[00:04:01] Donyetta: [00:04:01] my grandma’s like that.

[00:04:02] I’m like, how much do I need to put it? She said, until you feel like it, I’ll be like, Oh, okay.

[00:04:09] Kim: [00:04:09] See that. That works with somethings, but everything it’s like when you bake, you gotta bake too exact. So you can’t be adding extra stuff and going off on a tangent, your bacon has to be on point or it will not come out.

[00:04:22] Good. And yeah,

[00:04:23] Donyetta: [00:04:23] I learned this year that if you, um, mix your cake batter up too much, then your cake or your cupcakes will be dry. Really is something about the air bubbles that’s in the batter mix. So don’t mix it up too much because if you like dissipate all those air bubbles, it’ll be dry. Cause I Googled why my cupcakes dry and that was the answer.

[00:04:44] And so I whipped it up. I was whipped it up just enough. The next time I did it. And I was like, that’s such a big difference. Yes,

[00:04:53] Kim: [00:04:53] I would have never see. I would have thought that maybe it was cooked too long. Hmm. Let’s

[00:04:58] Donyetta: [00:04:58] see.

[00:04:59] Kim: [00:04:59] Am I [00:05:00] behind the bacon? Anyway, I dunno when the last time I baked anything other than that corn bread.

[00:05:05] Oh, I did my, um, my lava cakes. Is that really baking? Yes, I am really bacon only took 20 minutes.

[00:05:13] Donyetta: [00:05:13] But you had to mix it up and then you got to put it in the little muffin hall. Yeah. That’s bacon.

[00:05:18] Kim: [00:05:18] Okay. Happy Abby baking. Y’all.

[00:05:21] Donyetta: [00:05:21] Hey,

[00:05:23] Kim: [00:05:23] so how was your Thanksgiving?

[00:05:27] Donyetta: [00:05:27] I pulled it off. So, but now looking back at hindsight, like I know so much now I understand why my grandma started prepping like a day or two before.

[00:05:38] And then on Thanksgiving day, she would just get up and put things in the oven. It took me like six or seven hours. Uh, To do everything. I was like, yeah, I’m going to get up and I’m ride my Peloton bike and make me some breakfast. When I tell you I had to put shoes on. Cause the hardwood floors is killing my legs in the kitchen just [00:06:00] by, you know, standing up.

[00:06:01] But yeah. So I can see how I can see a, why she preps her things like the data. So before, and then she’ll put them in the oven the day of number two, I can understand why people get pissed off after they’ve been cooked, all that food and you just standing there watching them clean up the kitchen too. And then number three,

[00:06:19] Kim: [00:06:19] ask him shin.

[00:06:21] Donyetta: [00:06:21] And number three, I did not put my Turkey in a Turkey bag. Have you seen those? That’s like the plastic bag. You can cook them in your

[00:06:28] Kim: [00:06:28] bag

[00:06:29] Donyetta: [00:06:29] and it’s like a big plastic bag and you can cook the Turkey in there, or you can have a roaster or you can have a roaster with a lid. My roaster did not have a lid. I did not know turkeys give off so much.

[00:06:42] Dang grease. I tell you, like, just cook it. It was like pop. What I tell you. It took me two days to clean my oven out. I had to go to home Depot and get like the professional barbecue grill oven [00:07:00] cleaner.

[00:07:01] Kim: [00:07:01] Ooh. So it was a beautiful time. Literally

[00:07:05] Donyetta: [00:07:05] it started here on the smoke detectors went off and everything, and I was like, I’m not burning anything.

[00:07:10] What is it? And I looked in the oven, but it was a beautiful Turkey out. I might drop a picture of it in this YouTube video that y’all going to watch. But it was, I was so proud of my Turkey, but yeah, that was a lot of work. It’s not made dressing. I have Brussels sprouts. I had, uh, like, uh, uh, Apple cobbler for dessert.

[00:07:29] I had garlic mashed potatoes and my nieces were like, Oh my God, we love this dressing more than we love grannies. Well, kids, your S H I T out of luck. Cause come Christmas, TT. Ain’t doing nothing.

[00:07:44] Yeah, I have to wait till next Thanksgiving.

[00:07:48] Kim: [00:07:48] Well, did you make some Mac and cheese?

[00:07:50] Donyetta: [00:07:50] Nope. I did not make Mac and cheese. I see to be fair. I’m from Alabama. I’m so tired of corporate collard greens, [00:08:00] Mac and P Mac and cheese black. API’s. Turkey necks, ham Hawks, neck bones. Like I just,

[00:08:09] Kim: [00:08:09] well, that’d be neck bones.

[00:08:11] Ah, you know, like possibly like bang, bang, bang.

[00:08:15] Donyetta: [00:08:15] And I love me so close. Like we eat like where I’m from. We ate like it was Thanksgiving cause it was Tuesday. So like, um, so at first I was shocked, but looking back, like when I was like 26, the doctor told me that my cholesterol was borderline high. It makes sense.

[00:08:35] Kim: [00:08:35] Yeah. Wait, so we ain’t coming to your house with Thanksgiving. Did, did you make a potato salad with raisins in it like Karen and them?

[00:08:44] Donyetta: [00:08:44] Ooh, no, I don’t. I don’t like raises period. I just, I don’t know that I love grapes. I hate raises. And I remember at elementary school, there was this girl, I won’t say her name.

[00:08:55] And she was really, really nice. To me. And I don’t know why she thought I liked raises maybe. Cause she [00:09:00] wasn’t really my friend because my first, no, I don’t like raisins. And she was like, Daniella today. I told my mom to pack. No, she said, I told my mom to pack you a boxer raises too. And I was like, Thank you.

[00:09:11] And I didn’t want to like hurt her feelings. And so when I took my lunch tray up to like the disposable window, I put the raises on there and like, okay. Back to the table. And I was like, man, I actually didn’t throw those races away. When I took my trail, she came back the next day. She was like, darn it. I told my mom to pack two boxes of raisins.

[00:09:30] I

[00:09:30] Kim: [00:09:30] don’t like raisins either.

[00:09:31] Donyetta: [00:09:31] They’re disgusting little. And when

[00:09:34] Kim: [00:09:34] people say like put dates in your smoothie, like dates such just big, old nasty raisins, . I don’t know, but I’m gonna need you to make some Mac and cheese, man, when you, you can’t have a black man’s gave it with no maca,

[00:09:49] white people stuff. What’d

[00:09:50] Donyetta: [00:09:50] you do greens, turnip, greens, Mac, and cheese. But I tell you I’ve had it up to off the screen of this camera, with that stuff. Okay. [00:10:00] Every single I had corn bread every single day until I turned 18 and I moved away to go to college. I’m tired.

[00:10:09] Kim: [00:10:09] Okay.

[00:10:10] Donyetta: [00:10:10] Um,

[00:10:11] Kim: [00:10:11] so good. I got another box left.

[00:10:12] I’m gonna make me some corn bread this weekend,

[00:10:15] Donyetta: [00:10:15] all my life I had to fight. I can’t do it.

[00:10:19] Kim: [00:10:19] All

[00:10:21] Donyetta: [00:10:21] right. And then my sister. She brought a ham up too. She’s like, you want me to cook this out?  about to be cooked up for here day. I’m tired.

[00:10:31] Kim: [00:10:31] When she bought a what? A ham,

[00:10:32] Donyetta: [00:10:32] he brought a ham just in case she’s like, you know, cause what the hand pretty much you just got to warm it up.

[00:10:40] I was like,  so kudos to my grandma for doing that all those years.

[00:10:48] Kim: [00:10:48] Did you put, um, clothes in your, Oh, you didn’t make the ham.

[00:10:53] Donyetta: [00:10:53] But my Turkey,

[00:10:54] Kim: [00:10:54] the rest of the .

[00:10:56] Donyetta: [00:10:56] Yeah. And I sent her home with that damn Turkey too. No, wait, [00:11:00] we did not eat. I was like, I’m not with these leftovers. This is what a birds. I was like, pack this stuff up, wrap it up.

[00:11:08] I was like, did you borrow some Tupperware? But now in my Turkey, I put, um, a lemon, an onion in, um, time, some stems of time. Oh, you followed the

[00:11:20] Kim: [00:11:20] recipe.

[00:11:23] Donyetta: [00:11:23] But when I had to gut the like clean the inside of the Turkey out, what can you try to handle that before you put it in the wrapper for me to buy it?

[00:11:30] Kim: [00:11:30] Did you take the Mack out?

[00:11:32] Donyetta: [00:11:32] Yeah, I now I’m from the country, but I did freeze them Turkey next. I don’t know what I’m gonna do with them yet though, but yeah, I just, I just

[00:11:43] Kim: [00:11:43] don’t people cut that up and put it in their stuffing. Hmm,

[00:11:46] Donyetta: [00:11:46] the Turkey that I don’t know, like where I’m from, like we eat Turkey next, like is your main meal, like you would oxtails or something?

[00:11:57] Turkey, neck, neck, bones and [00:12:00] oxtails. Yeah,

[00:12:02] Kim: [00:12:02] but there’s no meat in it. It’s like eating somebody Adam’s Apple. No,

[00:12:07] Donyetta: [00:12:07] no, you gotta get the Hardy ones. No, wait a minute.

[00:12:15] Kim: [00:12:15] That’s what it is.

[00:12:16] Donyetta: [00:12:16] The Turkey

[00:12:18] Kim: [00:12:18] that it’s a no for me dog. It’s a no, for me 

[00:12:22] Donyetta: [00:12:22] so I don’t know what I’m gonna do with them. I put them things in the freezer and I went on about my life, but yeah. Yeah.

[00:12:29] Kim: [00:12:29] I think you’ve got to chop it up and put it in something else. We just

[00:12:33] Donyetta: [00:12:33] started going around you

[00:12:35] Kim: [00:12:35] guys today.

[00:12:36] We’re having Turkey, neck over rice and you put some

[00:12:40] Donyetta: [00:12:40] hot sauce on them.

[00:12:44] Yeah.  you got to tap into your Southern

[00:12:49] Kim: [00:12:49] roots.  I ain’t going Apple. I remember I used to go, um, Dow South and he used to make them nasty old chitlins and a [00:13:00] whole. House was smell like vinegar, dumb things, and nasty, those nasty old chitlins, which is the pig. And why, first of all, They come in a bucket, right.

[00:13:14] They come in a bucket despicable. Like, I don’t know how people even fix their face to stop those in the amount. Like I can’t,

[00:13:23] Donyetta: [00:13:23] I’m getting to the point where all meat is starting to just gross me out. Like the concept of thinking about what I’m eating. So I might be on a plant-based diet. But next time

[00:13:35] Kim: [00:13:35] we’ll watch those documentaries on Netflix.

[00:13:38] You remember people were posting about them. I was like, I’m not watching that. Seeing

[00:13:41] Donyetta: [00:13:41] those. It is the most disgusting thing. And that’s why I stopped eating tilapia. That’s a made up fish. I stopped eating. Like I liked my salmon to be like, wow. Caught, I don’t want farm raise anything fish. Um, like when they talk about [00:14:00] like the life’s best in the water with the tilapia, like the pesticides and the, what the, what was that movie?

[00:14:07] What the health, one of those Netflix movies where they show you how they process meat?

[00:14:15] Kim: [00:14:15] Oh, don’t even tell me, I don’t want to know who it was. You know, I used to be a vegetarian when, before I got pregnant with my second son,

[00:14:26] Donyetta: [00:14:26] I didn’t know that

[00:14:27] Kim: [00:14:27] I was a vegetarian, I only ate fish. Well, a pescatarian. You know, I only ate fish for like two years.

[00:14:36] I was a vegetarian pescatarian, but when did, where did pescatarian Comdata’s be making shit up because they used to always be vegetarian and then the vegans came along, but, okay. So I was a pescatarian and when I got pregnant with my son, I think I lasted like two months. And then young girl was starving.

[00:14:55] I was thought like the, not, not eating the meat, like I [00:15:00] couldn’t take it. So I, I started off with fresh Turkey and then I just went back into all the meat, but it’s not. It’s not hard if you’re not pregnant, but when you’re pregnant and starving, like you need some, I needed some other, like, I was not, I wasn’t feeling, feeling fulfilled when I ate.

[00:15:21] Donyetta: [00:15:21] So you’d be like 24, seven hungry. I think another thing that bothers me too, is like to like, no,

[00:15:26] Kim: [00:15:26] I’m from the country.

[00:15:28] Donyetta: [00:15:28] And so I know like people love chicken. When I tell you chickens

[00:15:32] Kim: [00:15:32] is as nasty as a pig

[00:15:35] Donyetta: [00:15:35] and a pig is dis so pork is lean. It’s a very lean meat, but pigs are just naturally like, for lack of a better way to describe it.

[00:15:47] Disgusting they’re omnivores, which means they will eat anything. They will eat other animals. They will eat

[00:15:54] Kim: [00:15:54] bacon tastes so good. No, we like it. Okay. I know people who

[00:15:59] Donyetta: [00:15:59] like raise [00:16:00] hogs and pigs. And so like I’ve seen them, I know chickens. I’m like, that’s probably one of the most popular meats, especially in the U S chickens are disgusting.

[00:16:09] Kim: [00:16:09] If you

[00:16:09] Donyetta: [00:16:09] spit that shit in it,

[00:16:13] Kim: [00:16:13] people say they eat, they don’t eat pork, but they eat chicken. I’m like they on the same dirty farm, like what

[00:16:20] Donyetta: [00:16:20] chickens,

[00:16:21] Kim: [00:16:21] chickens

[00:16:22] Donyetta: [00:16:22] eat. Doodle. They are so disgusting.

[00:16:25] Kim: [00:16:25] Yeah. If I stopped.

[00:16:27] Donyetta: [00:16:27] Yeah. If you spit a chicken will eat it. I’ve seen, I’ve seen it with my own eyes. Yeah.

[00:16:34] Kim: [00:16:34] Yeah. I don’t understand that I eat chicken, but I don’t eat pork.

[00:16:38] Like it don’t, they all animals, they all nasty. Just some bacon girl. You know, you want some

[00:16:47] Donyetta: [00:16:47] bacon, but like, I don’t know what it is. Like even like the last time I had shrimp, which was probably last week, like I had it in my mouth and I was just like, [00:17:00] so I don’t know what’s going on with my body. Uh, in 2020, my body’s just been through a down octagon of changes.

[00:17:07] Uh, so nothing.

[00:17:09] Kim: [00:17:09] Yeah, I can’t do plant Pampers cause I’m not giving them eggs.

[00:17:14] Donyetta: [00:17:14] You know what? I just started liking eggs as an adult. Like. Eating eggs typically made my mouth water. You know how your, your mouth will start watering right before. You’re about to vomit.

[00:17:26] Kim: [00:17:26] Have you ever had that happen in the roof?

[00:17:27] From the roof? When? Yeah,

[00:17:31] Donyetta: [00:17:31] so when just to eat eggs and if I drink dairy milk, that would happen to me. My, like my saliva would pick up and I’d be like, Oh God, I got to find a toilet. I gotta find a toilet. So I just got to the point where I’ll eat eggs. I used to be able to eat boiled eggs and omelets without that happening, but scrambled eggs and stuff.

[00:17:50] Or like if I go to a restaurant, I hate it when I get like some fancy smancy entree. And it’s. What is it? Holidays. Is that how they pronounce it?

[00:17:58] Kim: [00:17:58] Hollandaise

[00:18:00] [00:17:59] Donyetta: [00:17:59] holidays. I

[00:18:00] Kim: [00:18:00] can’t

[00:18:02] Donyetta: [00:18:02] scramble my eggs hard. So then it’s not the concept of the food, but I literally cannot.

[00:18:09] Kim: [00:18:09] No, I live for runny egg.

[00:18:11] Donyetta: [00:18:11] Oh. And dairy milk.

[00:18:15] First of all, I’m not a baby cow. So I stopped drinking dairy milk some years ago, but I still like ice cream and cheese. But like if a cow came up and slept on a human’s boot, we think that was weird. Like getting milk, but we drink cow’s milk. I’m not a baby cow. Nope.

[00:18:36] Kim: [00:18:36] My kid drank a gallon of milk, like Eric airy, date them some milk drinkers, but.

[00:18:42] It literally makes dry mouth every once in a while. If I’m having cereal, like I tried, I’m like oat milk and coconut milk and cereal. It just doesn’t taste good is different or

[00:18:52] Donyetta: [00:18:52] it is different.

[00:18:53] Kim: [00:18:53] Yeah. I can put it in my coffee and stuff, but not in like cereal and drink it straight. Like

[00:19:00] [00:19:00] Donyetta: [00:19:00] ma it’ll mess up some frosted flakes on it.

[00:19:03] Kim: [00:19:03] When we lived in

[00:19:04] Donyetta: [00:19:04] Germany, the big thing over there was goat milk. Um, and it, I imagine that’s what it tastes like to drink urine. It was so cheese

[00:19:19] Kim: [00:19:19] is good. I

[00:19:20] Donyetta: [00:19:20] like cheese balls. I do like go cheese.

[00:19:24] Kim: [00:19:24] Yeah. Golden milk. I think like it’s thick. Is it thick? That’s what I think in my mind, like it’s some Thicko nasty, like drinking.

[00:19:32] Mary had a little lamb. I can’t .

[00:19:35] Donyetta: [00:19:35] Now I like to eat. Mary had a little lamb,

[00:19:37] Kim: [00:19:37] but drinking some lamb chops

[00:19:39] Donyetta: [00:19:39] up. Shoot. Now you gave me one, some lamb chops. I thought it said meat started grossing me out and some crab lists.

[00:19:48] Kim: [00:19:48] It may some land. I should go get me some too. I made some, a few weeks ago. All you need is like a little bit of salt and pepper on, I put them joints in the boiler, but like 10 minutes and nig.

[00:20:00] [00:20:00] You just be sucking on that doggone bonus. So good

[00:20:04] Donyetta: [00:20:04] in a restaurant, you’d be trying to act like you got some cool

[00:20:09] Kim: [00:20:09] where you want

[00:20:09] Donyetta: [00:20:09] to pick it up. And sometimes I do ask sometimes I’ll be like, shoot. All right, ladies and gents, we are now at our. Song pick of the week. We have a spotless that Kim has carefully curated for your listening pleasure on Spotify.

[00:20:29] And each week we each pick a song that we add to the playlist that you are going to listen to.

[00:20:37] Kim: [00:20:37] Yes, we do. So make sure you scroll up, scroll, click on that link and follow the playlist. So you could just, it’s a nice little mixture because we have like different tastes in music. So, you know, you got my RNB swag and then Diane yatta got hug, Crump,

[00:20:56] Donyetta: [00:20:56] trap music.

[00:21:02] [00:21:00] Kim: [00:21:02] And sometimes she’s come through with some mellow stuff, but most of the time, not

[00:21:06] Donyetta: [00:21:06] when I watch it, like if I’ve watched some insecure episodes and I might be like California mellow, but other than that, it’s South all day.

[00:21:18] Kim: [00:21:18] So if y’all are a frequent listener to the show, Yeah, I know that I refuse to pay for a music service, but Spotify doesn’t let your girl in for three months. So I got three months to listen to as much albums as I can.

[00:21:33] Donyetta: [00:21:33] So mama, car drive. I haven’t done this in like two weeks.

[00:21:43] Kim: [00:21:43] Spotify, single girl, some coupon codes, soccer, listen to some music. But I listened to Janae Eikos album because, you know, she has back on my bullshit and we repost y’all were on our merge. That’s our song that plays. So [00:22:00] I said, let me this to this girl album and see what it’s about. So she has some good, like, her voice is like very unique.

[00:22:08] It’s

[00:22:08] Donyetta: [00:22:08] mellow. She started kinda angry as hell sometimes. And can that

[00:22:14] Kim: [00:22:14] girl curse up a storm in her music?

[00:22:16] Donyetta: [00:22:16] I was like, cool. This

[00:22:19] Kim: [00:22:19] Oh, Blaine

[00:22:20] Donyetta: [00:22:20] girl. She got a little song that Kim picked today.

[00:22:24] Kim: [00:22:24] Hmm. So this song is cool. I’m not gonna say to

[00:22:29] Donyetta: [00:22:29] the customer,

[00:22:30] Kim: [00:22:30] but it’s the P word for the women’s anatomy.

[00:22:38] Donyetta: [00:22:38] I hate you see ferry. Try to be good. That’s not the customer.

[00:22:48] Kim: [00:22:48] Yes. It’s profane is ball Garrity,

[00:22:51] Donyetta: [00:22:51] propane,

[00:23:02] [00:23:00] Kim: [00:23:02] and we were on, uh, PG 13. They will kick our ass as well

[00:23:10] Donyetta: [00:23:10] for

[00:23:14] How many towns is that? I’ll pick this out. When I saw that Kim picked this as her son picked the other week, I said, you know what, first you said last week, I met him to repeat them lyrics. When that last week we, before we took a break, I’m not going to repeat them lyrics, my little nasty Trey songs. Then you talking about now.

[00:23:36] People been email pineapples. I said, you know what? We’re going to take care of spotter, fly, carry on. 

[00:23:44] Kim: [00:23:44] yeah, take it my Spotify. So I want you to go, listen, go listen to her whole album because it’s dope. And this song in particular, you know, um, Bagwell’s baby mama. What’s her name? She’s future baby mama too.

[00:24:00] [00:24:00] Yeah, what’s her name?

[00:24:03] Donyetta: [00:24:03] I don’t know which baby mama, just

[00:24:07] Kim: [00:24:07] so her wait, let’s see. Uh, Hey Siri,

[00:24:14] first of all, you hear how Siri says aha. Now,

[00:24:17] Donyetta: [00:24:17] like what you want.

[00:24:20] Kim: [00:24:20] I’m like, come on. Okay. Let’s try it again. Hey, Siri. What

[00:24:30] I’m going to ask Alexa, because you just too fresh theory. Wait, let’s see. Alexa, who is the mother of bow wows daughter. According to fandom. Bella Swan’s daughters. Vanessa Harley. Alexa, stop of say, Bella, will

[00:24:50] Donyetta: [00:24:50] she be on it?

[00:24:51] Kim: [00:24:51] Let’s try this again. Hey Siri.

[00:24:57] Hey Siri. [00:25:00] Oh God. Oh, she’s talking to my computer. I thought she was

[00:25:07] Donyetta: [00:25:07] like, look, you said my name twice and you asked me I’m not walking back up them steps.

[00:25:10] Kim: [00:25:10] Wait. She said, okay, we got, we go bad Wiles, baby mama. Did he got two kids now or one, Hey, my aunt. So her name is joy Chavis Chavez. And she’s a future baby mama too.

[00:25:28] She had a kid by future after bow.

[00:25:30] Donyetta: [00:25:30] I mean, look at this young lady.

[00:25:33] Kim: [00:25:33] So she’s a dancer. And I remember she danced to this song and I didn’t know who it was. And I think I scroll through the comments, cause I said, somebody’s gonna tell me who this song is by. And it was this song, the P U S S Y ferry. I’m not gonna say it a P word.

[00:25:49] Donyetta: [00:25:49] What’s this talk about Kim.

[00:25:52] Kim: [00:25:52] But the moral of this story is go find when she did the dance, because machine did the dance. You’re going to feel that song. [00:26:00] Y’all joy.

[00:26:08] Oh yeah. I’m I’m not reading no lyrics to y’all this week.

[00:26:13] Donyetta: [00:26:13] That’s how, you know the song shouldn’t be in the play. If you can’t read the lyrics, it’s crash.

[00:26:19] Kim: [00:26:19] Y’all want me to read the lyrics? Because I read the lyrics again. Am I in my, um, in my mellow voice? Okay, here we go.

[00:26:34] If you got your pearls on and you go on clutch them, just mute the next minute of his podcast. Here we go.

[00:26:41] Donyetta: [00:26:41] The next minute Namo here. Okay. All

[00:26:45] Kim: [00:26:45] righty. Okay. I know you love fucking me.

[00:26:51] Donyetta: [00:26:51] Wait right away. You see, but you’ll see that

[00:26:58] Kim: [00:26:58] the P word is Bulger. The F word is [00:27:00] okay. Okay. You can’t get enough of me while I guess it’s looking like you stuck with me cause I got you sprung off in the springtime.

[00:27:12] Fuck all your free time. You don’t need? No, me-time. That’s you and me time we be get in so loud that Dick makes my soul smile. Now, lay your head down on the pillow. Turn the lights down real low. I want you to say

[00:27:40] Donyetta: [00:27:40] y’all get to just the event.

[00:27:44] Kim: [00:27:44] Download today. I go, it’s fresh, man. Woo.

[00:27:48] Donyetta: [00:27:48] You know, hold on.

[00:27:53] Kim: [00:27:53] Okay.

[00:27:55] Donyetta: [00:27:55] We’re going to have a moment and the thing where my hands up, but that’s neither here nor there, you know, Janae, [00:28:00] ICO and big Sean. They have this all to get off again, relationship. And there’s a song like this last time it had gotten back together.

[00:28:07] They released a song where he said he made her orgasm eight times in one day. So she’s probably talking to him and he’s always talking to her and apparently they have an awesome, uh, love life.

[00:28:20] Kim: [00:28:20] I like it. I’m not mad at it at all.

[00:28:23] Donyetta: [00:28:23] One day.

[00:28:27] Kim: [00:28:27] Do that throat clear thing.

[00:28:31] Donyetta: [00:28:31] what an experience,

[00:28:34] Kim: [00:28:34] how many Jata go listen to this song and the whole cause the whole album is just. I’m fanning myself. I like herself.

[00:28:47] Donyetta: [00:28:47] Well, boys and girls, I come with something all nice and wholesome this week. So mine is a classic. It goes back to Ooh, maybe like 1999 [00:29:00] ish when like Missy and Timberland and genuine and tweet where like, You know it. So my song is make it hot by Nicole Ray. You remember that song?

[00:29:12] Kim: [00:29:12] No,

[00:29:13] Donyetta: [00:29:13] I got what you want. I got what you need.

[00:29:17] Can I get another shot this time? I’m gonna make

[00:29:21] Kim: [00:29:21] it hot.

[00:29:25] Donyetta: [00:29:25] Yeah.

[00:29:31] Kim: [00:29:31] Wait, is that even on Spotify, that song. Oh,

[00:29:34] Donyetta: [00:29:34] cause that was, you know, uh, Leah used to be, what, what was that like little click with Timberland, Missy genuine Aliyah tweet. Nicole Ray, what was that click call? Magoo.

[00:29:46] Kim: [00:29:46] Remember my goodness back then,

[00:29:49] Donyetta: [00:29:49] man, I thought about putting genuine and pony on there this week.

[00:29:53] And I’m so glad I did not know that I knew what your song is because child, they would have been reported us like people who [00:30:00] do and people on social media.

[00:30:02] Kim: [00:30:02] Listen, don’t go see genuine and concept. Cause he is

[00:30:06] Donyetta: [00:30:06] horrible. Oh, I thought she was about to sound like what’s that movie. Where they play pony, the strip magic.

[00:30:12] Mike

[00:30:14] Kim: [00:30:14] he’s haul rub. Like, I don’t know. It sounded like he’s a smoker now. That’s how he sounded. When he tried to hit them high notes, he just cracked. It was like, you could just hear it. It was like ashy skin crappy. It was, it was, and he was overweight, like

[00:30:34] Donyetta: [00:30:34] pretty.

[00:30:37] Kim: [00:30:37] Let me see genuine on Instagram, where he looking like now, because that was like two years ago when I saw it was like a, it was an old school R and B concert, you know, who I

[00:30:47] Donyetta: [00:30:47] saw in person that just broke my heart at an old school concert.

[00:30:52] Them damn crack heads, Casey and Jones.

[00:30:58] Wait, is it Casey now Ali [00:31:00] crack it. Jojo. Remember that concert, whatever sick all my life and Jojo fell out on the damn stage. And Casey, you haven’t seen that Kim. I’m about to set it now. I

[00:31:16] Kim: [00:31:16] want you,

[00:31:18] Donyetta: [00:31:18] we’re going to get Kim’s reaction when she sees this. Cause most of us have seen this crack head ish.

[00:31:22] Coonery from these new Grenadians. I had to use all the terms. So you watch it in.

[00:31:29] Kim: [00:31:29] Ooh.

[00:31:35] Oh, you said that you knocked up my phone on do not disturb when we

[00:31:38] Donyetta: [00:31:38] recording. Oh yeah. I texted it to you.

[00:31:41] Kim: [00:31:41] Who’s walking out and he looked at that’s the security guard. Well, he kept going.

[00:31:49] Donyetta: [00:31:49] That’s how you noticed some crack heads though. Like be I kept seeing him when her hair got snatched up in the sand, but this ain’t, that.

[00:31:57] Kim: [00:31:57] Wait, and the person is zoo, but then he looks [00:32:00] dead. Why does security guard? No, I can’t.

[00:32:08] Donyetta: [00:32:08] He eventually got back up and started singing the song. Like nothing happened.

[00:32:13] Kim: [00:32:13] I can’t,

[00:32:15] Donyetta: [00:32:15] but yeah, that just sent me back to high school. Like when Destiny’s child had first was like, you know, on the scene and Aaliyah.

[00:32:26] Well, music was just this totally different vibe,

[00:32:30] Kim: [00:32:30] the good old days. I’m trying to think. Who do we even have that sings? R and B. Now, besides Beyonce,

[00:32:39] Donyetta: [00:32:39] sir. And division snow OLED. CRA

[00:32:45] Kim: [00:32:45] what black women do we have? And when you turn on Brandy and Monica

[00:32:53] Donyetta: [00:32:53] I’ll make enough for lost time with his throat, we would have to do somebody that’s not mainstream like F and Tasia.

[00:33:00] [00:32:59] Uh, let us see in an Angie stone. Okay.

[00:33:03] Kim: [00:33:03] We to be, we still got some people, but yeah, but they, they, they haven’t like hit it, crossed over.

[00:33:10] Donyetta: [00:33:10] Well, you know, the problem cause they shaking ass. It’s so sad and true.

[00:33:17] Kim: [00:33:17] Sad and true.

[00:33:20] Donyetta: [00:33:20] Yeah. That’s the, that’s it? That’s it. Chris Brown, I guess is the new earth shirt. Shirt.

[00:33:27] Yeah.

[00:33:28] Kim: [00:33:28] Yeah. I should still making hits though.

[00:33:34] Oh shit. Got some music. That’s come out. W

[00:33:41] you guys song with LMI. He got a few songs with the new people. He has a song with her.

[00:33:46] Donyetta: [00:33:46] What is Justin Timberlake doing?

[00:33:49] Kim: [00:33:49] Well? Who

[00:33:50] Donyetta: [00:33:50] Justin Timberlake was he been doing? He’s

[00:33:53] Kim: [00:33:53] white.

[00:33:55] Donyetta: [00:33:55] He was doing like pop RNB. Sure. [00:34:00] Sure.

[00:34:05] podcast is an equal opportunity employer. 

[00:34:10] Kim: [00:34:10] rhythm and blues. You gotta be black the same with them and blues. I’m sorry.

[00:34:15] Donyetta: [00:34:15] No, you don’t. Some of our most popular, like some popular songs. I remember like reading these articles. I bet you didn’t know. This person was white and I’d be like, shut your mouth. And I can’t think of the songs right now, but I’d be like, yeah.

[00:34:28] My blown, you can have, they call it blue, white soul. Have you ever heard that

[00:34:35] Kim: [00:34:35] now? I want to hear no white blue eyes. So I want my soul to be Brown and black. That’s it. All right. I’m back in the day when you had the temptations, um, Patty LaBelle and, um, uh, the Supreme. Did you see any white girls out there going like this on the mic?

[00:34:52] No

[00:34:53] Donyetta: [00:34:53] Kim, that was segregation times. Of course, when they was on the bus, traveling from cancer to [00:35:00] cancer, they like fearful like some freedom riders

[00:35:02] Kim: [00:35:02] on a cellist circuit.

[00:35:04] Donyetta: [00:35:04] Yeah. And that’s why Elvis was still a little Richard stuff,

[00:35:11] Kim: [00:35:11] Elvis, and I’ve been to Graceland rest in peace. I saw you, uh, you can ask it and everything, not your casket. You grieve. It was beautiful, but by Elvis, no. No. Okay. Nope.  I mean, JT has some hits, await, you know, he had to get timber land to, to get, to make those hits. So that’s what I don’t like,

[00:35:37] Donyetta: [00:35:37] but, you know, just  this.

[00:35:39] And he has some songs with like three, six mafia and project pad. That’s all I needed. And my soul was well y’all know. I love y’all know how I feel about Patrick. Project Pat. And ain’t juicy Jay, his brother, I think juicy J’s name is James y’all know that my boos, I think they’re [00:36:00] brothers. Yeah. Do you see J a project?

[00:36:04] Kim: [00:36:04] JC Don got married and fell off the face of the earth. I don’t know what he doing.

[00:36:08] Donyetta: [00:36:08] I went to a Justin Timberlake concert. It was everything. And I didn’t like him. And I remember my coworker has had like the biggest crush on him to the fact where she used to go to so many of his concerts that most of the time he would take his hat off his head and give it to her.

[00:36:23] Because at that point he’s recognized her. Like since he’s been an insane. And I was like, I mean, I’m just going to this little fucking concert. And when I tell you I swolled in to work the next day and she said, you get it now. I was like,

[00:36:38] I was

[00:36:38] Kim: [00:36:38] floating. He puts on a good show. But when I think of RNB, I think of our people, well, I can’t,

[00:36:45] Donyetta: [00:36:45] I think of new edition Luther Vandross. Boom, boom,

[00:36:50] Kim: [00:36:50] boom, boom, boom.

[00:36:52] Donyetta: [00:36:52] Yeah.

[00:36:52] Kim: [00:36:52] Barry white. I didn’t

[00:36:55] Donyetta: [00:36:55] really like Barry, like Barry. I liked to hear him talk, [00:37:00] but to hear him say like, could you imagine if you dated somebody whose voice was his deepest barrier?

[00:37:10] Kim: [00:37:10] No.

[00:37:11] Donyetta: [00:37:11] And he just put his

[00:37:11] Kim: [00:37:11] mouth in his would just be wet

[00:37:13] Donyetta: [00:37:13] all day. Y’all mute your phones and your earbuds and collect your pearls. Like if Barry white just put his mouth on you and just home,

[00:37:28] Kim: [00:37:28] you would just cream your pants, like, all right, let’s get into this black girl magic.

[00:37:37] Donyetta: [00:37:37] We have a lot

[00:37:37] of

[00:37:37] Kim: [00:37:37] black girls. A lot of beautiful black women who are doing big things this week. So we’ve been talking a lot about the election Camila. She’s been out black girl magic pick a couple of times and the Biden Harris.

[00:37:56] Administration the future administration, they are [00:38:00] lighting it up with Brown, black girl magic all over the place. So yeah, we have a few pics, so we have Simone Sanders and what, hold on, let me, let me pull up my Googles, the Googles. Let me get the, Google’s got one. Okay. So Simone Sanders, she’s the senior advisor and chief spokesperson for the vice president and senior advisor.

[00:38:32] You know how, um, Trump has his little son-in-law. As is like right-hand man.

[00:38:40] Donyetta: [00:38:40] I mean, he always just standing up there. I just thought, I don’t know where he, I try not to pay attention

[00:38:44] Kim: [00:38:44] he’s as a senior that a boy got, um, credentials, he got a little condo, the shit, the room up and through the white house uninhibited.

[00:38:53] So yes, she’s the senior by the set of VP and the chief spokes person. [00:39:00] And she will represent an advocate for Camila Harris. I like that. And she is also the youngest presidential press secretary while working on the us Senator Bernie Sanders campaign. So she worked under Bernie Sanders when he was like running.

[00:39:15] Okay. To be president. He, when Noah angry. Bernie, sorry, Bernie. And then, um, Cameron, John PA. Yeah. So she’s the Haitian sensation and she’s going to be press secretary. I like that principal, deputy press secretary for the executive branch of the U S government administration with regard to the president senior AIDS and executives, as well as government policies.

[00:39:46] So she’s like the press set. I think she’s going to have the press seq app on Twitter.

[00:39:51] Donyetta: [00:39:51] I like that.

[00:39:53] Kim: [00:39:53] No, I’m not mad at her. And then the last one is like you mentioned Ashley, uh, Etienne. [00:40:00] She’s going to be the communications director for the VP. So the entire communication staff is woman. Are they all women of color.

[00:40:10] They know they are some other women on the staff, but there’s a lot of them that are women of color, white house, press secretary. She’s a white woman, Jen pisarski and there’s some other white women, but at least half of the staff is like women of color, which is great. Now I wonder if, if Camila, when she said yes, if she like put this in her.

[00:40:35] Non-negotiables like we going to have a half black staff on board, like we’re not going to have a Lily white team. Like your boy Trump has right now because I just can’t see Biden picking all of these different ethnicities of people.

[00:40:51] Donyetta: [00:40:51] I can only cause he was homeboys with Barrack.

[00:41:00] [00:41:00] Kim: [00:41:00] True. Yeah. And a lot of the people that he he’s picking, they were on like the Obama team.

[00:41:08] So he already knows that these were like, yeah. So were these like his pigs people that he helped Obama to pick? Or did he think these people did such a good job that he’s just bringing them back over so we can like try to continue the good work that we were doing.

[00:41:24] Donyetta: [00:41:24] You know what it probably is because Joe Biden is not a narcissist, a psychopath or sociopath or a terrorist.

[00:41:35] I’m not saying it’s a narcissist psycho Tapper. You want me to be the title of this show?

[00:41:44] Kim: [00:41:44] Narcissist cystic psychopaths

[00:41:49] Donyetta: [00:41:49] put sociopath terrorists, ladies and gentlemen. That’s the name of the show, but since he is neither or of those, I wholeheartedly [00:42:00] believe. Dad, Joe Biden and his wife. What’s her name? Is it Elizabeth?

[00:42:06] Kim: [00:42:06] Dr. Jill Biden,

[00:42:11] doc, Dr.

[00:42:12] Donyetta: [00:42:12] Jill Biden, Joe and Dr. Jill Biden, Barack and Michelle Obama and Camila. And I don’t know her husband’s name is Harris. Her maiden name or her married.

[00:42:25] Kim: [00:42:25] That’s her maiden name because he has a different, his name is Doug.

[00:42:31] Donyetta: [00:42:31] See, I like Douggie fresh, so I don’t leave all six down gentlemen. The second hourly, all six of them went out to eat and it was like, look, let’s talk about this.

[00:42:42] Who’s going to be on the team. So he’s not cocky. So I don’t think he would mind like pulling and I believe him and Barack still hang out and play basketball together in my head. You know what I’m saying? And so it was probably like a, a team effort as opposed to a narcissist psych. You’re a psychopath sociopath terrorists.

[00:43:00] [00:43:00] Effort,

[00:43:04] the name of the episode might be effort. Cause that’s a lot narcissist psychopath, sociopath, terrorist.

[00:43:15] Kim: [00:43:15] Oh Lord.

[00:43:15] Donyetta: [00:43:15] That’s killing. Put like, you know how you have the little glisten when people smell, wait, I’ll come up with the name of the show. We might just say psychology one Oh one. That might be it. We’ll see.

[00:43:33] Kim: [00:43:33] So yeah. How many days have we instilled the inauguration? Let’s see

[00:43:39] Donyetta: [00:43:39] Alexa, how many days until the presidential inauguration,

[00:43:44] Kim: [00:43:44] there are 49 days until inauguration day

[00:43:47] Donyetta: [00:43:47] 49 days.

[00:43:50] Kim: [00:43:50] If we answer that little half off.

[00:43:53] Donyetta: [00:43:53] She’s at 49. You can’t hear it. Cause I got my, uh, uh,

[00:43:58] Kim: [00:43:58] the Google said 49 [00:44:00] and I got an email from my Congress woman.

[00:44:04] Cause you know, I was trying to get the tickets for the inauguration. I had 2,500 emails. Okay. Y’all I was late to this show today because number one, I got in throttled with deleting all my dog on emails. That’s number one is a whole bunch out of the bat, but I was going through my emails and he responded to me two weeks ago that, you know, Oh, he has my information.

[00:44:30] They haven’t allocated the tickets. Yes. I was like, this is good. They sent me an email. This is I’m on the list. So I’m hoping that they did say the first week of December. So hopefully this week I’ll know if you not get tickets, sit inauguration. I’ll be one of them peas in a crowd like, Hey, it’s me. I’m gonna wear my back on.

[00:44:53] My bullshit hoodie is going to be red. So y’all could see me

[00:44:56] Donyetta: [00:44:56] on TV. I was just asked if I got my back of my bullshit ready for [00:45:00] this vacation. I’m about to go on. I was like, I didn’t think about that. I sure that the airport.

[00:45:07] Kim: [00:45:07] Did you have something that irked

[00:45:08] Donyetta: [00:45:08] you on social media this week?

[00:45:15] Kim: [00:45:15] Something always arguing me, but it are this arcs me all the time. So I’m not even going to mention it. Yeah.

[00:45:27] Okay. You know, one thing that really irks me though, like I love to see black folks doing good, starting businesses, creating products and, you know, getting it out there, but. I’m leaning in. I was going to create a product and you’re going to ask me to buy it. Don’t say DM me, your order details. I’m not DM DM, and you shit on that cash app and you know, money.

[00:45:52] I’m gonna need you to get your website together. Get your website up and give me the link to your website. We not doing ordering through TMS. [00:46:00] Like that’s so unprofessional.

[00:46:03] Donyetta: [00:46:03] It is.

[00:46:06] Kim: [00:46:06] If I could sit here and make a website, you know, Le Twins Experience, we ain’t got nobody in the back that we pay, making our website.

[00:46:12] We do it ourselves.

[00:46:13] Donyetta: [00:46:13] We’d imagine with the side in the side.

[00:46:17] Kim: [00:46:17] You know, so I’m gonna need people to stop being lazy. This is 2020. This is not when I saw it in my wedding invitation business years ago, I had to pay somebody to make my website. Like we, we didn’t have these, you know, the things that we have today, if you are starting a business, if you are selling merchandise, Get your website.

[00:46:38] I’m not ordering through DM. So cut it out. Y’all get on my nerves. Cut it out. I’m not cash app in you. I just got cash out. I’m not okay. Someone

[00:46:50] Donyetta: [00:46:50] says somebody some money

[00:46:52] Kim: [00:46:52] and it’s a cash out B. I said, what the heck is cash up? I got paid. I got paid. I ain’t got no cash app, but now I [00:47:00] have cash app because someone made me get cash app.

[00:47:03] I’m not cash tapping you. My order.

[00:47:09] dot com.

[00:47:10] Donyetta: [00:47:10] I really got to clear my throat

[00:47:15] Kim: [00:47:15] because he has the problem, right? Y’all don’t want to pay them fees for those credit cards and those PayPal fees, but that’s a part of doing business that build that into your price structure. That’s a part of the win business.

[00:47:26] Donyetta: [00:47:26] Every time you

[00:47:27] Kim: [00:47:27] go to.

[00:47:28] Donyetta: [00:47:28] Store or do an online purchase and you use your credit card as a transaction fee.

[00:47:33] When you use your debit card, that’s a transaction fee, unless you put the pin number in, it depends. Now

[00:47:39] Kim: [00:47:39] they still get charged a fee. It’s just luck, but that’s, that’s a part it’s own business. You have to build that in to your pricing. And if you have a real business, you deduct that as a business expense.

[00:47:52] At the end, the credit card processing fees are a business expense

[00:47:55] Donyetta: [00:47:55] shipping and handling.

[00:47:56] Kim: [00:47:56] If you didn’t know now, you know, Well, shipping and [00:48:00] handling you deduct that those a business expenses, like, come on, like get it together. I’m not DM in order. Stop it.

[00:48:08] Donyetta: [00:48:08] What? No, I didn’t even want to know what the product was.

[00:48:10] Cause then that might be too close to home.

[00:48:15] Kim: [00:48:15] And some people like create March and. Okay, let me shut up. I should have had tea.

[00:48:25] Donyetta: [00:48:25] So this doesn’t earn me on social media as much as I’m still conflicted. You ready? It’s story time.

[00:48:32] Kim: [00:48:32] What had happened?

[00:48:33] Donyetta: [00:48:33] So somebody that they’re not my friend, um, loose acquaintance is somebody that I.

[00:48:40] No, from a professional, like a career standpoint. And we just so happened to be friends on social media because we no longer work together. Like, that’s my role. If I work with you, you know, my social media friends, and I don’t even be posting on social media like that, but, you know, just to keep. Career and personal, separate.

[00:48:58] She is a [00:49:00] social media friend of mine. I’ve known her for at least a decade. And for the first time, in a long time, I saw a post that she’s made on social media, Facebook specifically. Cause you know, the algorithm. Sometimes you might not see somebody stuff for a month or two or three. I can’t remember.

[00:49:17] It’s burning down. Yeah. It’s been months since I’ve seen something that she’s posted, even though she’s somebody I would actively engage with and she was talking about, she has a testimony. She hasn’t been feeling well, medically. She didn’t say what it wasn’t this particular post, but she said, I’ll share my testimony.

[00:49:33] I want to let y’all know like how good God is. And I was like, I wonder what’s been going on. So I scroll down her timeline. To see if I could like put some pieces together and I did one flick of the wrist.

[00:49:49] What’d you fail?

[00:49:52] Kim: [00:49:52] She

[00:49:54] Donyetta: [00:49:54] has she put, even though I’ve already voted for him, we might need to get ready for Trump [00:50:00] 2020. She has posts that says that she votes for all life. So I know she’s talking about, uh, Roe vs. Wade. Abortion pro-choice and I’m so conflicted and I’m so confused because as I continue to scroll, I was like, no, I’m not shocked because I know who she is, but I’m shocked.

[00:50:23] But then two swipes, she has pictures of her black friends holding her, her white babies. I cannot wrap my head around this. Y’all make it make sense. And this is not to say that you have to believe in what I believe politically, spiritually, emotionally, any of that, because me and my friends have a plethora, even on this show me, I can be sometimes on the right and left to things, but I just do not see how you can support a man and a call yourself a Christian, and then be say that you are my friend and you care about my wellbeing.

[00:50:56] And as a woman, he said some awful stuff about her, [00:51:00] regardless of the color of her skin. He wants to grab her by the

[00:51:03] Kim: [00:51:03] ESY .

[00:51:05] Donyetta: [00:51:05] And so I just, I I’m conflicted. Like, I don’t know if I should like delete and block her or let her continue to be my friend, because she obviously needs some more exposure in life.

[00:51:21] Kim: [00:51:21] Okay. So I have unfriended people that I see posting Trump shit. Like, I don’t care if you’re a Democrat or Republican, you can have your beliefs. We can be on whatever side we want to be on. But the people that you support shows me your character and what you tolerate and what you think is right and wrong, you can be Republican or you want, that doesn’t mean that you have to support him.

[00:51:56] You can support other Republicans. And that’s what happened [00:52:00] because Trump, like you have senators and, um, representatives who won and he lost because people did not vote for him that were Republican. So yeah, no, I’m not. If I see if I see a Trump lumber on my friends list, you’re going, I don’t care who you are.

[00:52:17] You’re gone. Bye-bye

[00:52:19] Donyetta: [00:52:19] and it’s so weird. Cause like being where I’m from, like I’m from very like deep South, very rural Alabama. Like even when like the black lives matter movement was at the forefront of everybody’s attention after the murder, George Floyd, I didn’t have any social media friends that I had to like de Fred.

[00:52:38] Like, no matter, like what you like, you know, even like my friends that were from high school with me, like deep, deep South, like I went to a predominantly white high school, predominantly white college. I didn’t have to defend any of those people. I have white friends that I went to high school with that made it a point to reach out to me during those times.

[00:52:56] It’s like, Hey, I don’t even know what to say, but I just wanted to check on you to see [00:53:00] how you’re doing. I’ve had friends that told me happy June teeth. Cause this is the first time they’ve ever thought to, you know, Hey, this is, you know, a holiday that done yet. You know what I’m saying? And so I was like, you know what?

[00:53:11] This is really awesome. The world is in such a better place. And then we get to this dang election and I’m like, Uh, cause even when president Barack Obama ran, I had a coworker at that time who was a die hard Republican. And she told me that her husband told her, he said, I know you canceled my vote out because she did not vote for John McCain.

[00:53:32] And she said, I know my daddy is rolling over in his grave because I voted Democrat. And she said, but Donyetta, I just couldn’t do it.

[00:53:44] Kim: [00:53:44] Yeah, there comes a time when you just got to draw a line in the sand, like he would bring slavery back if he could. And if you, if that’s who, that’s, who you want to be on the [00:54:00] wrong side of history, you go ahead and we, we’re not going to be continue to be Facebook, friends, social friends, friends, period.

[00:54:08] And I’m so I’m confused

[00:54:10] Donyetta: [00:54:10] about it because she’s from very rural Georgia. Um, born and raised in the same small place. So not even she doesn’t live in Atlanta, it would be like the outskirts. And so I was like, like, do you need like more exposure to people who are different from you? Because I do know that’s the thing.

[00:54:28] I do know people who live in Metro Atlanta that have told me that they’ve only been to Atlanta twice in their whole lives. And these are like 40 something year old people. And when I say Metro Atlanta, I mean, literally it might take them 20 to 30 minutes to get to downtown Atlanta. And they’ve only been to Atlanta twice in their whole 40 something years of life.

[00:54:50] How I’m from Alabama and I’ve been to Atlanta 15, 11 times. I live here. So I don’t know if like it’s a, you need more exposure to things that aren’t [00:55:00] like you, or are you really that ignorant? Cause I wouldn’t say she’s a hateful person. Like I said, she has pictures of her black friends on her white babies on her timeline.

[00:55:09] I’m shook if y’all, I’m so confused

[00:55:13] Kim: [00:55:13] now, I’m you, you have hate in your heart. I’m sorry. If you can agree. Was the things that he said and done, then you, I can’t.

[00:55:23] Donyetta: [00:55:23] And she would profess herself as a super-duper. If Jesus was handing out gold stars for being a Christian, she would get to be like the lunch room monitor and get to help the teacher sweep after class awkward her head.

[00:55:38] I can’t,

[00:55:39] Kim: [00:55:39] she’s gone.

[00:55:44] Donyetta: [00:55:44] Right. All right, ladies and gentlemen, now we add the segment that we call bullshit of the week, where we talk about things that caught our attention, whether it be good things or bad things, but usually it’s a combination of both. So what do we have a first

[00:56:00] [00:56:00] Kim: [00:56:00] girl precious.

[00:56:07] Jada precious. Gabarain what’s her name? Gabarain said the Bay

[00:56:11] Donyetta: [00:56:11] Seanna Bay.

[00:56:12] Kim: [00:56:12] Yeah. So she done got a geisha, this little scrawny old white

[00:56:17] Donyetta: [00:56:17] dude. Y’all.

[00:56:20] Kim: [00:56:20] Like he ain’t even cute. Like you got burial.

[00:56:30] I mean, she said, he’s the funniest man I’ve ever

[00:56:33] Donyetta: [00:56:33] met the sweetest human to exist.

[00:56:36] Kim: [00:56:36] He made up a song for, and I, yeah, the girls in love. Y’all we? Brandon, my that’s my kid’s name. Oh, he Jewish too brand and Frankl.

[00:56:53] And she must be pregnant. Wait, who is he? He got a blue check Mark and 46,000 [00:57:00] followers.

[00:57:00] Donyetta: [00:57:00] I think he’s a comedian

[00:57:02] Kim: [00:57:02] in a ships billboard, mag power play of brands. Uh, branding.

[00:57:07] Donyetta: [00:57:07] Let me see. I’m a squirrel scroll back to Oh, baby bag. And what picture

[00:57:12] Kim: [00:57:12] is this?

[00:57:14] Donyetta: [00:57:14] November 9th, 2019. He has an eight pack. I did not see, I did not

[00:57:19] Kim: [00:57:19] miss going to,

[00:57:21] Donyetta: [00:57:21] I didn’t say six.

[00:57:21] I said eight. Oh, him love her.

[00:57:27] Kim: [00:57:27] Oh, she’s on this page. Yeah. If I’m going to go to the, um, the white side, he gotta be food.

[00:57:39] Donyetta: [00:57:39] Mm. I’ve never dealt with

[00:57:43] Kim: [00:57:43] and everything looks aren’t everything. You know, she said that, I

[00:57:47] Donyetta: [00:57:47] told y’all all my ex is ugly. So obviously,

[00:57:52] Kim: [00:57:52] but if you listen to this show,

[00:57:57] Donyetta: [00:57:57] first of all, if you’re [00:58:00] my ex and you’re listening to the, I can only think of two. In my whole entire life that I’m still cool with. And don’t send me no text how much you ain’t ugly. Cause I’m going ignore you. I’m responding to other texts, but not that one. And number two. So if you’re not one of those two individuals, I don’t know why you listening to this show.

[00:58:18] Anyway, you’re lurker.

[00:58:21] Kim: [00:58:21] Ooh,

[00:58:23] Donyetta: [00:58:23] I don’t.

[00:58:28] Kim: [00:58:28] Yeah, they gave me a Freddie or Facebook. It followed on Instagram.

[00:58:35] Donyetta: [00:58:35] I don’t give a fuck. Yeah. Like I only have two, two X’s that I think are, um, I don’t want to say decent human beings, but like, yeah. That, uh, yeah, that’s exactly what I’ll say. Decent human beings. And it took us a while to get there. So it hasn’t always been that, that mindset.

[00:58:55] I think they have become awesome men. When I dated them, they were more [00:59:00] likely boys just because of like the age we were. But the rest of y’all that I’ve known since like twenties and thirties, y’all garbage and your mom has raised you to be garbage and you always going to be garbage love, you know, actually I don’t.

[00:59:15] Kim: [00:59:15] I have no comment to that tirade.

[00:59:18] Donyetta: [00:59:18] I’m probably going to delete all of that out.

[00:59:22] Kim: [00:59:22] Oh God. But listen, congratulations to Gabby. We are happy for you. You found your, your prints, your Knight in shining armor. You found your one, so you go girl.

[00:59:38] Donyetta: [00:59:38] Hey.

[00:59:43] Kim: [00:59:43] White boys be nasty in bed too. She probably get

[00:59:52] Donyetta: [00:59:52] I cannot,

[00:59:59] Kim: [00:59:59] I know I, you say [01:00:00] yes, girl.

[01:00:02] Donyetta: [01:00:02] I think the name of this show should be nasty in bed.

[01:00:05] Kim: [01:00:05] And wait, she’s all over his page, but he ain’t all over hers. He told me a couple of times, Oh, she got her little D but I wasn’t how black women with nappy O’Hare like me. How does that work with a white boy? Like, do you take your hair?

[01:00:22] Right? It

[01:00:22] Donyetta: [01:00:22] just be real,

[01:00:24] Kim: [01:00:24] like naps out right away. I

[01:00:26] Donyetta: [01:00:26] think. I think you have to have you like a particular, so either you’re going to be a particular type of black woman, or you have to have particular type of white male. So I think there are those black women who are more, um, for lack of a better way to describe it whitewashed and they date white males that can deal with that.

[01:00:49] And then you have your like Imani, I’m married to David Bowie. I’m from Africa. Here I am. Oh, am I on a David Bowie? But yeah, [01:01:00] so I think it depends. I think him, well, she just said he made up a song about when she come to her bed with her son bought it. So. So I think he’s, she’s uh, yeah, he’s invited to the cookout.

[01:01:17] Kim: [01:01:17] Like, you know why poison was one touch here and shit like, bro, don’t touch my head, bro.

[01:01:23] Donyetta: [01:01:23] I’m trying to think like, do we feel like the first time you like spend a night with a black dude, do you be like trying to act like you’re on where it said bought it?

[01:01:33] Kim: [01:01:33] I be with my husband so long. Like I never spent the night with dudes before I met him.

[01:01:41] Donyetta: [01:01:41] Well, then I don’t want to start talking to sound like

[01:01:44] Kim: [01:01:44] I’m like, I don’t know, like what do people do these days? Like, do you go to sleep with your hair out?

[01:01:49] Donyetta: [01:01:49] Like what, let me think. No, I would have sat and bought it and I’ve never had anybody say anything at verse about it. [01:02:00] Yeah, I think it’s just like a unknown, like it’s just understood.

[01:02:09] Kim: [01:02:09] Yeah. Cause I wear, I don’t wear bonnets, but I wear my scarf every night. Even when I have these twisted, I wear my scarf every night.

[01:02:19] Donyetta: [01:02:19] Bonnets I’ve worn scarves. Like it, it depends on the hairstyle, but the last several years of my life, In my, all of my thirties, I think I’ve had a bonnet.

[01:02:33] Kim: [01:02:33] Mm mm. Gabby taboo, some, um, Jewish kids.

[01:02:38] Make sure you have a bat mitzvah or bar mitzvah and get them coins. And congratulations girl,

[01:02:45] Donyetta: [01:02:45] I love, love Natalie, like

[01:02:49] Kim: [01:02:49] mix.

[01:02:51] Donyetta: [01:02:51] I know, I don’t know where I was. I guess I eat too much Turkey.

[01:02:57] Kim: [01:02:57] I don’t know where I was either because the soul [01:03:00] train awards happened recently. Was it on TV? Like what, what had happened?

[01:03:06] I didn’t even know the soul train awards was still a thing. And

[01:03:10] Donyetta: [01:03:10] why I look at this and I don’t know if you did this on purpose, but why Brandy? The first picture I see

[01:03:17] Kim: [01:03:17] that doggone Brandy.

[01:03:21] Looking a mess. What is she? Okay, wait, that’s about what you meant I can. Hm,

[01:03:26] Donyetta: [01:03:26] Megan, the stallion,

[01:03:29] Kim: [01:03:29] she won an award for soul train. Certify. What the heck is that?

[01:03:34] Donyetta: [01:03:34] Is that like the MTV when they used to give out the moon, man.

[01:03:37] Kim: [01:03:37] See, that’s why nobody watch it. Okay. They give Beyonce in a war for Oh. Video of the year.

[01:03:43] Brown skin girl. I’m like what? The award was called. Brown girl. Now she got video of the year browse gig. So Bianca got an award. Her got an award for a female songwriter. Megan thee stallion got [01:04:00] an award.

[01:04:01] Donyetta: [01:04:01] How-to got an award for rhythm in bars. What

[01:04:07] Kim: [01:04:07] the heck? Why can’t they have regular old? That’s why nobody watched the dog go show with these ridiculous category names.

[01:04:15] Um, who was this album of the year or summer Walker got album of the year.

[01:04:19] Donyetta: [01:04:19] Christmas. You’re just going to skip over Kirk looking like don’t care.

[01:04:24] Kim: [01:04:24] Yeah. I’m going to skip over him. Cause I don’t know what

[01:04:27] Donyetta: [01:04:27] I’ll have all the pictures of Chris Brown. This is the one they picked. Look at lights Akashi and yellow.

[01:04:36] Kim: [01:04:36] I don’t know what he’s wearing. He

[01:04:38] Donyetta: [01:04:38] looked, can you scroll, looking at him with the person who was at an alarm green coat?

[01:04:44] Kim: [01:04:44] Oh, that’s um, young thug.

[01:04:47] Donyetta: [01:04:47] Okay. Breathe,

[01:04:50] Kim: [01:04:50] hot mess.

[01:04:52] Donyetta: [01:04:52] And when did it come? It came on TV. It was on the internet.

[01:04:56] Kim: [01:04:56] I don’t know. Oh, it was on bet. [01:05:00] So Shayna Campbell hosted Tisha Campbell, and Tyshena Campbell.

[01:05:09] She cam to see the article Gina and BTBY posted it.

[01:05:17] Watch the show, their performance, Brandy song,

[01:05:22] Donyetta: [01:05:22] how brand is, but Chloe and Halle didn’t.

[01:05:26] Kim: [01:05:26] Uh, you know, Chloe Halle crossed over there. I don’t think they’d be coming to the black show.

[01:05:31] Donyetta: [01:05:31] Beyonce got awards and they’d be, I’ll say stepchildren, Beyonce there. Cause B also can’t be bothered with none of us no more.

[01:05:42] Kim: [01:05:42] Oh, they was out here dancing with mascot.

[01:05:46] Donyetta: [01:05:46] Okay.

[01:05:46] Kim: [01:05:46] Gina and BTBY wait, what would the BDPs real name on Martin Pam? Oh, Pam,

[01:05:55] Donyetta: [01:05:55] Pam.

[01:06:03] [01:06:00] make sure you take care of that back there. Right back there. Okay.

[01:06:08] Kim: [01:06:08] Pam, the girls go way back. They were in, um, house party, like 

[01:06:16] Donyetta: [01:06:16] with the one who’s Jody’s mama and baby boy.

[01:06:21] Kim: [01:06:21] Taraji 

[01:06:24] Donyetta: [01:06:24] that’s the girlfriend, the mama she’s like fitness trainer.

[01:06:30] Kim: [01:06:30] Um, yeah, KJ Johnson.

[01:06:34] Donyetta: [01:06:34] Who’s reversing backwards. I need her skincare routine and diet

[01:06:41] Kim: [01:06:41] she’s over 50 and she looks better now

[01:06:45] Donyetta: [01:06:45] than she did in a house party.

[01:06:50] Listen,

[01:06:50] Kim: [01:06:50] she takes care of herself. Like beautiful, beautiful. Her name. It’s something Johnson.

[01:06:57] Donyetta: [01:06:57] I think you’re right. I think it’s AGA Johnson.

[01:07:00] [01:07:00] Kim: [01:07:00] Is she the one who’s married and KJ?

[01:07:04] Donyetta: [01:07:04] Oh, I thought you said AEJ, who was used to be married to Tom joiner. It was some fitness woman. That’s neither here nor there. Well, carry on.

[01:07:19] Kim: [01:07:19] And then Johnson, she was born in 1963.

[01:07:27] Donyetta: [01:07:27] She got me my, um, parents or y’all shit look real good.

[01:07:33] Kim: [01:07:33] But yeah, congrats the oil, that one, the, uh, one day little soul train of what I’m going to have to catch the recap on bt.com. What is this little triangle

[01:07:43] Donyetta: [01:07:43] warning look like?

[01:07:46] Kim: [01:07:46] You look like a Jew.

[01:07:49] Donyetta: [01:07:49] Are you making that up?

[01:07:53] It looks like there’s not even a picture of it. What’s his name? What was that man’s name? It’s

[01:07:59] Kim: [01:07:59] like a [01:08:00] train.

[01:08:01] Donyetta: [01:08:01] The host before they got Don Cornelius.

[01:08:06] Kim: [01:08:06] Dark is like, it looks like the soul train on the, on the show.

[01:08:12] Donyetta: [01:08:12] I didn’t know. They still had it. I don’t even watch, I don’t watch any awards unless I know Beyonce is going to be there.

[01:08:17] And then I just watch what she does, but like BT Wars, the Grammy’s, the Emmy’s Automall Wars.

[01:08:27] Kim: [01:08:27] The only one girl Monica was on here with her fabulous hair, like who does Monica’s hair? Like her hair is just at on point since then, um,

[01:08:37] Donyetta: [01:08:37] ferry a ferry because I never seen Monica. Not together. I can never, I can’t she’s up for me. She’s up there with Rihanna. I just love him. Hmm.

[01:08:55] Kim: [01:08:55] Okay. I’m excited about this one.

[01:08:58] I don’t know why, [01:09:00] but sister Souljah is finally releasing the follow-up to, uh, the coldest winter ever. Now, if you were from New York in the nineties, like this book was like Bible, like everybody read, this was like ghetto hood royalty, fab, like this had the hood reading books. This book was so good back in the day, like winter Santiago, her father was a drug dealer.

[01:09:31] It’s it’s I have to reread the book because it came out in 1999. I don’t even remember what the doggone book was about, but I know that I read it multiple, multiple times back in the day, but I’m going to reread it because she has an, the sequel coming out is called life after death, you know, that’s the old two biggie.

[01:09:55] yes, because the book was in Brooklyn, it was like, this [01:10:00] book was New York rather than New York, you know,

[01:10:02] Donyetta: [01:10:02] what was an so for my song pick up the day was going to be a biggie song today, but it’s going to be what’s beef, but I didn’t put it on there.

[01:10:12] Kim: [01:10:12] You

[01:10:12] Donyetta: [01:10:12] should have. Cause that would be like that one. I like that.

[01:10:18] I like to look,

[01:10:19] Kim: [01:10:19] the original book came out 20 years ago in 99. I was more than 20 years ago. Right. I was 21 years ago.

[01:10:27] Donyetta: [01:10:27] Cash money records was taken over for the nine, nine. And I don’t, I’m not, we’re not singing them words cause you don’t know them yet.

[01:10:33] Kim: [01:10:33] Nope, Mario  Adam forgot the beginning of the words that I learned last week.

[01:10:39] I forgot.

[01:10:45] I sang the first few words of the song.

[01:10:50] Donyetta: [01:10:50] Working with the mesh. You bet. Yeah. Make it. And we’re spinning his cash and his last share holds frown when you pass it, imagine. Okay.

[01:10:58] Kim: [01:10:58] Why is she not a [01:11:00] housewife? So Ron Joseph, if you’re listening, rhino, Joseph, he put me on blast tag me, put my whole government name,

[01:11:09] Donyetta: [01:11:09] spelled it.

[01:11:10] Right. It’s the grant. It was like, I got to say the song.

[01:11:19] Kim: [01:11:19] I was cracking up kudos to you. Roger Joseph, put them my whole government out there. But yeah, I can’t wait for this book to come out is for pre-order right now. It’s the number one best seller on Amazon and the black and African-American, uh, urban fiction section.

[01:11:38] Donyetta: [01:11:38] I’ll pay for it. Yeah. It’s too much anticipation because you can’t get it to what

[01:11:43] Kim: [01:11:43] March you can tell us in November that the book is coming out in March, like, come on. Is she still writing the book? She’d be writing a little book for 20 years. Like give us. The book, it should have been coming out like in next month, not in March.

[01:11:58] So

[01:11:58] Donyetta: [01:11:58] yeah, there might be in [01:12:00] another season by the time it’s come out.

[01:12:04] Kim: [01:12:04] Hmm Hmm. So it was in jail. So are they going to, is this going to pick up when she was still young or is she going to be like in her forties now? Like, um, I’m going to reread the book, the coldest winter ever before this comes out. And then I’m going to read the sequel and you have to read it.

[01:12:20] You lo George Alabama girl who never read coldest winter, huh?

[01:12:26] Donyetta: [01:12:26] Ever. And I’m surprised because when I tell you I’m such a book nerd, like I’ve read everything from like to kill a Mockingbird to a day late and a dollar short by Tony Morrison. I don’t know how this. Get off my radar,

[01:12:42] Kim: [01:12:42] what’s a hood classic.

[01:12:44] And you know, soldier used to be like a rapper, like our righteous rapper. And she wrote this like hard core drug dealer. She wrote other books after it with other characters, but she just never followed up with this main character wants to Santiago. So yeah,

[01:12:59] Donyetta: [01:12:59] I’m going to read [01:13:00] it. I, you know what, I’m going to read it on my trip.

[01:13:03] I’m going to doubt. Oh, I can’t. Oh shit. And don’t come out to March. See, well, no, I can read the original. Okay. I’ll read the revision. Cause I even read 50 shades of gray. Like I’m a nerd.

[01:13:20] Kim: [01:13:20] Now I’m wondering if it’s going to be as good as I thought it was back then. My little 17 year old self is my 39 year old self going to think it’s still good.

[01:13:30] So we’ll see what else

[01:13:32] Donyetta: [01:13:32] I’m about to put it on my iPad. I’m going to read it on the beach.

[01:13:38] Kim: [01:13:38] Read that

[01:13:39] Donyetta: [01:13:39] I’m going to tell y’all what I think on the next episode,

[01:13:43] Kim: [01:13:43] if you have been living under a rock,

[01:13:46] Donyetta: [01:13:46] like

[01:13:47] Kim: [01:13:47] you wouldn’t know that Mike Tyson for what? Roy Jones last weekend. And my Tyson is like, how does Mike size at 50 50 to

[01:14:00] [01:14:00] Donyetta: [01:14:00] put this together?

[01:14:02] Kim: [01:14:02] Mike Tyson’s 54, 54. And Roy Jones was like 51 or 52

[01:14:12] exhibition. It wasn’t like for like any belts or anything like that, it was like an exhibition fight. So they weren’t supposed to go in there and kill each other. They were just both like, you know, fight. Okay. And there were like three undercards. This was like a whole event. Okay. They had live performances, French Montana performed

[01:14:32] Donyetta: [01:14:32] Justin Bieber there.

[01:14:33] Kim: [01:14:33] Um, No, Justin Bieber was mad.

[01:14:37] Donyetta: [01:14:37] You know, Justin Bieber be coming out with Floyd Mayweather and you’d be like, what are y’all friends? Yes.

[01:14:46] Kim: [01:14:46] You know that little boy from reishi murmured was his name, sway Lee song with French Montana, then that, um, who’s the guy, that’s the blood. And he was friends with Nipsey hussle.

[01:15:01] [01:15:00] He’s a.

[01:15:03] Donyetta: [01:15:03] Should ignite

[01:15:08] jail.

[01:15:09] Kim: [01:15:09] What’s the guy’s name? Um, I don’t know these rapid job, but he’s the rapper desert blood and Nipsey hussle was the crib and they were friends. And why G is that his name? Y G I think that’s it.

[01:15:21] Donyetta: [01:15:21] I think it’s a bunch of white cheese. Yeah. I think that’s sour other, I got questions, but why buffers?

[01:15:32] Turkey? This all it is.

[01:15:35] Kim: [01:15:35] Yeah. Why G perform? And he was doing Crip walking. Uh, I dunno where he was. It was like, I don’t. I was looking at the screen with my eyes like that, like the emoji with the eyes bug, I was looking at a screen like that, but it was like a whole production. Like they, it was pretty good and, you know, um, What’s the Nate Robinson.

[01:15:59] I know y’all [01:16:00] saw means all over the place. He came out

[01:16:03] Donyetta: [01:16:03] like he was

[01:16:05] Kim: [01:16:05] a bat outta hell, like dang thing. And he started running and like punching all over the place and he was up against this white utuber Jake, Paul. And Jake Paul, every time, you know, Nate came out, Jake, Paul hit him with a gunshot or something.

[01:16:22] And then by round two, Nate came out again and Jake, Paul tapped him on the jaw. He was like,

[01:16:30] Donyetta: [01:16:30] he looked dead. Like he was laid out based on the mat, like

[01:16:34] Kim: [01:16:34] gone. That was embarrassing. It was embarrassing. So I stayed up for that, but by the time they got to Mike Tyson and Roy Jones, you know, you girl fell asleep.

[01:16:44] I woke back up, it was like round five, one

[01:16:49] Donyetta: [01:16:49] between Mike and Roy.

[01:16:53] Kim: [01:16:53] So you had Nate Robinson and, um, Jake Paul. And it was two other people before, but I didn’t know who they [01:17:00] were. It was two fights before the Nate Robinson fight.

[01:17:03] Donyetta: [01:17:03] So Nate is.

[01:17:06] Kim: [01:17:06] Yeah. Oh God, he’s a meme now.

[01:17:10] Donyetta: [01:17:10] Paul tinting, he’s a lot of means.

[01:17:13] Kim: [01:17:13] Well, but from what I saw and a lot of people said that they scored the fighter drug, but a lot of people said Mike Tyson, one, Roy Jones was looking

[01:17:24] Donyetta: [01:17:24] tired.

[01:17:24] Like he

[01:17:25] Kim: [01:17:25] was, he was huffing. Hmm.

[01:17:32] Donyetta: [01:17:32] I don’t, I wouldn’t fight Mike he’s. Yeah. He’s Mike Tyson.

[01:17:36] Kim: [01:17:36] He lost a hundred pounds for this fight. Like he was still like so heavy, like 200 and something pounds, which is crazy. I will

[01:17:45] Donyetta: [01:17:45] only fight Mike. If my name was Rocky Balboa, I would not even fight. Mike is my name was creed.

[01:17:54] Like to me, Mike, like, I know he’s not like a George Foreman or Evander [01:18:00] Holyfield. Like those are all heavyweight boxing champions too. But Mike Tyson, he’s like the Michael Jackson of heavyweight champions in my

[01:18:08] Kim: [01:18:08] age group. Mike used the knock people out in one shot in the first round, like in the first 10 seconds, like people used to pay for pay-per-view and be mad

[01:18:17] Donyetta: [01:18:17] because it was over,

[01:18:18] Kim: [01:18:18] like they pay $60 and the fight is over in like two minutes.

[01:18:23] Donyetta: [01:18:23] But. Yeah.

[01:18:26] Kim: [01:18:26] Crazy think

[01:18:27] Donyetta: [01:18:27] tank.

[01:18:28] Kim: [01:18:28] I mean,

[01:18:29] Donyetta: [01:18:29] if you are me and at least that makes you popular for right now, protein team.

[01:18:35] Kim: [01:18:35] Mm listen. And named Robinson. His body was fat. Like he was looking good. Like I thought he was gonna come out there and do something, but I don’t know talking about he, but he’d been training since, um, What do you say

[01:18:50] Donyetta: [01:18:50] type in his name?

[01:18:51] And the first thing I see as him laid out in the flow, get it on the floor, get it, get it on the flow.

[01:18:57] Kim: [01:18:57] Oh, that’s his first Google search. [01:19:00] That’s it? Yes.

[01:19:02] Donyetta: [01:19:02] I still don’t even know what he looks like. I can’t see his face. I don’t know what he looked like yet. I

[01:19:09] Kim: [01:19:09] go to his Instagram. He’s at NEHRA look at, he has his picture and he is ripped.

[01:19:18] Donyetta: [01:19:18] Let me see, let me human Nate. Talk about my Instagram. All I see is the daddy from Friday. You remember he was telling Craig how you had a fight. Okay. I see him. He got on these black shorts. So, first of all, this is just my general Alabama observation. He leaning against the rain. That’s the way you’re talking about.

[01:19:43] Kim: [01:19:43] Yeah,

[01:19:43] Donyetta: [01:19:43] I need, maybe I needed to take that little lean after Hill.

[01:19:49] Kim: [01:19:49] Ooh, Hazel hips.

[01:19:52] Donyetta: [01:19:52] But he leaned in like, you know how, and I take a pitch like this, so Shava, no shade, but you know how thoughts? We always take a [01:20:00] picture and we stand on the mall and yes. Yeah, definitely. He leaned lean with it, rock with it. I don’t like

[01:20:12] Nate piloting team.

[01:20:16] Kim: [01:20:16] Listen, I didn’t know. We had, uh, one of my friends sent me the link to the fight. That’s the only way I saw it. Cause I didn’t know either, like when you don’t have cable anymore, like you miss everything because we don’t watch commercials and yeah, I had no clue. No clue, but that was a little entertaining for the weekend.

[01:20:38] I’m glad I got to see that.

[01:20:40] Donyetta: [01:20:40] All right. P Nate, even though you’re still alive. All right. RFP to your pride

[01:20:51] Kim: [01:20:51] Lord. However we want to thank you all for tuning into another episode of Le Twins [01:21:00] Experience.

[01:21:02] Donyetta: [01:21:02] Be sure to follow us on all the socials. We are Le Twins Experience on Instagram and Facebook with twins exp on Twitter, Le Twins Experience on YouTube and scroll up and you can get that link that can put there for the Spotify playlists.

[01:21:19] Kim: [01:21:19] so thanks again for tuning in and we will catch out on the next one.

[01:21:28] Donyetta: [01:21:28] Thanks for tuning in. Be sure to subscribe wherever you listen to your podcasts. So you’ll never miss an episode.

[01:21:34] Kim: [01:21:34] If you’re listening on Apple podcast, please be sure to rate and or review the show. It would really help us out catch you next time.

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