Episode 15

Belly Flopping

by | Dec 16, 2020 | Episodes | 1 comment

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On this episode of Le Twins Experience,  covid babies are coming out the wood work, Cassie & Christina Milian are pregnant & is Diddy in his feelings? Black Women are doing big things in television, more Tisha Campbell & Duane Martin Drama, Teyana Taylor retires, our thoughts on Ashanti Verzuz Keyshia Cole and more.

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Episode Transcript

[00:00:00] Donyetta: [00:00:00] Welcome to Le Twins Experience with

[00:00:06] Kim: [00:00:06] Kim

[00:00:06] Donyetta: [00:00:06] and Donyetta.

[00:00:07] Kim: [00:00:07] Now let’s get back on our bullshit.

[00:00:21] I’m Kim. And I’m Donyetta. And welcome back to another episode of Le Twins Experience.

[00:00:31] Donyetta: [00:00:31] Back on our bullshit.

[00:00:34] Kim: [00:00:34] Are you supposed to say back on?

[00:00:37] Donyetta: [00:00:37] Hold on. I’m so tired here. Hold on,

[00:00:43] Kim: [00:00:43] hold on

[00:00:47] Donyetta: [00:00:47] and take two. Back on,

[00:00:53] Kim: [00:00:53] get your throat dry.

[00:00:57] Donyetta: [00:00:57] He might be dry when we get off of this, I [00:01:00] might have to do a damn facial

[00:01:02] Kim: [00:01:02] because

[00:01:03] Donyetta: [00:01:03] everything is just, my hair was even dry. That’s what I got that on.

[00:01:09] Kim: [00:01:09] Well, tell us about your week. Cause I

[00:01:11] Donyetta: [00:01:11] know you had a, just a,

[00:01:12] Kim: [00:01:12] a grand old time. I was over here freezing my buns off. Shoot. It was

[00:01:18] Donyetta: [00:01:18] cold out.

[00:01:18] We look like we look now we switched. I got on a hooded sweatshirt. You got on a tank.

[00:01:24] Kim: [00:01:24] Oh, hi, my pits. Can’t take no hoodie right now. It’s

[00:01:28] Donyetta: [00:01:28] high. I will. And, uh, Mexicano for the last six days. I should’ve stayed two weeks. Listen, I know that resort that you told us about. It was awesome by the way. I liked it.

[00:01:45] I love

[00:01:46] Kim: [00:01:46] it there. I love that. Cool.

[00:01:51] Donyetta: [00:01:51] Uh, and especially if you get into the one, so if you’re facing the city, if you get into the pool to the 11 is heated, have you, did you notice that it was warmer than the other [00:02:00] ones?

[00:02:02] Kim: [00:02:02] Was it wait, those are jacuzzis. They got one pool and the other ones that jacuzzis.

[00:02:08] Donyetta: [00:02:08] The one to the left was the only warm one.

[00:02:10] The jacuzzis were like freezing cold.

[00:02:13] Kim: [00:02:13] No one is hot. And, uh, yeah. So getting to know jacuzzi

[00:02:17] Donyetta: [00:02:17] spent my time. I spent my time in the pool. Yeah, it was. And then I got a massage and I did go to the spiral therapy. Hmm. Amazing. I woke up and the massage was over. I don’t remember falling asleep and the person who was in there and getting a massage with me was like, you know, you were snoring Kim.

[00:02:46] I don’t, I don’t snore. And they were like, yeah. Did she, when she massage your feet, like, wasn’t that great? I was like, She was sash. I was stone cold. Steve Austin knocked out that lady. I [00:03:00] should ask her to be my girlfriend. I don’t even like her.

[00:03:03] Kim: [00:03:03] You was knocked the F out in the massage joint.

[00:03:07] Donyetta: [00:03:07] They had to wake me up.

[00:03:08] It’s like, man, your services over

[00:03:13] Kim: [00:03:13] me. She did an exceptional job.

[00:03:15] Donyetta: [00:03:15] Whew. Yes, I should have slipped her, my phone number, but.

[00:03:25] And then, like you said, I ate some Vichy everyday, like two or three times a day. That’s probably the only reason I didn’t gain 80 pounds. Cause I weighed myself when I got back,

[00:03:34] Kim: [00:03:34] you know why? Cause you don’t get full office a VJ, so you can just keep eating it, but it takes some.

[00:03:41] Donyetta: [00:03:41] Like several times I had several drinks.

[00:03:46] I had just, it was, uh, now the one thing I did not like is, you know, at that resort, I tell y’all

[00:03:54] Kim: [00:03:54] no, don’t tell them don’t worry about going off spot.

[00:03:57] Donyetta: [00:03:57] No. Okay.

[00:03:59] Kim: [00:03:59] Yeah.

[00:04:01] [00:04:00] Donyetta: [00:04:01] Y’all stay over here. I know. Right? You know, you can go to the sister properties. So we went to the sister property that had the best beach and it was like being on the street in New York city.

[00:04:14] Like the panhandlers

[00:04:17] Kim: [00:04:17] that are alas, that one has a lot. Yes. Bat. Even the resort, people

[00:04:23] Donyetta: [00:04:23] there, you want a massage? I was like, I just got a massage yesterday. Then you want a massage? It’s massage a code word for something else. Cause if one more person asks

[00:04:35] Kim: [00:04:35] herbal refreshments. Oh, okay.

[00:04:37] Donyetta: [00:04:37] They asked me if I wanted some herbs, they was like the sticky, icky something make you feel good. Catch .

[00:04:45] Kim: [00:04:45] When we went to the beach and to loom, it was ridiculous. Like they had their kids out there peddling, like it. I left early. Like I couldn’t say we say for like an hour and I left, like I couldn’t take it.

[00:05:00] [00:05:00] Donyetta: [00:05:00] Like the person I was with, he’ll be all friendly and talking to people. I told this one, first of all, don’t mind want them ugly chains and braces. I said, ma’am

[00:05:08] Kim: [00:05:08] social distancing.

[00:05:09] Donyetta: [00:05:09] You’re too close. It’s good that

[00:05:12] Kim: [00:05:12] we don’t wait. Those chin clot does keep it moving, but did you go on a sauna afterwards and then dip in the hydrotherapy?

[00:05:22] Donyetta: [00:05:22] We did that before. Whew. That might be why I fell asleep. Cause what was the nest sauna? I was really dehydrated and I’ve been doing patrol shots the whole time I’ve been there. That’s probably why my damn figuring it out. Look y’all I had posted a picture.

[00:05:39] Kim: [00:05:39] And I peeked

[00:05:40] Donyetta: [00:05:40] it. I see it.

[00:05:45] Cause I got my little Beyonce stiletto nails. It probably popped off in their hot sauna, baby. I don’t know where I lost that thing.

[00:05:56] Kim: [00:05:56] Oh my God. Wait that happened to me when we went [00:06:00] there in August, I didn’t even make it off the plane and my, um, points and nail was going. I looked at Connie. I said, what

[00:06:12] Donyetta: [00:06:12] is it? My shirt.

[00:06:17] I can’t type, I can’t text girl.

[00:06:21] Kim: [00:06:21] Like, what was that movie where she clipped them off? Um, dream girl. She was

[00:06:25] Donyetta: [00:06:25] like, it clicked when it came time for me to take my contacts out, girl, I had to watch a damn YouTube video to figure out how to take them out with long neck. I was like, I’m gonna have to sleep in my contacts for six days here in Mexicano.

[00:06:42] I don’t see how these thoughts need doing that. First of all. I don’t see how y’all take contacts out. Philosophy. My teeth was a job. I don’t see how y’all watch y’all booties. Good either. I

[00:06:53] Kim: [00:06:53] don’t know. I had a do it kale.

[00:06:58] Donyetta: [00:06:58] Typically, I [00:07:00] like, you know, cause I got short hair, I wash my face in the shower. So typically when I get out, I always have to blow my nose.

[00:07:05] The first damn that I’m there. I don’t puncture the inside of my nose with this it’s blood everywhere. Yeah. That’s first of all, I can’t get my eyelashes to act. Right. And I’ll see how y’all going through life with these nails. Y’all have at it.

[00:07:21] Kim: [00:07:21] Listen, I had those long nails in high school, but I was a child then.

[00:07:26] Like now, I, I can’t, I got my little and my nails grow fast. I have to cut my nails every week. I trimmed them down every week, but I keep I’m sure I’m not 

[00:07:37] Donyetta: [00:07:37] over here looking like Freddy Kruger. I don’t see how y’all do it, but yeah, I’m going to let these, I can’t wait to take these off.

[00:07:48] Kim: [00:07:48] This is what I want to tell. Y’all help us out then. .

[00:07:53] Donyetta: [00:07:53] Heller,

[00:07:54] Kim: [00:07:54] you do not have to wear a bikini. There are [00:08:00] so many, one pieces out there that make you look sexy. A F okay.

[00:08:06] Donyetta: [00:08:06] Uh,

[00:08:07] Kim: [00:08:07] yeah. If your good is hanging, let it hang. Inside a one piece. And not that like,

[00:08:14] Donyetta: [00:08:14] it sounded like when you pull your workout leggings up over

[00:08:18] Kim: [00:08:18] like those, when girls be having on those, those panties, that’d be up the bikini bandies, that’d be up to the belly button.

[00:08:26] That don’t look cute. That don’t look cute. Just wear a one piece. There is nothing wrong with a one piece. I get the most likes on what a, what a piece on leave something to the imagination. And

[00:08:41] Donyetta: [00:08:41] like one piece is have like more like design and inspiration by item, but

[00:08:46] Kim: [00:08:46] CUNY that’s just panties on a bra.

[00:08:48] Exactly. Like, yeah.  Instagram model. Cause that shit ain’t real. You there’s some accounts that BMI explore. I don’t know how they find either have lesbian [00:09:00] marriages in my explore. Work out people. And they know I ain’t doing no working out. They know, or I have the side by side where they have Instagram and reality, and reality has cellulite.

[00:09:13] Like that’s a real woman. We have those things and you don’t have to show them. So you like Astra.

[00:09:20] Donyetta: [00:09:20] And I only had no kids. I got,

[00:09:23] Kim: [00:09:23] I got two kids.

[00:09:24] Donyetta: [00:09:24] I think I got stretch marks. Like when I was in. Like when my butt started growing, like between high school and like freshman year in college.

[00:09:32] Kim: [00:09:32] Boom. That’s what

[00:09:33] Donyetta: [00:09:33] I appreciate them stretch marks.

[00:09:34] Cause I wanted my book like Lexi

[00:09:36] Kim: [00:09:36] I’m I’m nice and Brown and Brown skin right now. But when I’m tan and black, you can’t see any of that.

[00:09:45] Donyetta: [00:09:45] Why somebody asked me if my boobs got even bigger people,

[00:09:51] Kim: [00:09:51] what can’t

[00:09:52] Donyetta: [00:09:52] you see face is a little

[00:09:53] Kim: [00:09:53] rounder than it was two years ago. Why they got bigger Mangia.

[00:09:59] Donyetta: [00:09:59] It [00:10:00] was like, they asked me if they got even bigger though. Then from the beginning of this year.

[00:10:05] Kim: [00:10:05] Well, why, why are people concerned with the size of your breasts?

[00:10:09] That’s what I want to know.

[00:10:12] Donyetta: [00:10:12] I think, cause I was just so like emaciated looking like all my life.

[00:10:16] Kim: [00:10:16] Are you going to put some milk in these breasts to make them even bigger? Like what is your concern with the distance

[00:10:24] Donyetta: [00:10:24] now? Limited tell you, you know, I want to lose some weight. How come I was on the beach in Mexico?

[00:10:32] Looking up. Can you lose weight, but still keep your breasts?

[00:10:35] Kim: [00:10:35] No.

[00:10:36] Donyetta: [00:10:36] Almost started to push you up. You can’t have you

[00:10:39] Kim: [00:10:39] build on like Google slide muscle.

[00:10:46] Yes, you will.

[00:10:48] Donyetta: [00:10:48] I’m sorry.

[00:10:51] Kim: [00:10:51] Where do you think the weight,

[00:10:53] Donyetta: [00:10:53] the weight wit. I feel like it went in my

[00:10:57] Kim: [00:10:57] stuff. Where else did he go [00:11:00] to them? Titties.

[00:11:06] look a little implant. He, they look good.

[00:11:08] Donyetta: [00:11:08] They look good.

[00:11:09] Kim: [00:11:09] I wish,

[00:11:12] Donyetta: [00:11:12] Oh,

[00:11:14] Kim: [00:11:14] listen, anal. You, you see them bodybuilders right. When they be doing that and this stuff turns into a chest. There’s no like softness there. Nobody not like . You.

[00:11:27] Donyetta: [00:11:27] And then I was thinking, should I get implants? But we just talked about it. I had to get them redone every 10 years.

[00:11:32] I’m sleeping with just hanging out at the beach. I can’t do it on major

[00:11:35] Kim: [00:11:35] stuff. We can’t have it all. Then I say it had like two episodes go. You can’t have it all. Let’s get into our song picks of the week.

[00:11:45] Donyetta: [00:11:45] All right. What’s she said

[00:11:48] Kim: [00:11:48] I happen utilizing my free three months of Spotify and I’m loving it.

[00:11:53] Y’all not gonna get me to convert to a paid plan. She won’t not doing it. So I [00:12:00] was, I open Spotify and they made a suggestion to me. That’s said, let me click on this to see what they talking about. So I listened to it. And the artist’s name is Alina Boraz, a L I N a B a R a Z. And I heard this song before.

[00:12:20] I don’t know where I heard it. But I loved it then. And I love it now. And her album is amazing in her voice is just it’s melodic. Like it just, it suits my soul. So this song, what? The lyrics like this week, they’re not fresh. They’re not fresh. I can make them sound fresh. Okay.

[00:12:45] Donyetta: [00:12:45] Oh, gosh.

[00:12:50] What’d she, you tell us the name of the song, but a song about guns.

[00:12:54] Kim: [00:12:54] This song is called my whole life and it’s, it’s a love song. Cause the L the, um, [00:13:00] the chorus goes, I can see my whole life when I’m, I can see my point of view. I’m not a singer. How long that I want you to listen to it, and you can sing it

[00:13:17] by. It’s just a good, old fashioned love song, but it’s so good. The chorus is I can see my whole life with him, with you. And she just says that over and over and over again. But I love this

[00:13:29] Donyetta: [00:13:29] and I love her when she has a song like,

[00:13:32] Kim: [00:13:32] um, Khaleed. She has a song with NAS and she has a song with someone else on there.

[00:13:37] But yeah, I’m thinking her album. Alena brass

[00:13:42] Donyetta: [00:13:42] myself pick of the week is this love by maroon five? So it is another old classic, but goody I like five.

[00:13:53] Kim: [00:13:53] Oh, me. I say goodbye to many times before

[00:14:02] [00:14:00] Donyetta: [00:14:02] they played that in Mexico. And everybody was like, yeah,

[00:14:08] Kim: [00:14:08] that’s fine. That’s the music. That’s like separate, gonna go out of style. Oh, I love that song. It’s a little bar. All right, ladies and jets, we are now at the segment of the show that we call

[00:14:21] Donyetta: [00:14:21] black girl. Highlight black girl magic. What we gathered this weekend.

[00:14:32] Kim: [00:14:32] So this week, our recipient of our black girl magic award of the week goes to Rashida Jones. Now you notice the question, Quincy Jones daughter, not that Rashida Jones. This is a Brown Rashida Jones. She is the new president of Ms. NBC and she acts, she succeeding. Phil Griffin, wholesale

[00:14:58] Donyetta: [00:14:58] Griffin. [00:15:00] I only fell.

[00:15:00] I know it was Collins and Phil Jackson who coached the Chicago bulls. That’s it.

[00:15:07] Kim: [00:15:07] I don’t think it Merv Griffin, but I think he told by Merv Griffin, I don’t know if they’ll guard it, but this is like historic she’s right now she’s senior VP of MSNBC news and she’s moving on to become president of the network, a black wonderful she’s beautiful.

[00:15:26] Her hair is laid. This is like my last name mannequins.

[00:15:34] Donyetta: [00:15:34] Last name Jones. If that ain’t a black last name,

[00:15:36] Kim: [00:15:36] get it. She did Joel. She is she’s black and he black, but she’s beautiful. Congratulations to mrs. Jones. This is like, this is Epic for us.

[00:15:47] Donyetta: [00:15:47] Well, we got to talk about bullshit of the week. It’s the stuff that caught our attention.

[00:15:51] And some of it is actually bullshit. Uh, you think this first side because bullshit.

[00:15:56] Kim: [00:15:56] Yes.

[00:15:58] Donyetta: [00:15:58] Tiana Taylor [00:16:00] retires from music interest in their twenties.

[00:16:06] Kim: [00:16:06] But this is what I want to know how you got to retire when you not even know a top,

[00:16:12] Donyetta: [00:16:12] wait,

[00:16:12] Kim: [00:16:12] Oop. When did you retire from, from nobody buy your records? I wouldn’t eat time from name one person that boy.

[00:16:21] Okay. Teyana Taylor got some bangers. I ain’t gone front, but I will never pay for them. Like you ain’t no, be honest, but she, when she had that video with the Doobie

[00:16:40] and squeak, what song was that? Mm, mm, mm. That is a good song. Okay. That’s the only song I know, but she’s not retired.

[00:16:50] Donyetta: [00:16:50] She just, in her feelings, she’s talking about she’s um,

[00:16:55] Kim: [00:16:55] Super under

[00:16:56] Donyetta: [00:16:56] appreciated as an artist is retiring this chapter [00:17:00] of my story with the comfort that I can depart with peace of mind, seeing that all the hard work and passion put in was indeed love.

[00:17:08] Kim: [00:17:08] You got a Fussell girl. Ain’t nobody going by where you been? Cause I don’t see Tiana look. Okay. Remember her and Yvonne had a reality show. So you don’t even know it was horrible. I watched the first episode and I said, what am I watching? It was horrible. Like, they’re weird. They’re very weird.

[00:17:31] Donyetta: [00:17:31] Yeah. Yeah. I would agree with

[00:17:32] Kim: [00:17:32] that.

[00:17:33] Did they add like, no.

[00:17:35] Donyetta: [00:17:35] This is a cry for help. That’s sorta like want a girl or do get an argument. And then she posts like real provocative pictures on the internet. Like she just wants attention,

[00:17:45] Kim: [00:17:45] but like, she hadn’t

[00:17:47] Donyetta: [00:17:47] do that. That’s stupid.

[00:17:48] Kim: [00:17:48] You have for REL behind you, this you have for rail and Kanye, Kanye, who to we’ll put her on first, remember back in the day, she was one of my sweet 16, she half a rail back then.

[00:17:59] And [00:18:00] she.

[00:18:02] Donyetta: [00:18:02] Hey, I’m Tiana. I know nothing about you, girl. I don’t know. I know she was in that Kanye West video where she was working out, looking like she was insane. And I was like, yeah, I don’t remember. The body was

[00:18:13] Kim: [00:18:13] body assess. Okay. Sick. Like she could have parlayed that body into something. I don’t know. I don’t know, but you know what?

[00:18:22] Bad Tiana we ain’t going to miss you. Sorry, girl. People say she dropped, she

[00:18:28] Donyetta: [00:18:28] dropped the ball with that. Like Kanye permitted, that video, everybody was just going, losing their minds. She didn’t have an album come out. She didn’t have her workout videos ready that she could have launched. After we saw her, she looked

[00:18:41] Kim: [00:18:41] like

[00:18:42] Donyetta: [00:18:42] she might’ve just be suffering from bad management and lack of innovation and foresight,

[00:18:47] Kim: [00:18:47] but you know what?

[00:18:48] It sucks because she’s so talented. And like, what do I say? We can’t have it. Or like, why does Megan thee stallion? But I like Megan, thee stallion. What’s her name? [00:19:00] Megan.

[00:19:00] Donyetta: [00:19:00] Yadda yadda yadda yadda yadda. I hate that song.

[00:19:03] Kim: [00:19:03] That’s all. Okay, but she can spit, right? Like when I listened to her lyrics is good, but when I see her, I I’m turned off.

[00:19:14] Donyetta: [00:19:14] I like to see her more than listen to her because all she do on her list,

[00:19:22] like, Oh, like Migos have the best app lists of all time of bad and boujee and then listened to when you, the next time you listen to Megan. Yeah.

[00:19:38] Kim: [00:19:38] All I know is offset. Woo. Woo. Woo. Because there’s no records and records. That’s all I know.

[00:19:44] Donyetta: [00:19:44] Okay. All y’all y’all gotta go listen to bad and bougie. They have the best app list ever.

[00:19:52] Kim: [00:19:52] We would play no more

[00:19:53] Donyetta: [00:19:53] Atlas letter, but yes, I love the Atlas batter booty. Yeah. We, but you know [00:20:00] what? That might be something we willing to take one for the team, because since we stopped playing music, it’s been like months.

[00:20:06] Kim: [00:20:06] True.

[00:20:08] Donyetta: [00:20:08] Yeah. Like, Oh, what part of the song? He said he sent that home in an Uber and then they say, go

[00:20:16] Kim: [00:20:16] wait. I had a Sally used to be saying a Woolworth phrases. I know I could picture it.

[00:20:21] Donyetta: [00:20:21] I see. We got to do some ad libs. Oh, bad and boujee, Tiana. This is how much nobody cares about you. Retire. She’s pulling a Jazmine Sullivan,

[00:20:35] Kim: [00:20:35] Jasmine Sullivan retired.

[00:20:37] Donyetta: [00:20:37] You always be saying exactly.

[00:20:40] Kim: [00:20:40] Nobody cares.

[00:20:43] Donyetta: [00:20:43] Dropped up. Yeah. Smoking on cookie and a hot bar cookies on your girl. She had that backpack kicking up dope in a Crock-Pot. He came from nothing to something, nigga. Hey, I don’t trust nobody to grip the trigger. Nobody. Yeah. He said, I sent that whole [00:21:00] home in an Uber.

[00:21:03] He said beat a whole wall loose.

[00:21:07] Kim: [00:21:07] Diana is crack ass up,

[00:21:08] Donyetta: [00:21:08] up. Y’all.

[00:21:13] Take your girl from you, something I’m a dog or

[00:21:20] bad and boujee best ad lives, but ah, pole tank tank, she, um, she’s in her twenties.

[00:21:30] Kim: [00:21:30] What are you going

[00:21:30] Donyetta: [00:21:30] to do for sustainable income? Does her husband still play basketball?

[00:21:34] Kim: [00:21:34] Does he let’s see, I don’t know, EMA Shumpert American basketball player. He’s 30 he’s six five Carmen St. Brooklyn nets. He’s still

[00:21:53] playing.

[00:21:55] Donyetta: [00:21:55] Is that Jessie’s team or something?

[00:22:00] [00:22:00] Kim: [00:22:00] He owned a percentage of it, but he sold them when he became a S when he opened his sports agency. Why do I know that

[00:22:07] Donyetta: [00:22:07] the Brooklyn nets,

[00:22:09] Kim: [00:22:09] why do I know?

[00:22:11] Donyetta: [00:22:11] Is there another New York basketball team?

[00:22:16] Oh Lord,

[00:22:19] Kim: [00:22:19] please save her New York. Next is the worst richest team in the NBA. The only

[00:22:28] Donyetta: [00:22:28] New York team. I think I know is the nets is that,

[00:22:32] Kim: [00:22:32] who is that? Brooklyn nets? They used to be the New Jersey mats, but they moved to Brooklyn.

[00:22:40] This child

[00:22:41] Donyetta: [00:22:41] that’s a whole nother, the only team New York team I know are the Yankees. Are they still in New York? In the Bronx?

[00:22:50] Kim: [00:22:50] In the Bronx?

[00:22:51] Donyetta: [00:22:51] Yeah. That’s the only like team I know do y’all got a football team, them giants or something. Listen,

[00:22:57] Kim: [00:22:57] first of all, we have [00:23:00] the Mets, the New York Mets and Queens. We have two baseball teams.

[00:23:05] We have two basketball teams and we have two football teams and they all suck the joy.

[00:23:10] Donyetta: [00:23:10] What’s the other football team.

[00:23:15] Kim: [00:23:15] And

[00:23:15] Donyetta: [00:23:15] that’s a football team to New York.

[00:23:17] Kim: [00:23:17] Yeah. Your death and a New York Jew. And they play in the same stadium. How,

[00:23:23] Donyetta: [00:23:23] how do you play both do Sunday?

[00:23:27] Kim: [00:23:27] Nope, not at the same time. They, I think they do sometimes. And they’ll have the jets at one end the giants at the other end,

[00:23:34] Donyetta: [00:23:34] the New York jazz as a football team.

[00:23:38] So

[00:23:38] Kim: [00:23:38] the Brooklyn had

[00:23:39] Donyetta: [00:23:39] that JZ, whereas that’s a team or that’s just cause he’s from Brooklyn. So

[00:23:43] Kim: [00:23:43] yes, Bricklin dads who raise you? I

[00:23:47] Donyetta: [00:23:47] just thought he just liked Brooklyn. I didn’t know. That was a team like on the team. Who’s on the team and not Imaan. Shumpert Shumpert

[00:23:57] Kim: [00:23:57] I can’t name one person. [00:24:00] See,

[00:24:00] Donyetta: [00:24:00] damn who’s ever been on the team.

[00:24:04] What else?

[00:24:05] Kim: [00:24:05] Let’s see. Let’s see a Cody can name somebody on the nuts. Let me see. Let me see. Hold on. Y’all

[00:24:13] Donyetta: [00:24:13] well, we had a phone refer it.

[00:24:15] Kim: [00:24:15] Hold on. Y’all

[00:24:23] Donyetta: [00:24:23] Hey Robin, nigga answer. Cause he heard you say what you doing.

[00:24:28] Kim: [00:24:28] Hello Cody, can you name one player on the Brooklyn nets?

[00:24:34] Donyetta: [00:24:34] Kevin Duran, Kyrie Irvin.

[00:24:38] Kim: [00:24:38] I know cats too. Who else? You got

[00:24:43] Donyetta: [00:24:43] spits? A deal. Witty

[00:24:47] Kim: [00:24:47] EMA Shumpert’s on the nuts. Okay.

[00:24:51] Donyetta: [00:24:51] So Burke, who is he? Uh, he was born in Cleveland. Y’all know where he at now. Nobody cares about him. [00:25:00] That’s why I’m. But I have heard of, um, because of the whole season, I kind of remember things getting traded so much.

[00:25:10] I didn’t know if it was still rolling. I think I just said it earlier when I was doing the lyrics better bougie.

[00:25:16] Kim: [00:25:16] We be saying it, this, this is a explicit when you go to our podcast, it’s an E next to it. You can say whatever you want. Okay. That’s it. We just want to know who was on the

[00:25:27] Donyetta: [00:25:27] one more.

[00:25:30] Kim: [00:25:30] You asked him what per say?

[00:25:32] He gives you ten

[00:25:34] Donyetta: [00:25:34] first name. Michael.

[00:25:40] Kim: [00:25:40] Bye. There, you have it. There are people on the Mets. We just don’t know who they are by Tiana. Nobody cares.

[00:25:50] Donyetta: [00:25:50] Oh God. Kim is excited about this. I’m not.

[00:25:53] Kim: [00:25:53] Hmm. Mm mm, mm Hmm. Okay.  [00:26:00] listen, if you, from New York, you’re going to be excited about this battle. So versus is having a Shanti versus Keyshia Cole.

[00:26:10] Donyetta: [00:26:10] Why aren’t people from New York going to be excited?

[00:26:12] It’s Keisha Cole from Atlanta. I mean, damn

[00:26:15] Kim: [00:26:15] she lives he’s from New York. But Ashanti. Okay. Bianca she’s from long Island, some Glen Cove

[00:26:25] Donyetta: [00:26:25] just for jerk. She’s from Jersey.

[00:26:32] Nobody in New York is excited about anything.

[00:26:38] Kim: [00:26:38] I was in high school. We would jam in like, Ashanti’s our age. We’re like the same age bracket. But remember her first song that she came out with biggie beat. Yes, it was

[00:26:49] Donyetta: [00:26:49] over

[00:26:50] Kim: [00:26:50] a biggie B and that’s rule and, Oh my God, John, anything Darby will touch was a hit back then.

[00:26:59] Enabled [00:27:00] like Bonnie and Clyde, like I’m excited. It keeps you call gossip.

[00:27:06] Remember that song? Yeah. I

[00:27:09] Donyetta: [00:27:09] hated it in and I hate it now. I like that. As much as that, no Keyshia

[00:27:15] Kim: [00:27:15] Cole has some hits. I think

[00:27:18] Donyetta: [00:27:18] I like he’s called music as much as I like Pepsi soda.

[00:27:23] Kim: [00:27:23] Ooh,

[00:27:23] Donyetta: [00:27:23] shady

[00:27:29] Kim: [00:27:29] listen. Keyshia Cole has some, let me find, yes. Remember love cheat. It

[00:27:40] was having sent, I don’t know what that is and she didn’t want to let you go

[00:27:47] Donyetta: [00:27:47] no more. Is that a change mom? Uh,

[00:27:53] Kim: [00:27:53] yes, I choose you. What’s that? This is [00:28:00] tomorrow. I’m gonna be on my TV

[00:28:04] Donyetta: [00:28:04] TV.

[00:28:06] Kim: [00:28:06] Isn’t that? 12 tomorrow. Yeah.

[00:28:09] Donyetta: [00:28:09] Oh, I did that on a Saturday.

[00:28:12] Kim: [00:28:12] I got shit to do a week. I know where to go.

[00:28:17] Donyetta: [00:28:17] I just thought about something Ashanti saw foolish.

[00:28:21] It was over that the is track. And then the remix that we like, where they sell for that biggest song, the biggest song R Kelly is singing that song with Biddy. You must be used to me whine. No spend it and all that sweet wine. And then dad, but I’m fucking, you said nice.

[00:28:44] Kim: [00:28:44] Here’s another one. Oh one,

[00:28:48] Donyetta: [00:28:48] but I am a big w I am a big D Barch fed.

[00:28:51] What’s it? The bar, some did it. Hey baby.  and biggie. One more chance [00:29:00] sample that. Um, I forget the song. I don’t, I’m not excited. I’m just not. I’m excited about when we get off of here, I’m gonna go listen to some more demark songs though. 

[00:29:12] Kim: [00:29:12] look a shot to have foolish rain on me. Rockwood. You happy, baby. The way that, the way that good old breakouts,

[00:29:24] Donyetta: [00:29:24] it might rain on me by shanty.

[00:29:25] I liked foolish. I liked foolish remit.

[00:29:30] Kim: [00:29:30] Okay. I bet you Ashanti and Kesha call are going to be better than that dog on Brandy and Monica, Apple, some money on that.

[00:29:42] Donyetta: [00:29:42] Not possible. Number one, a shot. They going to come up on that beat dressed like the damn Jeannie from I dream of Jeannie or looking like

[00:29:49] Kim: [00:29:49] princess dress, terribly

[00:29:52] Donyetta: [00:29:52] ponytail on top of her head.

[00:29:54] And then she still be wrapping the hair around where the rubber bed is Kesha [00:30:00] or how

[00:30:01] Kim: [00:30:01] it’s going to have on the cat suit.

[00:30:03] Donyetta: [00:30:03] Cause she, now she knew got a body. Remember when the Shante and Nellie used to date? Kim said New York is excited. Like it’s about to be the big unionized versus

[00:30:14] Kim: [00:30:14] what does she brings any, has anyone ever had a feature on bursas?

[00:30:19] Donyetta: [00:30:19] Well, would I be what

[00:30:23] Kim: [00:30:23] choose. Say a NAS. True. Listen, I’m here for, I think Barbara wants to sneak out. Dar won’t be there.

[00:30:33] Donyetta: [00:30:33] New York. Still not going to be excited.

[00:30:35] Kim: [00:30:35] It’s going to be chill.

[00:30:37] Donyetta: [00:30:37] Like Dipset. And I don’t know that to have a versus nobody’s excited about Ashanti.

[00:30:45] Kim: [00:30:45] You won’t leave Ashanti alone. Remember she was on the, was she, she just had a big birthday party.

[00:30:49] Did she turn 40? As soon as the, when I’m saying all dance she’d been doing since the nineties,

[00:30:57] Donyetta: [00:30:57] baby. Can you back? [00:31:00] No, she got a body though. And she’s a pretty girl. She just

[00:31:13] girl, we’re going to talk about this.

[00:31:16] Kim: [00:31:16] This is a hot mess and she’s a blow. It breaks my

[00:31:20] Donyetta: [00:31:20] heart. You know, so the next thing I’ll bullshit a week out is that Duane Martin left Tisha Campbell with $7 to her name after the divorce. And this breaks my heart on so many levels. Number one, cause we love Gina. We love whatever her character was and house party.

[00:31:40] And Duane Martin was my boyfriend remote above the realm. It was him at Tupac and they were like, you know, Dwayne Martin used to be. Yeah, that was bad. I used to even have the above the rim soundtrack because Tupac was Bay too.

[00:31:56] Kim: [00:31:56] But no bred a while ago when they [00:32:00] first started getting into it, that he had gotten money from will Smith because you know, they like besties.

[00:32:04] I’m a will Smith. I do remember. Well, how do you only have $7 girl? Like  like Martin is still Lorne. I be seeing it on, um, The God would not be flipping through the channels. Well, I heard he was managing, he was

[00:32:23] Donyetta: [00:32:23] managing her money, but he was still in to get from her. And she didn’t know. I remember hearing that

[00:32:29] Kim: [00:32:29] something, something about

[00:32:30] Donyetta: [00:32:30] like the money was funny or he was like investing them in like projects and it was draining the money and this mobile phone on work.

[00:32:39] I do remember that. What was the last thing you saw him in?

[00:32:43] Kim: [00:32:43] So she was the working remember MC hammer, like

[00:32:50] Donyetta: [00:32:50] what Oprah say, if you do not sign each and every single one of your checks.

[00:32:53] Kim: [00:32:53] That’s what I’m saying. I don’t know how these people be living. Like you, you, in your mind, you get so big that you don’t watch where your money’s [00:33:00] going.

[00:33:00] I don’t want to see him at like, I don’t even like to take money out the ATM because I don’t know where my money goes. I hate taking money out the eighth.

[00:33:10] Donyetta: [00:33:10] You need to keep,

[00:33:11] Kim: [00:33:11] look, if I say something I’m not taking more than a 20 hour, I’ll take 20 hours. And I don’t know what it goes. I’ll buy something and never see the change.

[00:33:19] I don’t know where it goes. She said he was hiding money

[00:33:23] Donyetta: [00:33:23] from her.

[00:33:27] Kim: [00:33:27] Oh,

[00:33:28] Donyetta: [00:33:28] Dwayne. She said. She suffered. So physical, emotional, and mental financial abuse from Dwayne Martin,

[00:33:38] Kim: [00:33:38] Oop, Oop.

[00:33:40] Donyetta: [00:33:40] She accused him of hiding and misappropriating funds during their marriage. They had to file chapter seven bankruptcy a year before the split alleging that their debts total over 15 million, she shared that their close friends will and Jada loan Martin 1.4 million.

[00:33:55] He used the loan to then buy a house. He sold the house for 1 million and he pocketed [00:34:00] the profits, shady that boy,

[00:34:07] Kim: [00:34:07] but you know, tried to get him to be

[00:34:08] Donyetta: [00:34:08] honest about the money mismanagement before making things legal, but he would not budge. Oh, that’s trifling.

[00:34:18] Kim: [00:34:18] Well, you should have been looking at the money girl.

[00:34:21] Don’t be trusting on man with your stuff. How K, who he is, how long you’ve been married to him?

[00:34:31] Hmm.

[00:34:35] Donyetta: [00:34:35] Say, I just always said if I was rich, I have an accountant for my accountant.

[00:34:40] Kim: [00:34:40] Yeah, no, you got to bring me every, I want to see everything. Ain’t no auto pay happening over here. You don’t have authority to sign nothing on my account. None of that. I need to see everything

[00:34:55] Donyetta: [00:34:55] $7. She got two kids with him.

[00:34:58] Y’all can’t even, I’ll go eat off the [00:35:00] $5 menu for that much that’s trifling

[00:35:02] Kim: [00:35:02] and men who do

[00:35:03] Donyetta: [00:35:03] now only, not even men, anybody who does their partner like that, but that’s somebody that has your kid.

[00:35:11] Kim: [00:35:11] You try. She asked him now I remember seeing her moving and she was moving out of the mansion. She was moving out of no shack.

[00:35:21] Donyetta: [00:35:21] She probably was getting evicted. That’s different than moving

[00:35:27] Kim: [00:35:27] by. Gina,

[00:35:28] Donyetta: [00:35:28] Dwayne Martin.

[00:35:30] Kim: [00:35:30] Wait, how is he besties with will? And Gina was on the show with Martin at work. And Martin and we’ll have bad boys. That’s too close.

[00:35:43] Donyetta: [00:35:43] So did he? I have tension are y’all Frisch’s now, like when y’all get ready to, uh, do like, I don’t know, space night, do y’all have to decide who y’all gonna invite over who, like, who’s not going to get invited over now.

[00:35:56] Kim: [00:35:56] Yep. You got chewed. Right? Who do you think

[00:36:01] [00:36:00] Donyetta: [00:36:01] I’d invite it from to cookout

[00:36:02] Kim: [00:36:02] Gina. Cause, you know, Gina,

[00:36:04] Donyetta: [00:36:04] Gina Martin used to have beef too. That last season of Mari

[00:36:09] Kim: [00:36:09] tooth on the bottom, she missing a tooth or something. I was watching her and it was distracting me. No, it was distracting. What money? Why y’all don’t go to the dentist,

[00:36:24] Donyetta: [00:36:24] Maddie Addy, yada yada yada, yada, yada, yada, yada.

[00:36:28] Yeah.

[00:36:29] Kim: [00:36:29] When you have bad seats, I can’t look past your mouth. Like I’m a need gap. We ain’t going to get it to my teeth folk. I have a teeth phobia. That’s what I have. And when Gina was talking and I saw she had a bottom tooth  how can

[00:36:44] Donyetta: [00:36:44] it was missing or wasn’t a little space.

[00:36:47] Kim: [00:36:47] It looked like a whole 12 could fit there.

[00:36:55] Donyetta: [00:36:55] No people be having like degenerative bone disease. And so I do know people who be [00:37:00] losing like molars and stuff, like, wait,

[00:37:03] Kim: [00:37:03] I need you to get some Invisalign or something. Girl,

[00:37:07] Donyetta: [00:37:07] she got $7. Is she ain’t working on what answer she got?

[00:37:11] Kim: [00:37:11] She worked at night and you know

[00:37:12] Donyetta: [00:37:12] what probably happened, you know,

[00:37:16] Kim: [00:37:16] smile, direct club.

[00:37:19] Donyetta: [00:37:19] If he left her for bankruptcy, I check probably getting garnished, damn, Dwayne, his teeth, they messed up. That’s how the C, but you know, as you get older, like your, your teeth just naturally move anyway. So it probably wasn’t always like that.

[00:37:36] Kim: [00:37:36] Um,

[00:37:37] Donyetta: [00:37:37] cause I know if I don’t wear my retainer. Baby bed black for a week or two. And I put that thing back here. Whew, Jesus Mary edge.

[00:37:45] Kim: [00:37:45] How many, how to pull her retain a backend? Cause that is not cute. Bye Gina. Okay. So y’all just been in quarantine having a good old [00:38:00] time. Cassie is pregnant. And Christina Milian is pregnant too.

[00:38:09] And they will,

[00:38:10] Donyetta: [00:38:10] yeah, it’s been a y’all time.

[00:38:13] Kim: [00:38:13] Huh,

[00:38:17] Donyetta: [00:38:17] buddy? Yada, yada yada yada yada yada. Yeah.

[00:38:22] Kim: [00:38:22] Yup. Again, and then, but looking here, Cassie posted her, um, I guess her announcement. She aloe baby is going on the side. 

[00:38:33] Donyetta: [00:38:33] if Alex was my husband, I’d be getting it into.

[00:38:42] Alex,

[00:38:43] Kim: [00:38:43] Diddy Diddy probably happy. He Dodges lonely. Cause you know, he ain’t want no more kids.

[00:38:53] Donyetta: [00:38:53] Kids are the same year. He’s like a Drake,

[00:38:58] Kim: [00:38:58] not the cam Porter to us. Those [00:39:00] were accidents. He didn’t mean to do that. And he needs it.

[00:39:05] Donyetta: [00:39:05] He had, at this point, he knows how it works. If you walk out in the snow, what else? No boot. So you going to get frost bite on your feet?

[00:39:14] Kim: [00:39:14] They probably punching them condoms or something.

[00:39:16] I don’t know. But look,

[00:39:19] Donyetta: [00:39:19] he made

[00:39:19] Kim: [00:39:19] sure that what he probably got snipped. He was like, I’m not knocking Cassie up. That’s why she left. She’s like, it’s been eight years and I. I’m married. I have no kids eight.

[00:39:29] Donyetta: [00:39:29] It was 10. And he had children during that time.

[00:39:42] And then she would like break. I got with him and his toxic ass would be posting on the internet. Like I remember seeing one, y’all tell Cassie, uh, if y’all talk to her, did I miss her? Cause she ass. And, you know, she would be like filming movies and [00:40:00] Denny’s rich. He could do what he wants. She would be like, uh, Island shooting, a movie that we ain’t never gonna watch.

[00:40:06] Sorry, Cassie. And this nigga would, Oh man. And

[00:40:17] flies, private helicopter or plane to the Allen and then we’re back in. But yeah, he had some kids like during that 10 year, remember her first single was unofficial girl.

[00:40:31] Kim: [00:40:31] Nobody remembers that she’s

[00:40:34] Donyetta: [00:40:34] like a little wet cause look it little way was on it with her. And she was like, I’m tired of being your unofficial girl.

[00:40:41] And in the video, it was some big executive and like a sky rise office. And she goes into the office and like throws the ring or papers of his face and walk out. And anybody who saw that video didn’t know that was duty is Stevie wonder Ray Charles and Helen Keller.

[00:40:58] Kim: [00:40:58] Well, look a here. [00:41:00] I’m happy that she’s got her happy ending.

[00:41:04] She got a

[00:41:05] Donyetta: [00:41:05] five getting all that hay endings.

[00:41:08] Kim: [00:41:08] She took daddy’s trainer and married him.

[00:41:12] Donyetta: [00:41:12] And now look at daddy stomach. Ooh, take that daddy. Take that. Yeah. And then

[00:41:18] Kim: [00:41:18] belly flopping and pools on Instagram.

[00:41:23] Hmm, who posted that chose his is the grant

[00:41:30] Donyetta: [00:41:30] that was going to be the name of the shelf belly flopping.

[00:41:32] Kim: [00:41:32] You have a golfer, your pulse and say, why did I post this and archive it? You should do that right now.

[00:41:45] I must’ve got rid of like 200 pounds, like

[00:41:49] Donyetta: [00:41:49] this shit

[00:41:50] Kim: [00:41:50] Ark

[00:41:53] Donyetta: [00:41:53] when my, one of my iPhone camera was fuzzy. Cause I used to run one of those

[00:42:04] [00:42:00] So

[00:42:05] Kim: [00:42:05] let’s say somebody pitches from like seven years ago. Look like y’all Android pictures today. They’re horrible.

[00:42:11] Donyetta: [00:42:11] Horrible. Huh?

[00:42:15] Kim: [00:42:15] Get you an iPhone. Phoebe’s three, sir. Okay. I said I was going to do one to one tutorial, how to take pictures. I’m going to do a reel on how to take pictures. Cause y’all getting on my nerves.

[00:42:27] Like this is 2020. Y’all have no excuse,

[00:42:33] Donyetta: [00:42:33] but I’m sure

[00:42:36] Kim: [00:42:36] I’ll walk around with a photographer. Now I have my iPhone and a tripod. Right there.

[00:42:43] Donyetta: [00:42:43] I’m still drunk from Mexico. I ain’t got a dog in this fight. I’m trying to price.

[00:42:49] Kim: [00:42:49] And you know your friends can’t take pictures worth a damn. Sorry, Georgie. Sorry. You mugged her.

[00:42:53] I love you my girl, but dang, I got to

[00:42:56] Donyetta: [00:42:56] 200 pitches, 200 pitches to get one good [00:43:00] picture.

[00:43:00] Kim: [00:43:00] That’s how I got to take my own pictures. I have to bring my own tripod, say my own pitches. That’s what you gotta do.

[00:43:05] Donyetta: [00:43:05] Let me take a picture of you. Like I want my picture look, and I’m going to show it to you and then you need to do that

[00:43:15] and they still mess it up. Point is shoot me like it’s 2020. Why y’all still cut my head off in the day on photo .

[00:43:27] Kim: [00:43:27] And when I say get my whole body, I get the hole from the Buddha to the tutor, get

[00:43:32] Donyetta: [00:43:32] the hobby. Like I can’t see my shoes.

[00:43:37] Kim: [00:43:37] Oh,

[00:43:38] Donyetta: [00:43:38] I can’t see my shoes. Like what are we doing?

[00:43:41] Kim: [00:43:41] Okay. I remember someone sent me a picture.

[00:43:44] I ain’t going to say who, but if they listen, they going to know who, Oh,

[00:43:48] Donyetta: [00:43:48] smell. Isn’t this pitcher I fly.

[00:43:52] Kim: [00:43:52] I said, no. Yeah, Android pitches terrible.

[00:43:56] Donyetta: [00:43:56] Like they sit until you ask you, [00:44:00] was it fly? It was

[00:44:01] Kim: [00:44:01] a it’s the grandpas. They sent it to me and said, don’t you wish your Apple could say, say pitching like this. I said, what.

[00:44:07] Did you send me the right postal? Was you supposed to send

[00:44:09] Donyetta: [00:44:09] me a

[00:44:13] body? Yada, yada, yada, yada, yada, yada, yada. Yeah.

[00:44:16] Kim: [00:44:16] Y’all let them screens on the Android fool. Y’all y’all pitches are horrible. I’m sorry to tell you, your pitches are terrible.

[00:44:26] Donyetta: [00:44:26] That’s like the Android pitchers be fooling. Y’all like dudes who used to wear baseball caps in the club back in college days. And it’s dark in there.

[00:44:34] He asked you for your phone number and then you give it to them. And then when the party is, they turned all the lights off and he’d take his hat off. He’d be like, okay. Or like when dudes being shaving a beer, it’s all. Didn’t you see what they face really looked like under it?

[00:44:51] Kim: [00:44:51] When they look like women

[00:44:55] Donyetta: [00:44:55] or like women who’ll be console or they face,

[00:44:58] Kim: [00:44:58] I feel bad for dudes these days.

[00:45:00] [00:44:59] Like, I, I feel bad for y’all cause just

[00:45:04] Donyetta: [00:45:04] because of how they look

[00:45:06] Kim: [00:45:06] now, because women like we, this, we, we have so many tricks in 2020, like.

[00:45:13] Donyetta: [00:45:13] Like, what do I weird? And the baseball caps and I don’t live with my mama. I’m just helping her out. And the, Oh, I forgot to tell you. I got five kids and stop wait, and I’m not even gonna say that.

[00:45:30] Kim: [00:45:30] Okay. But look, you

[00:45:32] Donyetta: [00:45:32] immigrate sweat pants.

[00:45:48] may I got drinks.

[00:45:49] Kim: [00:45:49] I think when I be seeing dudes on the internet, they use the name angles too. Cause y’all still be fingers. Give you a hideaway. How many jobs stop? With Joe’s [00:46:00] stubby little fingers when you be five, six and five seven.

[00:46:06] Donyetta: [00:46:06] So y’all sweating. Where’d, y’all really not data, dude, because he was short.

[00:46:23] Kim: [00:46:23] Okay, where is this going? Is just this like a fun time or is this gonna lead to something serious? Cause I ain’t have no shortcuts.

[00:46:32] Donyetta: [00:46:32] Um, a weekend.

[00:46:37] I would take it back

[00:46:39] Kim: [00:46:39] the same size. Would you lie down? Right.

[00:46:41] Donyetta: [00:46:41] So that is true. I’ve never been able to tell how tall a dude.

[00:46:48] Kim: [00:46:48] See, so could work as long as this ain’t going nowhere then. Yeah.

[00:46:54] Donyetta: [00:46:54] Let me think what I was not taught to the dude. Cause he was sure.

[00:47:13] [00:47:00] I really got to pre-record it through a clear, uh, one of the most toxic loves of my life was not very tall

[00:47:22] Kim: [00:47:22] and where he at man, but his short shorthand

[00:47:25] Donyetta: [00:47:25] probably driving somebody else crazy with that big old dangling.

[00:47:35] Kim: [00:47:35] This show is that benefits

[00:47:37] Donyetta: [00:47:37] girl, Jesus mirror.

[00:47:39] Kim: [00:47:39] They’re lacking in one department. They’re excelling in another

[00:47:42] Donyetta: [00:47:42] was A-plus student.

[00:47:45] Kim: [00:47:45] Not that a short

[00:47:46] Donyetta: [00:47:46] dude.

[00:47:47] Kim: [00:47:47] Yeah,

[00:47:48] Donyetta: [00:47:48] but you like me to be like having a nice personality. You can’t be short and garbage.

[00:47:58] Kim: [00:47:58] But you get the short dues. Cause you’re what? [00:48:00] Five, five.

[00:48:01] Donyetta: [00:48:01] Yeah, but I got five itch lubricant,

[00:48:05] Kim: [00:48:05] but you could see, you could get three in shoes so you could make it work. I’m started out at five, seven, like I’m five, 10

[00:48:12] Donyetta: [00:48:12] or breakfast. Yeah. Be happy and no damn three inch heels.

[00:48:19] Kim: [00:48:19] It’s  Hills now. Anyway.

[00:48:23] Donyetta: [00:48:23] No, we ain’t going to be in quarantine forever.

[00:48:25] When it’s time to go out in these streets, take me to pop a dose. I’m not strolling up in there and talking about some details to my outfit, link in the bio and know them. Three is Hills home.

[00:48:38] Kim: [00:48:38] Yes, you will.

[00:48:40] Donyetta: [00:48:40] Best kitten heels.

[00:48:42] Kim: [00:48:42] Sure. Dudes, if you made it to this, this long in the show, don’t

[00:48:46] Donyetta: [00:48:46] DM me know. Cause when I tell you

[00:48:48] Kim: [00:48:48] her only for that, only for that.

[00:48:53] If you have my seven, if you

[00:48:56] Donyetta: [00:48:56] have a screenshot or two,

[00:48:58] Kim: [00:48:58] no, not five, five. You gotta be at least [00:49:00] five, six to five nine. Then you can climb Don yet his tree five, six to five nine.

[00:49:06] Donyetta: [00:49:06] I’m going to put all around the base of the tree. No slip by she’s. She told

[00:49:12] Kim: [00:49:12] the shot, the cohort cohort. She’s single.

[00:49:16] Donyetta: [00:49:16] I didn’t say that.

[00:49:17] I see,

[00:49:19] Kim: [00:49:19] you know, you could call people on Instagram.

[00:49:25] Donyetta: [00:49:25] I do. I sit there and look at it until it finished ringing.

[00:49:30] Kim: [00:49:30] I’m telling y’all to call her. If you want her number DME, I’ll give you my number.

[00:49:34] Donyetta: [00:49:34] Can I just want something to talk about other names show? Cause she know I’m with the shits.

[00:49:40] Kim: [00:49:40] Oh my goodness.

[00:49:43] Donyetta: [00:49:43] Hmm, that’s going to be, don’t set you up. That’s not nice.

[00:49:46] Don’t set yourself up. That’s called where’s that that’s guerrilla warfare, where people be sitting in kids and stuff with bomb struck today. Back don’t do that to yourself. If you ever had a conversation with me or think you had a conversation with me, you know, that’s not no good [00:50:00] idea. This is what irks me on social media.

[00:50:02] No hurt me as much as I want to get behind the psychology of why. Why do y’all do this? Some men. And I’m pretty sure that there might be women who do it to men or men and do it to men or women that do it to women. I’m talking about me because I’m a woman who dates men when somebody posts a picture on social media, like what goes through your head, where you come up with this Einstein elaborate idea to message me.

[00:50:34] So. Coonery Nigro, Gordian, ignorant. Anything. If you can’t put it in the comments, then you probably shouldn’t send it to me. Like what about anything with a woman’s interaction with you

[00:50:50] Kim: [00:50:50] makes you think that

[00:50:51] Donyetta: [00:50:51] a, you should even think enough of yourself to sit her the type of stupid messages y’all seeing when, when they post pictures on social media.

[00:51:01] [00:51:00] Kim: [00:51:01] Like, where do you get the unmitigated gall? Like we ain’t cool like that. We not cool. If I wanted to talk

[00:51:10] Donyetta: [00:51:10] to you, you would be the first person to know if you ever have to wonder.

[00:51:17] When y’all Sydney’s messages do y’all think, wow, she’s not going to think I’m a fuck. Boy, she’s going to read this message and be like, this is a dude that I want to reply to. Or this is a dude that I want to date or sleep with, or have kids with. I barely like your pictures. Why would you think it’s okay to send me a message after I post one of mine,

[00:51:37] Kim: [00:51:37] you’re just a weirdo and you nasty, like what makes you want to play with hands?

[00:51:44] Play with your dangling.

[00:51:45] Donyetta: [00:51:45] Don’t play with me

[00:51:47] Kim: [00:51:47] a

[00:51:49] Donyetta: [00:51:49] and all that.

[00:51:56] That should be the name of the show play with . I [00:52:00] like it. I think that’s a good one. That’s a long one though. Play with it. Yeah. That’s long

[00:52:07] Kim: [00:52:07] play with. Please. You gotta put yo now your play with yo

[00:52:11] Donyetta: [00:52:11] dang. Play with . Don’t play with me. No,

[00:52:20] Kim: [00:52:20] I like it.

[00:52:22] Donyetta: [00:52:22] Play with your dead lady. Don’t play with me. That’s long.

[00:52:26] That’s all I telling my friends. That’s one of my, that’s one of my things I might get that, uh, copywritten cause.

[00:52:36] Kim: [00:52:36] Michelle dangling don’t play. No, that’s perfect.

[00:52:40] Donyetta: [00:52:40] That’s so long. Is it going to fit?

[00:52:44] Kim: [00:52:44] We got characters. We got real estate. We got room.

[00:52:49] Donyetta: [00:52:49] Let

[00:52:49] Kim: [00:52:49] me

[00:52:51] Donyetta: [00:52:51] stop. And I got it. I’m not doing, and all the dudes that’s doing this, y’all like 40, 50 plus.

[00:52:59] And most of [00:53:00] y’all got five kids by six different women. So you done been around the block

[00:53:05] Kim: [00:53:05] of you, like got it. You shoot in a shot and you not even in the arena, like you don’t see and say

[00:53:14] Donyetta: [00:53:14] like, why are you taking the shot?

[00:53:16] Kim: [00:53:16] Why do

[00:53:18] you

[00:53:18] Donyetta: [00:53:18] think like, we on,

[00:53:20] Kim: [00:53:20] I am alone,

[00:53:22] Donyetta: [00:53:22] the kind of woman who’s going to respond to that message I promise is the one that you don’t want.

[00:53:28] So why would you even send that type of message?

[00:53:34] Kim: [00:53:34] just ignorant.

[00:53:37] Donyetta: [00:53:37] Well, you caught off the drunk, dirty dread

[00:53:45] Kim: [00:53:45] go. No home training. I’m telling braise you who said that it was okay for you to behave this way. Y’all or Instagram, and y’all got no couth. Yeah, I need to get Josh

[00:54:03] [00:54:00] All right. So we want to thank you all for tuning into another episode of Le Twins Experience. Be sure to follow us on

[00:54:13] Donyetta: [00:54:13] all the socials. We are Le Twins Experience on Facebook and Instagram. We are Le Twins Exp on Twitter. Subscribe to that Spotify playlist and subscribe to our YouTube channel Le Twins Experience.

[00:54:25] Yes.

[00:54:26] Kim: [00:54:26] Mm Hmm. So we will catch you all on the next one later.

[00:54:37] Donyetta: [00:54:37] Let me get his phone. Oh, I can’t wait to get this phone all. Let me stop my garage, man.

[00:54:46] You so tuning in.

[00:54:47] Kim: [00:54:47] Be sure to subscribe wherever you listen to your podcasts. So you’ll never miss an

[00:54:50] Donyetta: [00:54:50] episode.

[00:54:51] Kim: [00:54:51] If you’re listening on Apple podcast, please be sure to rate and or review the shell. It would really help us out catch you next time. [00:55:00]

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