Episode 19

Endless Shrimp

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On this episode of Le Twins Experience,  we’re recapping the inauguration, Black Girl Magic featuring Amanda Gorman, TI & Tiny are under fire, what we thought of Ashanti & Keyshia Cole’s Verzuz, &  RIP to some of the greats: Hank Aaron, Larry King, & Cicely Tyson.

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Episode Transcript

[00:00:00] Donyetta: [00:00:00] Welcome to the experience with Kim and

[00:00:06] Kim: [00:00:06] Donyetta. Now let’s get back on our bullshit.

[00:00:21] Donyetta: [00:00:21] I’m Kim and I’m Donyetta

[00:00:24] Kim: [00:00:24] and welcome back to another episode of Le Twins Experience. Back on our bullshit.

[00:00:34] We back yard. We had a little week

[00:00:36] Donyetta: [00:00:36] break. Oh, what we’ve been doing? We took a week break after we had only been back from a three week break. What’s wrong with this problems?

[00:00:47] Kim: [00:00:47] On the real real, I was just tired. I don’t know why I made a little

[00:00:53] Donyetta: [00:00:53] break. I just be loud. I was born lazy. I been lazy.

[00:01:01] [00:01:00] Kim: [00:01:01] That’s okay.

[00:01:04] Donyetta: [00:01:04] Today I was talking to my little sister and she’s like, when are you going to come down this way? You still don’t feel

[00:01:10] Kim: [00:01:10] like I’m telling you COVID has made us some lazy M fr it’s like, I just. I’m not in the mood to do nothing nada. I had to

[00:01:24] Donyetta: [00:01:24] start like this week. I had to be conscious of like trying to have some type of routine because for like almost the last year, I just been free balling it.

[00:01:32] So I was like, look, you’re going to get up here, going to brush our teeth. Wash our face. We are going to wash our hands. We are going to work out. We are going to drink water. We are going to do squats because I just, he said my alarm for like 10:00 AM. No, what I was supposed to be working at night. I just be doing on Canada.

[00:01:56] Kim: [00:01:56] That’s the thing I think I need to get up and work out [00:02:00] it. Take a shower and get dressed fully dressed though. Like. It made me feel better. And like

[00:02:08] Donyetta: [00:02:08] next week, I’m going to try to turn my camera on twice during the zoom meetings.

[00:02:18] Yeah. Like I’ll be setting up the meeting with clients and I’d be sitting on it. Maybe be talking to my little FBI profile picture, just the shadow. I had a

[00:02:27] Kim: [00:02:27] meeting with, uh, biocides teachers. And I was the only one with my camera off. And Brandon came on, the teacher was like, can I see your face? I haven’t seen you in so long.

[00:02:39] He was like, no. No. And then he cut it off at two seconds or cut it right back off. I said, that’s my boy. That’s my book. You know, I was in my school. I, my glasses, I was not putting my camera on. Yeah. Yeah. Well, I’ll take this profile picture from five years ago and look at it.

[00:03:01] [00:03:00] Donyetta: [00:03:01] I feel like it, but I did feel bad.

[00:03:03] Like I’ve been drinking water. And I will say if I work out in the beginning of the day, I didn’t have more energy. I’m down to one cup of coffee a day.

[00:03:15] Kim: [00:03:15] You’re making progress. Mama

[00:03:17] Donyetta: [00:03:17] got lose some weight. I got less than 90 days before my birthday mama gotta lose some weight. Y’all.

[00:03:24] Kim: [00:03:24] Listen, you ain’t the only I got on a scale and it was not pretty

[00:03:31] Donyetta: [00:03:31] baby, not pretty. I got on it and I was like, I’m so ashamed. Ooh, it’s bad.

[00:03:42] Kim: [00:03:42] And you know what? I haven’t worn clothes.

[00:03:47] And so like jeans, I don’t even know my jeans fit. I don’t even know if they fit cause I’ve been wearing tights everywhere. It’s crazy.

[00:03:57] Donyetta: [00:03:57] I think I told you I didn’t gain so much weight. I felt like [00:04:00] my butt shaped funny now, like what’s going on?

[00:04:05] So today, you know, like Peloton, you can do other types of exercises, girl, my damn knees hurt. So now I’m doing lunges and donkey kicks. Yeah, you don’t have me out here looking like sponge Bob square pants.

[00:04:20] Kim: [00:04:20] Yeah, we, we gonna have to get it. I need a trip. I need to, I need some motivation. If I had somewhere, I knew I had to be in a bathing suit, then I would get my ass in

[00:04:31] Donyetta: [00:04:31] order, but I’m tired of all these things, positive interactions or relationships.

[00:04:35] I need a toxic relationship to stress my ass out so I can lose some weight. I want to go back to like how I felt and. 2017, 2018 and 2019. Stress me out because you girls looking like a crack head back there. Huh?

[00:04:50] Kim: [00:04:50] I have no comment on that. No

[00:04:51] Donyetta: [00:04:51] comment. I need a stomach flu or some shit

[00:04:57] Kim: [00:04:57] there’s no more

[00:04:57] Donyetta: [00:04:57] flu the [00:05:00] diarrhea.

[00:05:00] Something. Yeah.

[00:05:06] My stomach to go down expeditiously, like, like to y’all we gonna talk about later expeditiously, you see I’m drinking water again, but I’m not going to be angry this time. I’m used to drinking water now, and I got some Prosecco over here and another glass ballots.

[00:05:26] Kim: [00:05:26] Oh, then when you got two drinks in the hand, double, double

[00:05:29] Donyetta: [00:05:29] fist.

[00:05:30] And speaking of, I be like asking, I can’t say her name cause she’ll speak a L E X a like how many calories are in a vodka tonic, a shot of tequila and red wine

[00:05:45] Kim: [00:05:45] ice cream. That’s why I get vodka soda. It has like 60 calories, but

[00:05:53] Donyetta: [00:05:53] the buck would be tasting so strong, you know, tiny has syrup in it. So it makes it, yeah.

[00:05:58] Kim: [00:05:58] That’s why seldom Doga for [00:06:00] Fidesz sugar. If you get you a vodka soda, you could drink them and put lime. I put three

[00:06:03] Donyetta: [00:06:03] lines, a vodka soda is like drinking a shot of Hennessy. No, no. It’s like drinking vodka fucking tastes like rubbing alcohol now is my mood. But no,

[00:06:15] Kim: [00:06:15] look, when we used to go out, I always tell the bartender and let me know.

[00:06:19] I have a vodka soda with three limes and they would double take. And I say yet, three, bring my drink with three lines. You need three limes. And it’s it’s you could drink like four or five of those and you be good. You be

[00:06:32] Donyetta: [00:06:32] nice, but you know, it does not have a lot of calories. Prosecco.

[00:06:42] So, yeah, I already got hair growing on my chin. I can’t be drinking vodka and soda. No water has just,

[00:06:51] Kim: [00:06:51] you can’t get the, um, whatever, the,

[00:06:55] Donyetta: [00:06:55] the light, like the love.

[00:06:57] Kim: [00:06:57] Yeah. You got to get like great. I get grey [00:07:00] goose.

[00:07:01] Donyetta: [00:07:01] I’m just going to have to do better with my water anyway. Like, I feel like I got my skin together and then my stomach did a nutty professor.

[00:07:11] Kim: [00:07:11] My skin has been, Oh, it’s finally coming kind of back to normal when my skin has been on one. And I’m like, is it, is it the lack of oxygen outside air? Like what is going on? What I see a lot of people have been posting their skin lately,

[00:07:28] Donyetta: [00:07:28] ladies and gentlemen, we are at the segment of the show that we call.

[00:07:31] Song pick of the week or Kim and I both pick a song weekly that we add to our Spotify play list. Kim, what you got

[00:07:41] Kim: [00:07:41] my song this week? If y’all know. The vs was last week, this past weekend. And they had me going, I was in my jams on that versus job and supposed to

[00:07:56] Donyetta: [00:07:56] have done some vodka shots right before it started.

[00:07:59] Kim: [00:07:59] They [00:08:00] play even with so far as to go on Spotify and say, Play Ashanti play Ashanti. I was listening to a shanty on my last car ride, like the whole car, like I was in it. I was in it to women depressed. I was it.

[00:08:19] Donyetta: [00:08:19] Hold on. Y’all know. I tried to give it a wait. Can I get my

[00:08:24] Kim: [00:08:24] song pick out before you go

[00:08:26] Donyetta: [00:08:26] rag? So is, well, okay. We’re going to let you say the song first and then.

[00:08:33] Kim: [00:08:33] Everybody knows this song is let it go by Keyshia Coles. How does that one, because I know that song you need to get, if he don’t

[00:08:41] Donyetta: [00:08:41] want to hate this song.

[00:08:52] Kim: [00:08:52] You know when Mr. Say new case, new Monica

[00:08:55] Donyetta: [00:08:55] say new Monica. Don’t nobody say no new Kesha. Nobody.

[00:09:05] [00:09:00] Kim: [00:09:05] Every

[00:09:05] Donyetta: [00:09:05] time I listen to the pay list, I’m going to skip past that little song. I don’t like

[00:09:09] Kim: [00:09:09] it. Oh, that sounds good. We don’t get into the verse. Let’s hear your song pig. We don’t get to diversity.

[00:09:19] Donyetta: [00:09:19] Okay. So no, Ken, what’s the name of the song?

[00:09:26] My song is ambitions as a rider by two pot cans. I’m not some ambitions.

[00:09:38] Kim: [00:09:38] Heck she get this? What the hell is ed? But first of all, ambitious, a M B I T I O N Z. Who raised you?

[00:09:53] Donyetta: [00:09:53] Crazy? All right.

[00:09:56] Kim: [00:09:56] Freida, R I D a H [00:10:00] Dyke. I didn’t grow up on any Bionics. Like I read phonetically, like

[00:10:09] Donyetta: [00:10:09] no, deny it. I’m a straight ride. A, you don’t want to me. And when she saying it, I knew

[00:10:15] Kim: [00:10:15] the song.

[00:10:16] Donyetta: [00:10:16] I know Nate dog, but that into a G my ambitions as a rider kill rolling over in his gray,

[00:10:27] Kim: [00:10:27] first of all, to pocket, then he opened The Bahamas somewhere, but I’m going to change the spelling of this song because I can’t.

[00:10:39] Donyetta: [00:10:39] My ambitions as a writer, I love to buy too hot. Was I saw a clip of him today on Instagram, a little bushy eyebrows. Yeah. I

[00:10:50] Kim: [00:10:50] never liked Tupac, especially when he got a mean on death row. Like he was a little nasty mean MFR.

[00:10:58] Donyetta: [00:10:58] Yeah, he [00:11:00] did go a little out there.

[00:11:01] Kim: [00:11:01] He’s like M and M like I had never, I, he is like a person that I could say I hate and I don’t even know.

[00:11:07] He was just so

[00:11:08] Donyetta: [00:11:08] mean. Tupac is the only man I love that. Wears a nose ring. No, 

[00:11:15] Kim: [00:11:15] a man should have a nose ring and don’t add me on that. Cause y’all shouldn’t remember he was

[00:11:21] Donyetta: [00:11:21] vicious. I remember that. He was crazy then to

[00:11:27] Kim: [00:11:27] what possessed man to go to the tattoo shop and say, Pierce my nose.

[00:11:32] Donyetta: [00:11:32] What were you thinking?

[00:11:38] What a man in real life that has a nose ring. Um,

[00:11:44] Kim: [00:11:44] I seen quite a few on

[00:11:49] Donyetta: [00:11:49] no only women. I know men who have earrings. I know men who have earrings in each year.

[00:11:58] Kim: [00:11:58] No, those rings still don’t [00:12:00] even wear earrings anymore. Like I, if I see a dude with a nose ring, like this is terrible, but I I’m not even going to say

[00:12:06] Donyetta: [00:12:06] it. Nope. The Duke a Hastings was his name. . Right. He has earrings.

[00:12:15] Yeah. He has earrings and I used to follow him on Instagram. It lasted 24 hours. Y’all know I don’t follow celebrities because it just takes away from who I think you are. But yeah, he is not

[00:12:27] Kim: [00:12:27] like no nothing. See those zoos in 2021 with the earrings and my kid better not ever say he wants his ears pierced.

[00:12:37] Right? Not

[00:12:37] Donyetta: [00:12:37] happening. I’ve never had a boy friend that had his ears pierced.

[00:12:45] Kim: [00:12:45] Oh, my husband, when I met him, he had two girly earrings in his ear, like earrings. I would wear. Let me think this was

[00:12:52] Donyetta: [00:12:52] like, my dad has earrings, at least one earring hole, but my dad used to think he was Michael Jordan too. [00:13:00] You know, Michael Jordan would be wearing hoops still to this day.

[00:13:02] He

[00:13:02] Kim: [00:13:02] used to look like Mr. Black clean. He lives a mess.

[00:13:06] Donyetta: [00:13:06] But, yeah. And then it’s funny. Cause my dad got airy and then he looked like Charlie Murphy. So I don’t know what’s going on, but now I’ve never had it boyfriend with earrings. I’m out of love though. Some holes that were earrings, but they weren’t my boyfriend.

[00:13:25] Kim: [00:13:25] I want to know like what possessed you to Pierce your nose? Like I got my nose pierced when I was like 16. And most people, I wear like a tiny, tiny ring. Now, most people don’t even notice it because it’s so small and I pop it in and out. But like back then, that’s like, I got tattoos, like five tattoos. I got my tongue pierced.

[00:13:49] I got the top of my ear peers, like

[00:13:52] Donyetta: [00:13:52] damn talk with the air was rough. I had to take that bad boy out. I

[00:13:56] Kim: [00:13:56] took mine out suit. That shit never healed. [00:14:00] So

[00:14:00] Donyetta: [00:14:00] I had three holes each year. And then one at the top of my right ear. I have two holes. Now they say your holes number close up, but my third holes are closed.

[00:14:11] Um, but that type of thing. Ooh, I can feel where it used to

[00:14:15] Kim: [00:14:15] be. And I was in, like, I got midway Pierce in, um, to loom and it’s not fully healed. It doesn’t hurt, but it’s like, I could feel that it’s not fully healed. And that was in like the end of September.

[00:14:29] Donyetta: [00:14:29] That top of the ear or something, you know what I thought about getting I’ll probably delete the stuff, you know?

[00:14:33] And I thought about getting, once I thought I’d get nipple piercings. So did I, but then I read it you’d be snagging on and stuff. People said it’s hell yeah.

[00:14:43] Kim: [00:14:43] Let’s say we would. Jesse, if you listened and I’m about to talk about you. So I was talking to Jesse, right? He sent me this picture and his lady I’ve been in now picture.

[00:14:54] Yeah. Is she at is, she was like 50. And I said like, where is she? I’m going with [00:15:00] her titty tat and her poor, poor tattoo’s like, like

[00:15:05] Donyetta: [00:15:05] then, and now for

[00:15:05] Kim: [00:15:05] what he said, she probably got a tattoo on her lower back. I said, Hey, I have a trip.

[00:15:16] Donyetta: [00:15:16] Jesse, calm down, calm down, stop being so judgmental. I think

[00:15:21] Kim: [00:15:21] all girls got a tramp stamp in the two thousands.

[00:15:25] Donyetta: [00:15:25] And you know what, even though I grew up like in a predominantly like white school and college, I didn’t know it was a trap step until I, you know what, I went and got the tattoo. When I with my now ex-husband so he didn’t even think to tell me, Oh, this Trump’s down.

[00:15:43] He probably didn’t

[00:15:44] Kim: [00:15:44] care. No, cause it wasn’t a tramp stamp when we got it, they made it a champ stamp years later, like

[00:15:50] Donyetta: [00:15:50] how do I grow up in the land of trailer park? And I never heard the term Trump stamp until one day I was at work and I was bending over to get something. And this white woman was like, Oh yeah, [00:16:00] traps down.

[00:16:00] Well, it’s

[00:16:01] Kim: [00:16:01] that? I forget they’re there because you don’t look at your back and you’re like, I have tattoos on each shoulder.

[00:16:08] Donyetta: [00:16:08] I got one on my right leg, one on the smaller, my back, and then one on the inside of my ankle.

[00:16:17] Kim: [00:16:17] If my kid is getting any tattoos, I’m going to kill him. Cause I regret every tattoo I had except the one on my ankle. I probably need to get

[00:16:24] Donyetta: [00:16:24] movie done. Cause I got this one on my back shoulder when I was 18. I got it on my 18th birthday. You’re about to be 40. That was what, 22 years ago.

[00:16:34] Kim: [00:16:34] I want to get them removed.

[00:16:36] Donyetta: [00:16:36] I got about that too. Or I was going to either just gets a cover up, but then it would be like a bigger, more elaborate tattoo, but like I’m a grown professional. I can’t be like in corporate meetings, all sleeved up and stuff. So, or wearing long sleeve shirts in Georgia in July. Looking

[00:16:55] Kim: [00:16:55] crazy, but you know what?

[00:16:58] Like for black [00:17:00] people, we probably can’t even get tattoo. Like, um, I want us to get laser hair removal, but it’s like iffy when you have darker skin

[00:17:08] Donyetta: [00:17:08] now, you know? No, if you come to Atlanta, all the doctors black

[00:17:17] have talked about tattoos and I forgot to tell y’all how sorry versus was. We’ve talked about Tupac and nose rings, and we have not talked about that dreadful versus so we going to get

[00:17:28] Kim: [00:17:28] to that. We not get

[00:17:29] Donyetta: [00:17:29] into black girl magic. First one, it’s not on the list. I don’t want you to let me forget. Cause that was Nat black on

[00:17:37] Kim: [00:17:37] the list.

[00:17:38] I put it on there.

[00:17:39] Donyetta: [00:17:39] Oh, I see it down there. Yeah. I know. I got these contacts on it. I’m almost forwarding my vision changing. All right, ladies and gentlemen, we are now at the segment of the show that we call black girl magic. Exactly what it is. Black girl magic. Well, we got this week, Kim.

[00:18:00] [00:18:00] Kim: [00:18:00] So this week’s black girl magic goes to Amanda Gorman.

[00:18:05] And if you don’t know who she is, she read that beautiful Palm at the inauguration couple of weeks ago. And when she was reading that poem, all I thought was like, this is, um, little Maya Angelou in the making.

[00:18:23] Like, she was like, it was just, she went off for a minute though. I was like, when does this thing go in? But

[00:18:29] Donyetta: [00:18:29] it was, I had to mute it because one of my coworkers called me and I was like, Oh, well, I got to mute your computer.

[00:18:38] Kim: [00:18:38] Yeah. I thought she did an amazing job. She, she was like the star of the inauguration. Like no one was really talking about it. Anything else? Other

[00:18:45] Donyetta: [00:18:45] than she was not the star, you know who the stars inauguration was. The Obamas? No, just Michelle bra. We love you, but just Michelle in that outfit,

[00:19:00] [00:19:00] Kim: [00:19:00] a daughter ration.

[00:19:02] Okay. They came in like we

[00:19:04] Donyetta: [00:19:04] here and what Michelle came in here looking like purple rain. Purple Ray. She has her escort when they had the role as it she’s Michelle, Michelle took her role

[00:19:20] Kim: [00:19:20] as now, before

[00:19:26] Donyetta: [00:19:26] Michelle did not come to play with y’all.

[00:19:28] Kim: [00:19:28] Girl. She was like, Hey, y’all y’all not going to forget me.

[00:19:34] Donyetta: [00:19:34] Like damn, a lot of black girl magic. I did an integration Michelle, in that outfit, the, uh, captain from Atlanta who did the pledge of allegiance and sign language. Oh, she killed it. But her makeup was on point.

[00:19:48] You know, when you have on a uniform, you tend to be like to death, you know, uniforms are real. You know, playing she’s like not today, not on national television makeup would [00:20:00] be. And then my Michelle’s little friend, George Bush, I saw, I mean, and said what the angel is going to do. He going to find Michelle.

[00:20:09] He love himself. Michelle.

[00:20:15] nice. So cute. See that just shows that goes to show y’all when you’re not a jerk, you can have different views of somebody and still get along. Just fine. Hello.

[00:20:26] Kim: [00:20:26] Hello.

[00:20:28] Donyetta: [00:20:28] But Amanda Garvin, she did very good. She did not seem nervous. She was very poised. I don’t even think she’s done in her stumbled.

[00:20:37] Kim: [00:20:37] She was fantabulous.

[00:20:39] And I was looking at that ring. She had on her finger when she was doing it. And it was like a little bird cage and it turns out like Oprah gave her that jewelry. Of

[00:20:49] Donyetta: [00:20:49] course.

[00:20:51] Kim: [00:20:51] Of course, you know, Oprah always got Hannah

[00:20:53] Donyetta: [00:20:53] something. Wasn’t my Angelou’s cause of, I know why the caged bird sings

[00:20:58] Kim: [00:20:58] is that why [00:21:00] probably.

[00:21:02] Donyetta: [00:21:02] Oh, I remember reading that when I was younger, but she was very confident. I liked that young lady. How old is she

[00:21:10] Kim: [00:21:10] expressive? She’s 22.

[00:21:12] Donyetta: [00:21:12] Oh, I remember when I was 22, I was not doing profound, things like that. I was just being 22. I was

[00:21:19] Kim: [00:21:19] having fun. Y’all shoot

[00:21:23] Donyetta: [00:21:23] 22.

[00:21:25] Kim: [00:21:25] Yeah. I want to know though who put that headband on her head

[00:21:28] Donyetta: [00:21:28] like that?

[00:21:29] That is, we just leave it alone.

[00:21:36] Kim: [00:21:36] Cole was proud. I bet you that had been his product too. Cause I seen those product headbands before, but they ended up yeah. They all

[00:21:41] Donyetta: [00:21:41] the way on hoop like that. Like, and I saw somewhere where she wore those colors in her outfit for a specific reason, but I do not recall what it was. It’s supposed to symbolize something that van was product to.

[00:21:59] I don’t know what [00:22:00] she we’re optimistic. Yellow is Prada. The headband is Prada. Oh, that’s like one of them old school headbands. I thought it was more like a scarf or something. She tied her choices. Yellow was a nod to the new first lady. She was not to Dr. Jill Biden. Hm. Uh, she said, I saw a video. You, you were wearing yellow and I loved it.

[00:22:28] Her jewelry choices, which were gifted to her, like you said, by Oprah, Oprah, who also said Maya Angelou, ablutions gel coat and gloves for her address at bill Clinton’s 1993 and Nagi ration. Oh, her rain crafted in the shape of a cage bird was a nod to Maya Angelou’s work at nobody occasion for six. I thought.

[00:22:51] So when you said it was the birdcage and girl. Aw, that’s so simple. Okay. Now that’s so [00:23:00] cool. I like it. It’s cute. Yes. I can see it behind the podium.

[00:23:08] Kim: [00:23:08] How you can miss that bright behind yellow coat.

[00:23:11] Donyetta: [00:23:11] Cause you don’t see what she’s shorter in stature. So all I can really see was he knew, I told you I was supposed to be working.

[00:23:18] So when she walked out, I missed it. I just look, she was already there. So,

[00:23:26] Kim: [00:23:26] so Ms. Gorman also recently signed with IMG models, which is a win for her.

[00:23:37] And they want to build her profile and fashion and beauty with brand endorsements and editorial features. So Mrs. Gorman is going to be getting her coins kudos to you. Young lady, that’s magical.

[00:23:49] Donyetta: [00:23:49] Amen. Now we’re at our favorite.

[00:23:57] We are at [00:24:00] bullshit of the week where we tell you to things that caught our attention. We got some stuff, some stuff first up on the list, his dad versus recap. Now y’all go sit here and listen to Kim, tell you how great it was. And she don’t even listen to the songs I tried to give him cheers. Y’all I did.

[00:24:24] I did. I couldn’t take one in 30 seconds. It was good.

[00:24:32] Kim: [00:24:32] Look,

[00:24:35] Donyetta: [00:24:35] Kesha call on there, screaming in the microphone. Like she trying to audition for the five heartbeats. It sounded a mess, girl, you don’t have to sing that loud into the microphone just hum. Along to your song or rather yet, let us listen to the re the studio version. Cause we all know nobody except for beyond say sounds good in person and

[00:24:57] Kim: [00:24:57] Kesha.

[00:24:58] Those two were screamers. [00:25:00] The both of them are screamers. But look ahead. Kesha code on came in like an hour and 20 minutes late. And

[00:25:10] Donyetta: [00:25:10] y’all was on social media, complaining about how late they were, but y’all sat there and waited for some see lists. I did not say B. I said C list celebrities to be an hour and 20 minutes late.

[00:25:21] And I’m talking about my college educated friends. What is wrong with y’all? And I ain’t got Doritos and Ciroc in the back

[00:25:29] Kim: [00:25:29] home. It almost turns into up because that was like, and she claimed that she was there, but there wasn’t. Problems with her lighting and the SA, they said, they told

[00:25:39] Donyetta: [00:25:39] her don’t come over.

[00:25:40] Cause she was going to be like Teddy Riley. If she didn’t get her stuff together, y’all never did it wrong. They had on

[00:25:46] Kim: [00:25:46] them too. I watched on Apple TV and the sound was fine. But when you went on Instagram, it did sound terrible. Kim

[00:25:54] Donyetta: [00:25:54] is not being truthful because I listened to it on iTunes. [00:26:00] And what I tell you, I turn it on a, my dog’s ears was like,

[00:26:05] Kim: [00:26:05] No, no, no.

[00:26:06] I mean, their audio sounded fine, but when you went on it

[00:26:11] Donyetta: [00:26:11] terrible, it did not sound final iTunes. It sounded, yeah.

[00:26:15] Kim: [00:26:15] I suppose the Apple TV where they side by side or where they up and down,

[00:26:19] Donyetta: [00:26:19] I think you had took some of that vodka club soda he was telling us about, because. Well, I’m telling y’all is

[00:26:30] Kim: [00:26:30] okay, look, it’s like, some people just can’t sing.

[00:26:33] Right? I mean, they can carry a tune, but they’re not like Sanger is like, they’re not beyond say they’re not Mariah or not Whitney, but they have hits. And these two have three J-Lo like, like J-Lo no, what, who, who, who did this? Whose idea was this? Like, that was terrible. Terrible, but J-Lo gods hits. She got hits.

[00:27:00] [00:27:00] Like if Jalal did a versus we call be jamming the whole time. Cause J-Lo got hits. Some people can say NASA, but they don’t have heads. They can’t go for two hours. And have you on your feet, like Alicia keys, you go Alicia keys, Casa, you’re going, gonna fall asleep halfway through it. I’m sorry. I’ve been to one.

[00:27:18] And it was nice. It was one of the

[00:27:21] Donyetta: [00:27:21] fun ones I’ve been to. She played the piano

[00:27:27] Kim: [00:27:27] and then she could actually like, say it. I see, I saw her. No, I saw her when she was on tour with Beyonce, Beyonce, his first tour. W w Alicia keys and Missy Elliott with them. Alicia keys went first. She was horrible. She was maybe it’s because she was still new then, but I was born

[00:27:45] Donyetta: [00:27:45] her. She was married by the time I saw her Meredith Swiss beets and a mother,

[00:27:51] Kim: [00:27:51] Alicia keys is another one that she can carry a tune, but she’s not a singer.

[00:27:57] Right.

[00:27:59] Donyetta: [00:27:59] I don’t know how [00:28:00] we end up comparing C list, Kesha call and D lit and D list, Keyshia Cole, and Ashanti to Alicia keys. They can’t even, they haven’t even crossed over at least. If you mentioned Alicia keys outside of a. People of color setting. They’ll be like, I know you’re talking about, if you say Keyshia Cole, she said exactly like what she is our hood rat code,

[00:28:21] Kim: [00:28:21] no Ashanti crossed over a shot big into 2002.

[00:28:26] What Google Ashanti’s, uh, Shotsy has so records.

[00:28:30] Donyetta: [00:28:30] I wish I was not recording on my phone so I could call one of my white friends and be like, Hey, do you know who Ashanti is? And then we’re like, you mean a Latin and Jasmine? No. I said, Ashanti,

[00:28:40] Kim: [00:28:40] not Becky and them. I’m gonna need you to call it down, wait for an and I back in, um, that

[00:28:46] Donyetta: [00:28:46] means she ain’t crossed over.

[00:28:50] If I don’t have to call no down white friend and be like, Hey, do you know who Jay Z is? Do you know who the answer is? Do you know who Kanye West is? Do you know who John legend is? Do you know who Alicia keys [00:29:00] is? Hell, I think white people might even know who Monica is. Yeah, it was awful. It was awful. It sounded awful.

[00:29:10] It was late. It was awful. And I’m so glad that I did not watch

[00:29:15] Kim: [00:29:15] why woman at my job asking me why Beyonce was with Jay Z. I’m like. Why do you listen to Elton John?

[00:29:26] Donyetta: [00:29:26] Hello,

[00:29:27] Kim: [00:29:27] he’s JC why you ask the stupid questions? Who raised you?

[00:29:37] Donyetta: [00:29:37] To be honest, I go on date. Barack Obama. He’s taken,

[00:29:41] Kim: [00:29:41] she did they Marcus Houston back in the day. Oh, Mark. I’m

[00:29:45] Donyetta: [00:29:45] so glad that that stage of her life did not flourish. She would not be the woman that she is if she was not with JC and probably vice versa.

[00:29:55] Yeah. Who else is she going to date? Barack Obama. That’s it? Hmm. [00:30:00] Same date

[00:30:05] Kim: [00:30:05] JZ.

[00:30:06] Donyetta: [00:30:06] That’s it? Yeah, that pretty much sums it up. Yeah.

[00:30:10] Kim: [00:30:10] That’s it. Any who. It was missing. I was GMN. I was jamming to the songs.

[00:30:20] Donyetta: [00:30:20] She jammed to all songs that people recognize between Keyshia Cole and, uh,

[00:30:25] Kim: [00:30:25] but you know what, you know what, at least they sang. Unlike that dog on Brandy and Monica. Okay. At least they sang

[00:30:35] Donyetta: [00:30:35] it.

[00:30:35] Brandy and Monica were going to sound like cat scratching on a chalkboard. I’m glad they did not,

[00:30:42] but I’ll tell you that. I do like that Kesha song and daddy song last night. Oh my, I like that one. And name, but you can tell, like she was in the studio, he had volume and I liked that Ashanti song. She’s [00:31:00] sample de barge.  people think she sampled biggie, but biggie sampled the barge. Foolish biggie made a big

[00:31:07] Kim: [00:31:07] though.

[00:31:07] Yes,

[00:31:08] Donyetta: [00:31:08] no. The bar that make the barge, he, he liked that song so

[00:31:14] Kim: [00:31:14] much. We know that song from biggie.

[00:31:16] Donyetta: [00:31:16] Cam don’t know music. So she knows that song from biggie Debar.

[00:31:21] Kim: [00:31:21] I know one thing, um, elder barge just got arrested because he tries a whole correct

[00:31:28] Donyetta: [00:31:28] name as a whole crank him. I love him though. Oh, that’s still struggling.

[00:31:38] Kim: [00:31:38] Yo, he’s still, she tried to use, I think he tried to use, um, Chico’s name. Thanks. Chico.

[00:31:43] Donyetta: [00:31:43] Locked up.

[00:31:47] Is he still, I think he might be mad. Is he the one is it gave me a

[00:31:52] Kim: [00:31:52] babe. Oh, wait. I had it wrong. Chico was arrested, not Al

[00:31:59] Donyetta: [00:31:59] Chico. [00:32:00] Chico. Wait, but he said

[00:32:03] Kim: [00:32:03] that he was another brother. He said he was James.

[00:32:08] Donyetta: [00:32:08] James is James. The one that was in the, a group switch. James the barge. Remember that little John song where they’d be like, I used to think about immature things.

[00:32:21] Are you going to call me? Is this even your real phone number? Throw some D’s on that bitch. Like that sounds like a woman, but that’s one of those barge boys saying that part. I

[00:32:31] Kim: [00:32:31] don’t know that song. What do you remember?

[00:32:33] Donyetta: [00:32:33] Throw some D’s on rich boy. C cam,

[00:32:39] Kim: [00:32:39] I think. Well, wait a minute. Okay. He had two chicks in the car and they found methamphetamines and heroin on him.

[00:32:49] Wait, what’s heroin. That’s the one you shoot up.

[00:32:51] Donyetta: [00:32:51] James was the one that married Janet Jackson and maybe acted like they wasn’t married.

[00:32:57] Kim: [00:32:57] No, that was L

[00:33:00] [00:33:00] Donyetta: [00:33:00] Oh, that was Jane. I didn’t even know there was a James, the barge there’s five. There cause in the group it was bunny, the sister, James L I don’t think Chico are you

[00:33:19] love me in a special way. Oh, I think Diana is really a

[00:33:25] Kim: [00:33:25] fifth year old

[00:33:26] Donyetta: [00:33:26] woman and people at work.

[00:33:36] Kim: [00:33:36] I’m going to need the private investigator. Let’s listen in to do a background, check

[00:33:40] Donyetta: [00:33:40] on her.

[00:33:44] And there’s another Debar song that everybody has sample Tupac.  you remember? Dolly? Me girl.

[00:33:56] Kim: [00:33:56] A lot of people sampled out one, Mary J

[00:33:58] Donyetta: [00:33:58] Blige, remade it [00:34:00] in Backstreet to see that I’m about to get off and go listen to the barge. I got to go, okay, you guys

[00:34:13] it’s been a rough year already and we’re not even finished with the month of January. So I am sad to say we have three. Rest in peace tributes. Um, since we have recorded our last show, Hank Aaron, Larry King and Cicely Tyson have all passed away.

[00:34:38] Oh, a

[00:34:39] Kim: [00:34:39] profound Cicely Tyson. I know she was like, She would just, I think she just had a birthday. Cause I know she would did an interview with Gail recently

[00:34:49] Donyetta: [00:34:49] 96 years. Yeah,

[00:34:53] Kim: [00:34:53] it looks so good. I was expecting to, to live forever, man. She just looks so good. She was always out about like

[00:35:00] [00:35:00] Donyetta: [00:35:00] very poised and eloquent.

[00:35:03] She is my favorite Delta.

[00:35:08] Kim: [00:35:08] She was beautiful when I saw the pictures of her coming up on my feed and she’s aged so graciously, she’s had an amazing career and yeah, I’m sad by that.

[00:35:24] Donyetta: [00:35:24] Hmm. And Hank Aaron. Well, he did for baseball and for black people in baseball and the city of Atlanta and baseball. Like, I’ve actually gone to a major league baseball game on Hank, Aaron Day where they all were.

[00:35:38] Um, I think it’s, they all wear his number on their Jersey. Like even the opposing teams, not just the Braves. I’m like, Oh, Hank. He was like up there with babe Ruth, Ruth

[00:35:51] Kim: [00:35:51] She is 86 years old.

[00:35:54] Donyetta: [00:35:54] And Larry King. If you were able to hang up late at night, you [00:36:00] probably, you know, some shows. If you come home and daddy made you go to bed, you didn’t get to see. Nope. Oh. But you know what? They live long, healthy lives and they left their footprint.

[00:36:16] Kim: [00:36:16] They did. I was watching, um, Chris Cuomo, you know, that’s, my I’ll be watching him, so he don’t have to come on.

[00:36:21] So we’re going to have to wrap this up soon, but he did this tribute to Larry King and he said that, um, you know, his father didn’t want him. Cause he, Chris was a lawyer, was a lawyer. And he left the law. His, his father may I be Oklahoma was the governor of New York. His son now is the governor of New York, but his father was the governor of New York.

[00:36:44] And he didn’t want him to leave the law to pursue a career in television because he essentially had to start not totally at the bottom cause you know, they got their privilege, but yeah. His father and Larry King were great friends. His father called Larry King [00:37:00] and said, tell Chris not to do it. And Larry called Chris and said, you need to do this.

[00:37:07] It’s so

[00:37:07] Donyetta: [00:37:07] crazy.

[00:37:11] Kim: [00:37:11] But the rest is history because Chris, isn’t an Larry King spot now. Which CNN, but yeah, I saw that trippy and I was like, wow, there’s this, everything comes full circle. But yeah, Larry King was a great, he interviewed every, everybody has been on his show. Everybody dang, well kind of iterations. That is $20 bucks.

[00:37:35] Why don’t

[00:37:36] Donyetta: [00:37:36] we get her on there? What I hit Scarfone.

[00:37:39] Kim: [00:37:39] A bunch of them with a head scarf. Look,

[00:37:41] Donyetta: [00:37:41] y’all better not put Harriet on no $20 bill with no head scarf. Please do it gracefully. I know that’s a lot to ask because some of y’all just increased. Awful.

[00:37:56] Kim: [00:37:56] Listen, these are Republicans. They are not letting this happen.

[00:38:00] [00:37:59] Like

[00:38:01] Donyetta: [00:38:01] they will love to put her on there looking like a slave, right.

[00:38:05] Kim: [00:38:05] You know, they will

[00:38:07] Donyetta: [00:38:07] be looking at so many

[00:38:09] Kim: [00:38:09] pictures. Yeah. Let’s move to Sweden. Listen, what’s the weather like I’ve been in Sweden. They have, they have cold and wet winters and it’s beautiful in the summer. The men are gorgeous. They’re all blonde tall.

[00:38:28] Buff. The food is incredible. They have a learning college, they have free health care. Let’s go to Sweden.

[00:38:38] Donyetta: [00:38:38] You know, I like my men, like I like my chocolate Tyrone is your roll y’all ain’t shit, but I love y’all.

[00:38:49] Kim: [00:38:49] Listen, I’ll go to Sweden to get me a tour, bike, and look, I’m on, what’s called a phone number, but we going to go swimming together.

[00:38:59] It’s going [00:39:00] to be so much. I can swim. I can’t,

[00:39:05] Donyetta: [00:39:05] that’s why I’m on vacation. I just be standing by the pool with my drink, no swimming lessons as a child. I was like, I’m not about this life. Just not all at the YMC and still don’t know how to swim. Um, they pick a nice photo. I hope that it passes and I hope that, so when it passes, like when are they going to start printing it?

[00:39:33] Let’s say the past don’t matter. We going to see it.

[00:39:37] Kim: [00:39:37] Oh, Bama. Couldn’t get it done. Who says buy it and it’s going to get it done. I don’t know. I don’t know.

[00:39:46] Donyetta: [00:39:46] Oh, Biden had Hill though with the Senate and the house. They gave him a hard time. But y’all know all Joe do is get up. See, Joe has actually motivated me to get a routine.

[00:39:59] Cause [00:40:00] all Joe do is get up and just sign stuff. The way that Trump did 20 signs. He, yeah, he’s out 20 orders. Before I wake up to use the potty in the morning, baby, I

[00:40:11] Kim: [00:40:11] want to know who makes them damn folders, those orders in like those, they don’t get it paid when he closed it and bang it down up. Shuts are heavy.

[00:40:23] Donyetta: [00:40:23] How come Joel got sworn in and between the bathroom break and the next thing he’s already cited stuff. He’s like, well, have you had legit heavy headless

[00:40:35] Kim: [00:40:35] signature on it? Like,

[00:40:37] Donyetta: [00:40:37] Hmm. If I was just making fun of Joe, Tom, he was old and he forget when he talk about, I ain’t seen him forget what he talking about since he, he

[00:40:46] Kim: [00:40:46] was on point on that inauguration speech.

[00:40:48] I didn’t stutter. Okay. He was like, y’all, ain’t going to catch me slipping out here,

[00:40:54] Donyetta: [00:40:54] reading up off the prompter at the Grammys. Joe was on it.

[00:41:00] [00:40:59] Kim: [00:40:59] Okay. Y’all so I’m going to preface this with an allegedly

[00:41:05] Donyetta: [00:41:05] and allegedly for all the alleged, at least

[00:41:08] Kim: [00:41:08] allegedly T I and tiny are out here having managers and they are drugging.

[00:41:17] The allegedly drugging young girls y’all and paying them, is that prostitution, you calling them over and paying them for sex and drugging them. In the meantime,

[00:41:34] Donyetta: [00:41:34] I do not believe the drugging part,

[00:41:39] Kim: [00:41:39] but it’s so many. Okay. So this woman, Sabrina Peterson, I don’t know who she is. Have you heard that name before?

[00:41:48] Donyetta: [00:41:48] They said they were friends and it was like, wow, all of a sudden, like, she’s trying to say we drugged the right pair, but you was just on social media talking about how T I was a mentor to your child. Remember tiny. You did a clap back. I think it was [00:42:00] towards her.

[00:42:04] about the drugging. Uh, I don’t know about the dragon

[00:42:11] was sober,

[00:42:15] you know, like he been a douche bag and that’s never something that we’ve heard. That’s not to say that it’s not true, but you know what, everything you hear this. The truth is somewhere in it, but I don’t know. Listen,

[00:42:31] Kim: [00:42:31] all I know is, is they going to Sue the pants off of this girl?

[00:42:36] Donyetta: [00:42:36] Oh, they going to get, if some goals don’t get to a first,

[00:42:40] Kim: [00:42:40] they

[00:42:42] Donyetta: [00:42:42] defamation of all his character.

[00:42:45] Kim: [00:42:45] So what happened was, is a bunch of women are sending DMS to this. What’s her name? Sabrina Peterson and Sabrina Peterson is posting the DMS on her Instagram [00:43:00] stories. And there are a lot of them and they’re telling me a story they’re saying they were, you know, sometimes tiny. T T I calls them or tiny calls them.

[00:43:11] They come to the house, they give, they say, here, take this. And they wake up and their vagina hurts. And it’s just, it’s so many stories a while y’all they are wild. Wow.

[00:43:22] Donyetta: [00:43:22] Would you let somebody send you a story about somebody else and then you posted or eulogy? I can send you a story and tell you my name is Willie walk-in.

[00:43:30] I got a 10, each pain is, but y’all know. My name is Don and I clearly have

[00:43:34] Kim: [00:43:34] Lena. That is true.

[00:43:38] Donyetta: [00:43:38] She tried to hit Sue, like I said, she called to get

[00:43:39] Kim: [00:43:39] sued, but she’s trying to do a, like a R Kelly type of documentary. She said that the story is, she talked about she interviewing the victims. Yeah. That’s what she’s trying to like,

[00:43:53] Donyetta: [00:43:53] stick to the interviews.

[00:43:58] Kim: [00:43:58] She posted all the,

[00:44:00] [00:44:00] Donyetta: [00:44:00] yeah, you gotta be careful what you repeat.

[00:44:04] Kim: [00:44:04] You gotta be very careful girl. I like posting these things without proof. Like, why are they showing you proof? Do they have video tape? Like. I’m not saying it’s true or false. I don’t know. I don’t care, but yeah, you shouldn’t be spreading. You don’t have to show me at

[00:44:23] Donyetta: [00:44:23] all.

[00:44:23] Mine is the ground. Cause I ain’t got no money to be paying out. Nobody for defamation. They

[00:44:29] Kim: [00:44:29] go Sue the panties off of this woman. She brought up.

[00:44:33] Donyetta: [00:44:33] Oh, and T has video. You gonna play with his little snippets? Oh

[00:44:37] Kim: [00:44:37] Lord TEI.

[00:44:42] Did he say expeditiously, because once he said expeditiously, I’m going to have to

[00:44:45] Donyetta: [00:44:45] turn it off or  he said some big word. Yeah. Like a big word. Yes. Well that’s he said expeditiously. I was well, it’s a great agregious he’s at he’s at [00:45:00] agregious probably guessed or imagined. It’s been extremely difficult for me to remain quiet.

[00:45:06] Uh, Then in, in, in light of all the things that have transpired and all of the egregious applications has been tossed around me and my wife, the

[00:45:18] Kim: [00:45:18] egregious allegations.

[00:45:20] Donyetta: [00:45:20] I just reason for it now, man, Shannon,

[00:45:27] any right to, to criminally or civilly. I have you in court. They have no right. The best thing they could do. It gets you for a defamation defamation suit drag you in court, make you pay the late legal bills to get you a Quip. Now. I mean, it did point, man,

[00:45:49] Kim: [00:45:49] and where’s the, I S the point

[00:45:55] Donyetta: [00:45:55] I want to say my wife or wife is a beautiful person [00:46:00] with an amazing spirit and a care heart.

[00:46:03] She’s a devoted mother. As she has a humble soul show deserve. She owned dessert first and foremost, I want to say she

[00:46:16] Kim: [00:46:16] has words.

[00:46:17] Donyetta: [00:46:17] Now we not do it. Opened up the door to my bedroom. As you shouldn’t have to either open the door to my bedroom for everybody to come. We don’t do a shooter. She didn’t do, but I will say that we have done.

[00:46:34] Has been good with consensual adults who, into what we into. They like what we like, and we want something we know exactly where to go to get it. We don’t force nobody to wane of a drug. Nobody gets that nobody gets that wheel. We never made nobody to do anything. We never trafficked anything. Well, statue the trip.

[00:46:58] Great. Nobody [00:47:00] knew, right? Nobody showed us should be supported, protected defendant, uh, uplift high over evil has no gender

[00:47:15] people with evil intentions, have no gender, a threat.

[00:47:22] Kim: [00:47:22] Wait people have no gender or agenda gender

[00:47:27] Donyetta: [00:47:27] equal has no agenda. No. He said gender

[00:47:30] Kim: [00:47:30] like gender male.

[00:47:34] Donyetta: [00:47:34] Evil has no agenda. And people have an agenda. I, this reminds me of when will and Jayda had to get on there and talk about like the August Alsina incident.

[00:47:46] Like. Oh, you really so alleged, uh, I take from his, uh, speech that perhaps he and his wife tiny, maybe [00:48:00] swingers or, mm, um,

[00:48:02] Kim: [00:48:02] exhibition. You said too much.

[00:48:04] Donyetta: [00:48:04] Yeah. They shouldn’t have to talk about like what they do behind closed doors. You know what I’m saying? So

[00:48:12] Well, I think he’s letting y’all know. Y’all like doing some stuff, but I don’t do that. So it’s just one of those things. Like I really shouldn’t, you really should not have to talk about your sex life, what you do with other consenting adults, but I’ll say it. I made a song about it. And then people are here saying you date rape though.

[00:48:30] The best part of that for me was when he said he don’t traffic six.

[00:48:37] Kim: [00:48:37] But you traffic, guns and drugs though, with him, like, so you admitted to you, you let us fill in the blanks on what you do, traffic. Like, I can’t like he shouldn’t have said anything. I think. I think he should have just let him, he should have got his attorneys to cease and desist her ass and slapped [00:49:00] her ass with a liable lawsuit and kept him moving.

[00:49:03] Like you just gave away the whole cookie jar for us to speculate or what y’all do behind closed doors.

[00:49:16] Bye Tia and your bad hair. I want to see your hair. Get a haircut. I’m sick. A Negro’s shop is open. Get ahead.

[00:49:26] Donyetta: [00:49:26] Oh yeah, don’t talk about from the house. Pick a struggle.

[00:49:30] Kim: [00:49:30] Put your mask on again, put your mask on to go get a haircut. I’m sick

[00:49:36] Donyetta: [00:49:36] of this beer. Heard about you like a dog talking about Atlanta. Ain’t no, y’all came out.

[00:49:42] We will

[00:49:42] Kim: [00:49:42] kill you. Just listen. I’m sick of the beers, the beer, the barbershop. They open for months. Go get an F in here. Cut.

[00:49:52] Donyetta: [00:49:52] Who’s at Atlanta at like we ate in the middle of the pendant. Dumb don’t fall for it. Don’t fall for the Molly.

[00:49:58] Kim: [00:49:58] Listen women’s was out here [00:50:00] looking a mess, a hot ass mess y’all will be digging into our ass.

[00:50:04] Like we would not be able to live. I mean, the wind them

[00:50:14] Donyetta: [00:50:14] still cricket was broken in 2017. You will cash money records, the

[00:50:29] you opened the door, you

[00:50:34] made it. We have made it almost. And I slipped up. Forgive me. Y’all learn. Don’t fall for Kim strap. I remember Kim was like, y’all all right, don’t mess it up until years. She didn’t give y’all a whole episode when all they had to say was, thank you, Georgia, Georgia. Nope. Don’t fall for it, but he, you get

[00:50:57] Kim: [00:50:57] a haircut.

[00:50:58] I’m sick of this shit. I’m sick [00:51:00] of it. Get

[00:51:01] Donyetta: [00:51:01] a haircut. These are grievance allegations. And get a hair.

[00:51:08] Kim: [00:51:08] Cut. Expeditiously. No egregious

[00:51:13] Donyetta: [00:51:13] it’s expeditiously a word. It is. Now when you said it,

[00:51:21] Kim: [00:51:21] what, you know, he has a podcast, right? I think it’s called that.

[00:51:24] Donyetta: [00:51:24] Oh,

[00:51:26] Kim: [00:51:26] yes, it’s cool. Expeditiously

[00:51:32] Donyetta: [00:51:32] E X, P E D I T I

[00:51:37] Kim: [00:51:37] capital T I O

[00:51:39] U

[00:51:39] Donyetta: [00:51:39] S L Y. I think that’s the real way you spell it. Look.

[00:51:49] Kim: [00:51:49] Expeditiously maze with speed and efficiency. It’s a real word. Y’all

[00:51:53] Donyetta: [00:51:53] he should that. And that’s a tricky spot because too, like when people dragging you on the [00:52:00] internet, you don’t let them sit there and say everything, but nine times out of 10, if you say it and your publicist does not say it, like Kim said, you said too much.

[00:52:10] Kim: [00:52:10] Like she was, she bothered you so bad that you had to jump on Instagram and like you

[00:52:17] Donyetta: [00:52:17] couldn’t, you know, Negroes always got to clap back, you know, but yeah, you should always let your publicist talk don’t

[00:52:26] Kim: [00:52:26] he just made it. Were you, did you see Solange kick JZ ass in that elevator?

[00:52:33] Donyetta: [00:52:33] Did

[00:52:33] Kim: [00:52:33] you see Beyonce say anything about it?

[00:52:37] He say nothing about it. Saliva ain’t say nothing about it. Ain’t nobody said nothing

[00:52:43] Donyetta: [00:52:43] because now yeah. And we don’t

[00:52:50] have no problem with that. We really shouldn’t

[00:52:52] Kim: [00:52:52] know. We shouldn’t know nothing. Y’all like, y’all

[00:52:56] Donyetta: [00:52:56] a real goes wrong.

[00:52:58] Kim: [00:52:58] Yeah. I don’t open Pandora’s [00:53:00] box for all the chicks that y’all swaying. Wait to come out and tell the story now.

[00:53:05] Donyetta: [00:53:05] Stupid. Well, they probably signed the NDA. Like you got party, but be, I say you gotta sign a non-disclosure agreement.

[00:53:12] They probably did. Which makes me think. Cause they’re not stupid.

[00:53:16] Kim: [00:53:16] Right. Well, most of them said, keep me anonymous. Yeah. So this

[00:53:21] Donyetta: [00:53:21] makes me think, I think that some of these people, I’m not going to say everybody, some of these people are not telling the truth or either the complete truth. Cause I’m pretty sure you sign something.

[00:53:33] If you want to party with Barbie,

[00:53:36] Kim: [00:53:36] you should let this one die too. Yeah. Just let this little girl do her story and let show attorneys handle this. And

[00:53:42] Donyetta: [00:53:42] like someone said, I saw tidy do Molly and Coke. I’ve always heard that. That’s what go on at rich people, parties. That’s at the Playboy mansion. Snorting last a coat, like.

[00:53:57] Woo.

[00:54:02] [00:54:00] Woo stuff. You didn’t have to tell us. My man already said he do. They openly talk about doing weed? Uh, he didn’t ban the president cause he had a trunk full of AK 40 sevens. Like you ain’t really told us nothing new Coke and Molly. Woo. I mean, this is a mess. Yeah, I better read the fine print of that. And if you did sign one,

[00:54:33] read the fine print. You might get in trouble. This is

[00:54:38] Kim: [00:54:38] perfect for you. When he little by, he can go around. Oh, you got endless shrimp.

[00:55:01] [00:55:00] Donyetta: [00:55:01] And that ladies and gentlemen, I think is what I’m going to make the name of this. Um, so was shrimp

[00:55:09] the light y’all

[00:55:12] Kim: [00:55:12] we go get, so I’ll follow it. What is the grant she called? Get us in trouble.

[00:55:19] Donyetta: [00:55:19] somebody is Tuesday. Oh God. I have a black boy joy Marmot on this show or like a weekly crest. Cause I’m crushing on applies in his new teeth. Look, you love dying. He can be my English route. All right, ladies and gentlemen, that brings us to the end of another episode. Please be sure to follow us on all of the socials.

[00:55:45] We are Le Twins Experience on Facebook and Instagram live chat. That’s a long name. I had to pray. Oh no, wait. .

[00:55:58] Kim: [00:55:58] My glass is empty.

[00:56:03] [00:56:00] That’s

[00:56:03] Donyetta: [00:56:03] when as experienced as the gram area to lips with exp on Twitter. And Kim’s going to tell you about his Spotify.

[00:56:14] Kim: [00:56:14] Yes, don’t forget to scroll up and, uh, follow the playlist on Spotify. Make sure you subscribe to the show on your favorite podcast app, especially if it’s Apple podcast. If you’re listening on Apple, scroll up and rate the show five stars, please, and leave a review.

[00:56:32] If you have time, if you want it’s the grand like and picks layer review for the show y’all. Great. If I slightly review, we appreciate you.

[00:56:42] Donyetta: [00:56:42] It was like 11 people watching the videos. John got time to troll everything else,

[00:56:49] Kim: [00:56:49] you know, but listen, we will catch out on the next one later.

[00:57:03] [00:57:00] Donyetta: [00:57:03] In be sure to subscribe wherever you listen to your podcasts. So you’ll never miss an episode.

[00:57:08] Kim: [00:57:08] If you’re listening on Apple podcast, please be sure to rate and or review the show. It would really help us out. Catch ya next time.

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