Episode 22

Zamunda & Wakanda

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On this episode of Le Twins Experience,  Lupita Nyongo makes major moves with Netflix earning our Black Girl Magic honor, Rihanna’s Fenty is worth a Billy, Princess Megan is expecting, Hermes is making waves, Kylie with her $34k Birkenstocks,  and Lori Harvey being gifted Hermes stock from Michael B. Jordan.  We’re also talking racists messages that black men get on dating apps, Kim files fro divorce from Kanye, Teraji makes $40k from Benjamin Button, and our thoughts on the D’Angelo Verzuz.

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Episode Transcript

Kim 0:03
Welcome to Le Twins Experience with Kim and Donyetta now let’s get back on our bullshit I’m Kim Donyetta 0:23
and I’m done Donyetta Kim 0:24
and welcome back to another episode of Le Twins Experience Donyetta 0:29
Let’s see back on our bullshit Kim 0:35
we back y’all Donyetta 0:38
live we never left we keep saying Kim 0:43
listen our attention was to record last week but I got home and I felt like I got off a plane from
Europe I was Donyetta 0:52
we were gonna record in person one more again. And then that got diverted was like well we’re recording it back and then we did and like when cam don’t say that’s about recording and I know showing the court and I’ll never even want to record we text the whole weekend but wastage about recording we’re sending stupid pictures and stupid video everything but podcast related stuff. Like Kim 1:19
if I don’t say we recorded I say Unknown Speaker 1:21
sure. Donyetta 1:23
Yeah, no, I wouldn’t. I told y’all when Kim decides she don’t wanna do YouTube videos y’all ain’t never go see me again. I’ll do the voiceover stuff but this labor But yeah, I was like so then we got to Sunday about five o’clock I was like I shouldn’t said nothing. Kim 1:46
I was in bed chillin catching up on my shows man. We a mess. Donyetta 1:56
But you know what, that’s why we’re really twist because we’d be on the same beat. Kim 2:00
That is shoo shoo for my other show. I wasn’t gonna record this Lee that was called his damn show. But I recorded it before I did it live with somebody else so like I had to kind of show in that episode was like under 30 minutes I was like What up? What are y’all gonna get something little something something that you’re gonna get nothing? So Donyetta 2:23
be happy so what we said we’re gonna do RG love. We did. And we never did though. The way I’ll be editing this podcast because some of the SH t that come on our mouths. Oh no, we read it for now. We will. Kim 2:41
We will have to stick we will be on air too doggone long. Like Donyetta 2:48
I think if you do add you live for more than an hour. It won’t let you save it to post in your timeline. I’ve heard I’ve been watching somebody live and they were like y’all we went over the time limit. So it has to be under an hour. We’d have to not say stuff. That’s too too crazy. Kim 3:04
So we have to stay under an hour. Donyetta 3:08
Yeah, three, maybe four. One black girl magic a black boy joy. And we can’t be going on tangents when we get to our songs. Going off a w f off my my mouth set up is reckless. Oh, no. So I guess we could we’re gonna practice right now. So we’re gonna go ahead and get into our song picks up of the week. We’re not going to talk about all this random stuff we did even though Kim 3:42
my COVID test in Atlanta with them damn teeth on it. Wait, let’s talk about that real quick. Donyetta 3:47
You know what I was about to say we gotta talk about that baby. Okay, go Wait. Kim 3:52
What’s your test? Was it just a cute and what do they have those teeth on it? Donyetta 3:57
Mine was just like a long version of a Q tip sort of like the ones that you see in the jars at your doctor’s office like that are in the clear container. And then it was press Create it so it was easy for me like to snap off a portion of it and then you see yours feel like it was like oh no, a regular. Kim 4:15
Let’s say it was like, You know when you have those plastic What is it called to flossers? Donyetta 4:23
I know exactly what Kim 4:26
that’s what it was. It was like a cute tip. But it was like silicone or plastic or something and they had little teeth all over it. So when he was twisted, I felt this grape in my nose. I’m like, what’s your stickiness? Donyetta 4:40
Johnson cute. Kim 4:43
thing up to people’s brains months ago. I hope not. Donyetta 4:47
That thing maybe they haven’t. That’s a new one. So it’ll catch more. Kim 4:51
My little one cry. We have to hold him down girl. Donyetta 4:54
That baby Kim 4:55
had to hold him down. He He slapped the guy’s hand away the first time But the guy he was so slow he’s doing all this explain and I’m just I’m like shove it up his nose and twist it which you explain it for so we had to hold them away now stupid that was not not I can see why people were saying like that it was terrible because if they had that cue tip and they went up to the brain because they don’t go up to the brain and when they just go like, you know, to the top of the nostril, but when we got it, it didn’t hurt. It was just like, very uncomfortable. very uncomfortable. And I had a little tear we all had a little tear on it because it was very uncomfortable. But then when we got back to New York because the boys had to get another one to go back to school. It was a regular cuted Donyetta 5:44
a long one. All right, ladies and gentlemen, we are now at the segment of the show where we give you our song pic of the week where Kim and I both pick a song weekly and we place it on our Spotify playlist that Kim has carefully curated for your listening pleasure Kim 6:00
Yeah, see how she went into the bedroom voices now that’s a sexy voice Donyetta 6:06
because I’ll have a ratchet song this week. Kim 6:12
Many hundreds on yet Tanya and we can talk after hours Donyetta 6:17
but when you hear my song you understand like where my mind is at right now. Kim 6:22
Well my song is learned that my son this week is cardi B up and Dennis up hmm I don’t know All I know is when it’s up and up and up. But looking here this is challenge going around Is it a challenge? Oh no, Donyetta 6:42
I think so. But Kim 6:43
the dog on delivery drivers first Amazon started it homeboy got out the car and he was like up the the hands was going sideways like he was killing it he flipped it around Donyetta 7:00
like everybody else but they needed to answer so then what is it FedEx ups and the Postal Service Kim 7:08
channels girl did it. But let’s say ups just drop right the UPS was so trash. It was so trash. Oh, Donyetta 7:18
this is my favorite delivery service. They got the worst video Kim 7:21
she was the absolute worst. Like I could have did a better job than that. I don’t know what hunger was doing. But looking at you I’m gonna put the link with all of those four dances in it below so you can swipe up right now click on a link it’ll take you to the shade room because you know the shade will be posting all the tea. Donyetta 7:40
Yeah, I think we shade it. We ain’t got nothing on Shea Kim 7:42
Shea row has all the videos in a swipe through so you can see them. And yeah, tell me if you think ups was trashed too because they were the worst like Amazon and FedEx. They killed it. The USPS she said but I haven’t seen it man they get on my nerves. So what’s your Donyetta 8:04
Hello Let me see if I can get my bedroom voice back. What’s wrong with Kim 8:15
waiting? Donyetta 8:17
So I am bringing it back down south to Atlanta, Georgia. I see it we’ve we’ve ventured out the door. Hello Barrow voice I’d be like what up bro? Okay. My second pick of the week is Sierra ride. I can I can do slow Patreon was it ludicrous, isn’t it ATL ga? Kim 8:50
I hate to hear the words though. Donyetta 8:56
Yeah, I only like a certain amount of his songs remember splash waterfalls where he sampled Tony Tony Tony. Kim 9:02
Did he sing on that one? Donyetta 9:06
No, I hope he didn’t cuz he’s talking voice is barely tolerable, so corny. Kim 9:11
Like he posted a video this week. He did. Yeah, he was working out. He had his shirt off. And I’m like this. Nobody’s panties wet. Nobody. Oh, no one person Donyetta 9:31
says ridewill but ludicrous. No, not so much Kim 9:34
shit, but he’s just not sexy like Donyetta 9:39
and he was the worst like, of all the people who have breakup babies like during that time like when Dwayne Wade him. I was like, let ludicrous have a breakup baby. You Kim 9:52
must be hung like a horse. He I don’t know where he is, but I still can’t believe gab went back with Dwayne Wade like what he got Donyetta 10:10
going imagine he loved he was sexy Kim 10:15
and then she got him dressing like a girl now like Donyetta 10:20
do you see him doing it or is that his inner fascist outlets Kim 10:25
to participate in and then nonsense like that? Like some men like I like Cam Newton when he does it like he looks stylish when Dwayne Wade does it he just looks Donyetta 10:37
might be looking like somebody’s boozy it Kim 10:41
but you know, he’s weird, right? He’s a weird one. Donyetta 10:43
You expect it from haven’t seen him before in Atlanta. Like what I was going into LA Fitness. Like this lady that I used to run with a black girls run. Like, these two dudes came up to her and they were talking and she’s like, y’all didn’t do a good job, man. You know, behaving is Yes, ma’am. Yes, ma’am. All right. All right. I’m proud of y’all. And he walked off and she’s like, you know who that is? Right? And I was like, oh, cuz y’all know me paying attention. Nobody in my head. She’s like, I was like, he was like, abnormal. He was abnormal, him and the other. Kim 11:19
abnormally tall man, I’m like, he must be a ballplayer like you don’t see. Weirdly tall guys like on the street. Donyetta 11:27
You see what I mean? Say, the way that I don’t know like, if it’s the I don’t know what is wrong with me, but like the way I just like, be ignoring and shaming people, like the only celebrities, I’ve noticed that I’m talking to without somebody having to tell me, like, Oh, that’s such and such is when I saw Nick Cannon in Miami. And I was playing on my phone and I kept seeing people like run and like, want to take a picture with somebody. And then I looked up, and I was like, Oh, I said, Oh, hey, Nick. Hey, you doing good? I was like, Yeah, and I didn’t ask to take a picture with him. But he would have and I don’t know why I didn’t. And then once I saw Chris Tucker, leaving out of the airport, you know like where you go get your bag like in the baggage claim count? Oh, no, because Kim a check the bag. Kim is not fooling with chicken bags. Oh, Kim 12:13
never check a bag. I go away. Donyetta 12:15
I don’t blame her. Kim 12:16
I don’t check nothing. Donyetta 12:18
But I don’t blame her. But I was waiting for somebody to pick me up from the airport. And so I look up and Chris Tucker is walking out of the airport. He is has his bag and he’s about to walk out the door. And I look at him. And he looked at me like he was waiting. It was what it was one of those looks like I’m almost at the door please. I knew if I said something that everybody else would you know, notice who he was. But he just looked at me like and I looked at him and I was like he nodded his head and he just walked on out Kim 12:49
well let’s say you should. You should have food private than if you don’t want to buy to recognize you’re behind. You know who I think was on my flight going to Atlanta? I’m pretty sure it was him Richard dollars. Who was that? I know that name. He was on love and hip hop New York. Donyetta 13:11
No, I’m thinking Ty Dolla Sign. Kim 13:13
Rich dollars. Remember, he used to always be crying. He was Olivia’s manager. And he Donyetta 13:19
never watched it. Kim 13:22
He was wait Africa man. But he was like three rolls, Baris wit now he was like three rows in front of me and coach. He had a hoodie on a mask and he had his eyes a very identifiable and yeah like a mason Marcela coat on. But he you could tell he’s trying to be incognito, but nobody intent on him. Anybody know that was him. Donyetta 13:46
I was watching a video and Missy Elliott said two things. One is that nobody has ever ever been in the studio with her while she’s recording. She’s that she’s not even Timberland. Mm hmm. And number two, she says she don’t fly private. She said when the rest of y’all go bankrupt. She goes to hell of money cuz she might fly first class but she says she don’t fly private. She’s like she said her money. I was like that’s a good point. Kim 14:11
Now first class anymore I think because they are gay. You know full, you could get liquor danka you know food. Donyetta 14:19
You can bring your own liquor. You don’t have to have a carry on. In your ziplock bag court says it like that. It does not have to be toiletries. It can be full of liquor. Kim 14:28
Listen, I’m not using not a near upgrade until the pandemic is over. You can’t get on him. You can give me my food. Unknown Speaker 14:39
Okay. Kim 14:40
See, and this is why we can’t do Instagram Live because we just be going on. We was talking about Sierra and I don’t know how we got to talk about celebrities. Donyetta 14:53
We are now at the segment of the show that we call black girl. We highlight black girl magic And occasionally we even throw in some brown boys away so what do we have this weekend? Kim 15:04
So first up we have Rihanna and I didn’t agree to this at all Donyetta put her down because she needs to stop messing around with fancy and drop some dog on music shoot Donyetta 15:18
that if what when Kim say what she bought to say is true I wouldn’t make not another than Arizona shoes so Kim 15:26
savage x fancy has been valued at 1 billion Dallas dollars that’s right one not a million not a milli. A Billy $1 billion. so surprised this Donyetta 15:43
is just the lingerie. We haven’t even talked about the makeup. Kim 15:46
No, this is savage fan. Donyetta 15:48
I wouldn’t. I wouldn’t make that Nan Neri and I do mean in the words of Steve Harvey Nan Neri song. Yeah, I think I’m about to shuck and jive like a jigaboo for y’all listen music and I’m over here racking up a billion by selling draw okay but gosh you don’t have Kim 16:05
to go on tour just drop by album and you can’t toy now anyway right? Nobody’s on tour. nobody’s doing show this is the perfect time for how to drop an album Donyetta 16:15
drop album. Perfect time to keep making some wardrobes Kim 16:19
apparently and you know what happy seeing all of these ads she could pay on influences that’s all I see wearing them that savage fancy address. I don’t see any select like she had the celebrities in the shows but other than that you don’t see any celebrities. Donyetta 16:35
And her lingerie is affordable. But you know what? I have a friend that has the inside scoop. And he said he was in Atlanta a couple weeks ago he said the album has been recorded and we just ain’t gonna get it until she feel like he said it’s been recorded. Kim 16:55
Well let’s look at here Rianna cuz it’s not Rihanna is Rianna. I’m buying an air savage fancy. I’m by no fancy beauty. Although I have the This is my second bottle of foundation that I don’t even wear so it’s not going to garbage like the first one I’m not buying another one. Donyetta 17:16
It kills though do these YouTube videos that I will have to wear my makeup. Kim 17:21
Look that the foundation is great if you have brown hair and listen to get try that because I have oily skin You’re so I can’t wear foundation like that. I wear concealer and acid because my skin is just like I put foundation on I look like a monkey. Donyetta 17:37
She got more shades than the big remember the big Crayola box used to get back in the day that the 24 pack the big one. She got more shades then front and shaved for you everybody and it looks from the lightest collection to the you know some black people are so beautiful black that they look purple. She got to shave for y’all to Kim 17:58
everybody. So it’s an inclusive brand. It is for everybody from white to light to bright to dark. So Donyetta 18:06
yeah birthday this week to the last week when y’all here this would be last week. But now I wouldn’t make that narrow song for y’all. I’d be playing in my drawls with my 1 billion downloads Kim 18:19
by Rihanna. Donyetta 18:21
Hello, 1 billion. Kim 18:23
Let’s talk about Beyonce real quick. Yeah, no, she dropped that icy park right. Did you get anything? Donyetta 18:33
I forgot. Yeah, no, if I don’t set an alarm, I’m not gonna do it. Like I told y’all I forgot to upload my YouTube video. I don’t know what I was thinking Kim 18:42
of you forget so I didn’t get anything and I’m glad I didn’t because I saw Patricia bright you know, Patricia bright. And now that name. She’s a London black YouTuber. And she bought a bunch of this stuff. And she tried it on and I’m like we were in a plastic baby blue latex dress with three stripes going down front. When we Where Donyetta 19:09
if you live in Atlanta, the strip club because they still open because Kim 19:12
you can’t wear it in the summer. Right? it’ll stick to you can’t wear it in a once a you free. You have to wear it in that little window between but Donyetta 19:22
you know when you wear it. When you start singing, I can do circles. I can do slow Kim 19:30
jazz. That’s pretty much to and no friends like I just wasn’t feeling any of the only thing I was feeling was the white. But it was like a full on snow suit and you girl snow. You ain’t never gonna catch me on no snow vacation ever. Donyetta 19:46
No, let’s wait gotta go to the mountains and he was Kim 19:50
gonna ask it take Instagram pictures. That’s what she wanted to do. Donyetta 19:55
And then I need to take a nap because I know I like to be active. She don’t want to do no excursions Kim 19:59
with Want to go? Donyetta 20:01
To excursion is when we ride the jet ski for the snow ski to take the photos we went out people die Kim 20:09
on skis Donyetta 20:11
that’s why I say that about the skis. We’re doing the motor rise because I know for a fact I will wrap myself around a tree. Kim 20:18
Listen, I’m not going on no ski trip. Donyetta 20:22
We need to do like Tyler Perry mode at first Why did I get married moving? He was at the cabin and snow was do it. Did Kim 20:29
you see them go skiing? They just went to the camp. Now we Donyetta 20:33
we didn’t get chance because they all got the fight and before you know how that Kim 20:36
one went, Oh, we need to go somewhere. Ciao. I’m unification. Donyetta 20:41
Well, Rihanna. I’m sorry Rianna. You don’t ever have to make another song if you don’t ever want to because I so totally love. I have more Fenty beauty makeup than I do any other makeup brand at this point. I just love it. I got the lipsticks. The lip stains the eyeliner. You’re the reason why Kim 21:03
you keep buying. Donyetta 21:06
Ran I want to be an ambassador for Fenty beauty. Shameless plug. Kim 21:12
No, you don’t have to wear some of them draws on Instagram closer to the camera. Donyetta 21:19
I get these fibroids out honey, not yet. Oh, we have two black girl magic. Let me see if I get this Lupita neon go Lupita Nyong’o. She has a book that is coming to Kim 21:34
Netflix. Mm hmm. It looks like it was a children’s book right. Donyetta 21:41
Let’s see here. So we How do you pronounce that? So Kim 21:45
we I have no idea is the name of the book w would be? I don’t know. I have no idea. But she wrote a book Donyetta 21:58
about dark fur for dark skinned children to see themselves because you know representation matters. Oh. It’s a story of a little girl who struggles to accept her darker skin tone and does everything in her power to make herself appear lighter. Color is nice. It really does and sad. Like I’ve never personally felt that way. But I do know a lot of people like personally know a lot of people who have and that makes me sad. So I’m glad that she’s talking about it. I’m glad that she’s beautifully dark skinned. And I’m glad that she wrote a book so other beautifully dark skinned boys and girls can know that they are beautiful really dark skinned to and embrace it. Kim 22:46
You go loopy to get them Netflix coins because they paying them out. And you got you some girl says bullshit OF THE WEEK y’all. So Donyetta 22:57
that’s the only segue y’all gonna get for it this week. Guys, we here we move along. Kim 23:01
So terace just did an interview. And she said for the Curious Case of Benjamin Button. She was offered $100,000 she wanted half a million at that time. What year did that come out? Let’s see. Donyetta 23:17
2008. Kim 23:19
So 2002 Raji was famous, she did what was that movie she did with Terrence Howard. And they got all of these nominations, hustler fellow hustler. So Taraji, we, the black people. We knew her from baby girl, baby girl, baby boy. We knew her from that. And we knew her in the black community. Everyone else that know her. Really, it’s like hustler flow. That’s when she, you know, became a star. So in 2008, she did a Curious Case of Benjamin Button and Brad Pitt was in the movie. Cate Blanchett was in the movie. So they offered her 100,000 she wanted 500,000 eventually she got 150 but she said after she paid Uncle Sam his 50% after she paid her managers or agents, whatever their 30% sheets acom $40,000. Our shocked but this is what I want to know. Who is your manager or your agent like who have you hired because even when she was doing Empire when the Empire ends last year, the year before? Empire ended not too long ago and it was on the air for like five seasons. Her and Terrence Howard were complaining about not being paid for Empire. And that was like the number one show at the time. Donyetta 24:55
Number one of what I Kim 24:58
listen to why folks at my job Watching Empire I’m like happy you’re watching this Donyetta 25:03
empire on Fox Kim 25:05
Empire was on Fox but at that time I was like the number one Donyetta 25:08
reason like black people don’t even watch fox news I’m really not surprised like we watch hustle and flow she was famous with us with baby boy I can’t think of a single wife for it I haven’t I got a bunch of them that has seen how solute flow Kim 25:25
really well hustler Emmy nominations Oscar nominated like that was a that was like, big. Donyetta 25:34
I can’t think of that man marry that would have watched hustle and flow. It was based it was the pretty much the story of project Pat and then for goodness sake, Kim 25:44
nobody wants to watch that. That was one of the movies like a lot of those Oscar worthy movies just like how this has been nominated for Oscar how that was one of those like precious is one of those movies and hustling flows. Movies, but Donyetta 25:57
and then fox news or sci fi I’m talking about Fox and Fox ain’t gonna do nothing is gonna be racist. Like I absolutely positively refused to watch Fox News. Like, well, Obama is Kim 26:10
different from Fox. Donyetta 26:11
I don’t think so. Yeah, because we they all have debt. They all have dinner together and go to kkk rallies together. Kim 26:22
Well, look at here. Yeah. They were fighting for their money. Not too recently. So she says she’s getting what she wants now. But is is Donyetta 26:33
because she’s working with Tyler. Unknown Speaker 26:35
She said Kim 26:37
no, she said tight when she did that Tyler Perry movie that was the highest she ever got paid. What was the name of that movie? Donyetta 26:45
I can do bad all by myself. Kim 26:49
Let’s see if we could pull a pass out. Donyetta 26:50
Oh, that was 2009 the Hispanic guy from CSI Miami was on there with her. Kim 26:56
So she made more than 150 for Benjamin Button. How much he made a million How much does she made for Hidden Figures? Donyetta 27:05
I wonder but no I’m not surprised I think men because that’s something that we always talk about like we talked about how black people don’t get paid as much in any field to do the same exact job even if you do it better than people who are non black Kim 27:25
y’all be all here thinking now all these celebrities got all this money and maybe they pay Donyetta 27:33
different taxes than we do to there’s a lot of taxes she Kim 27:36
said 50 cents Donyetta 27:40
so she was down always get 10 Kim 27:44
she said 30% went to the manager the agent the hair the makeup all those folks Oh yeah. Donyetta 27:52
It started like what record labels when they frighten you the house and the car and paying for your music video. You still got to pay them back and you ain’t even went on tour yet. Kim 28:01
But yeah girl Raji I hope you get your coins now because that’s ridiculous. Unknown Speaker 28:06
Is she working on Kim 28:08
anything? um you know she has her haircare line and target which I keep walking by I have seen I’ve seen it Have you been on Instagram page? Oh, my friend she sends me her post copy like what I know we’re gonna pandemic and all but you got to do some with that hey girl. And I oh ah ha he’ll be looking Donyetta 28:34
at this up Dennis. Kim 28:38
Like you can’t have a hair Carolina Your hair looks bad like who is gonna buy your products I can I walk right by and and target Donyetta 28:45
them same people who got hustle and flow DVD Hmm. Next on bullshit of the week we have a congratulatory announcement to Megan Markel. And what is he Prince Harry if he has officially now denounced his Prince hood ish Kim 29:11
prints out his priesthood. He just said yeah mofos Oh boy. Donyetta 29:16
Yeah, does that mean he’s not a prince anymore? Kim 29:18
No, he just lost like all his army titles and all that stuff that was like Donyetta 29:23
he didn’t soccer anymore. Kim 29:27
They gave them to him so yeah, they took all of those titles back so he’s still Prince Harry I got team was like we still Donyetta 29:33
want him to play soccer though. Kim 29:37
Harry is in Beverly Hills he and not worry about what happened in in cold and gloomy London So congrats to Megan Markel. She is preggers again. The baby number two, and she just she had a miscarriage too. So Donyetta 29:53
I didn’t know that. Kim 29:54
She had a miscarriage before this. So congratulations to her helps you have a happy ending. Healthy Pregnancy and let us see the dog on baby girl. I know Archie got a big heading out like showing him but let us see the new baby Jesus. That’s why Donyetta 30:08
they laugh cuz the popper I see a shit ain’t never been shit and they never gonna be shit. Y’all notice lamb I say twins much author, y’all talk about blue IV like a dog and she’s like, I can show you better than I can tell you. We’ll never see that. So if y’all start being at all, we saw them in black screen and they probably are 10 years old and we don’t know it. So if y’all just start being nicer people and stop talking about children on the internet, which a grown ass is then y’all might get to see some more these babies. Kim 30:36
ain’t gonna happen. Donyetta 30:39
Y’all got low self esteem By the way, that’s why y’all do that’s okay to play. So my throat clear. me out here with damage vocals. By the time I turn 45 I can’t say 40 because that’s like, tomorrow. Not literally, but almost literally. Yeah. Show me this picture. First of all, I didn’t even recognize this man. Kim 31:15
You will leave. Donyetta 31:18
Okay, that is the throat clear. Kim 31:24
I’m excited about this one, y’all. Donyetta 31:27
D’Angelo is gonna be in the next verses. And when I tell you I looked at this picture. And I was like, Well, what is the Angelo? You pick it up? How Kim 31:36
does it feel D’Angelo know that the inflow is gone. He been gone. Donyetta 31:41
He ate him five years ago apparently. Kim 31:45
I love me. So Tia D’Angelo came out when I was in high school ninth grade, I will never forget. And I just I loved me sub D like how does it feel came out after? That was his second album, right Budo his first album was a big D’Angelo fan, so I don’t know. Donyetta 32:06
Yeah, Russia. He’s the love the Angela. Angela looking like him and john john. He can go to the same rehab facility to Kim 32:15
buy here’s the thing. It’s the Angelo and friends it’s not just the Angelo so I think they’re trying to switch up the verses this time. Donyetta 32:23
Who gonna be on there? his child’s mother Angie. Angie stone. Oh. Wait. It probably already happened and nobody watched it. Let me see Saturday. So tomorrow Kim Kim 32:42
central law was tomorrow. Let me Donyetta 32:44
put a time Yes. Cam. Alex is gonna be on Saturday to Kim 32:49
watch versus tomorrow at 6pm. Okay, I’ll remind you tomorrow at 6pm by the way, you can now set monthly and yearly reminders. She says that she’s always going off on a tangent just to as I asked woman Donyetta 33:08
and why D’Angelo is showing these old pictures from brown sugar and how does it feel on his Instagram? First of all, the mofo got 368 photos Kim 33:17
cuz he just them they probably made it do it. Donyetta 33:23
I know for a fact he’ll look like this. That and oh baby Angela look like when y’all see what I’m like black history remote movies, and then they show you the actor or actress and then the person that they play. Kim 33:39
Maybe Oh, yeah, this is the last time Mm hmm. Who are the friends? I don’t know. It says the Angelo versus friends so I think it’s gonna be good. I hope he brings back does he have a drug problem like let’s say you leave the Angelo alone. Donyetta 33:59
The Angela Lee their food alone. Kim 34:04
You know, he had he had his first two albums that were like mainstream and after that he just went like he was doing rock and all kinds of crazy stuff but scar long scarves and hats and boots. And Donyetta 34:16
I like his his his black Messiah. Is that one? Kim 34:20
Yes. Hmm. Donyetta 34:21
I like that one. Kim 34:22
That was one of the weird ones. Donyetta 34:25
I like that way. Yeah. Yeah, but you know what, I can’t say a video or anything I’ve ever seen from the album. But yeah, I like that album. I actually like to have that in my collection. I Kim 34:38
listen to Eminem hired him a trainer. He probably been going hard in the gym just last month. He can’t come back and he can’t be looking good Watch, watch. You cannot reverse diabetes and a month. And I’m out and you know what I mean? And I’m out. Donyetta 34:59
You get what you get about The cows that reverse diabetes and Kim 35:09
tune in it’ll it’ll happen, you know, go down already so we’re gonna talk about this on the next show, Donyetta 35:16
Diana, because nobody’s gonna know that it happened I’ve seen nobody talking about even lame Keyshia Cole and lame Ashanti have more spotlight coverage than this. Kim 35:28
I’ll be watching y’all on my Apple TV. Not on Instagram watch on Apple TV. I look so much better. Donyetta 35:36
If Swiss and I’m having him a trainer, he will be posting thirst trap photos for y’all to see it. Because how does it feel we saw all the way down to the history of Barbie doll. Kim 35:48
Usher v before was the Usher v. Donyetta 35:51
I call it the cam Barbie dolls Kim 35:53
Kem Barbie dolls Donyetta 35:55
because you know if you look at a naked cat Barbie doll like he has those indentures in his hips. Like how Barbie who is looking at naked cat But first Kim 36:07
of all, he has a naked a white Ken doll Donyetta 36:12
kid is like Barbie it sets up false expectations of what bodies look like. Like I can only think Unknown Speaker 36:25
I Donyetta 36:26
can only think of two men. But I have seen that him personally. Kim 36:34
They had the ushers. Donyetta 36:37
Yes. And I mean one of them had been but I don’t think I’ve seen I haven’t seen oh by the way I’m in my third hold on let me think somebody Oh you’re so forgettable I don’t even remember you can Barbie dolls. Well, she did Kim 37:03
not participate in this portion of the show. I’m just gonna say here. Donyetta 37:08
Yes, the first person that I remember that had some kin Barbie dolls. Maybe he had Kim Barbie dolls and was home like um, you know, you can’t Kim 37:15
call it a cat Barbie doll. It’s a Ken doll. Donyetta 37:20
Oh yeah, well, Barbie makes it. He had the ken dolls. Cuz I don’t even think Archer has the Mercer’s anymore does he? Or she? Oh, sure. Yeah, I Kim 37:30
see her shirtless in a minute. Unknown Speaker 37:33
Huh? Me? But yeah, I Donyetta 37:35
can only I can count on one hand and still have some fingers left. Like real time kin dolls that I’ve seen. And they do stand out because you like, oh, cuz you know you have to have very lean stomach. Okay, have hips. Mainly hips. Yeah, you pretty much have to be ripped. Oh. Oh, bad. We’ll hold on. I’ll take that back then. That means it was three of them. Kim 38:03
So Kendall Jenner. Just Honda that Kardashian wing is dating an NBA player named Devin Booker. Donyetta 38:14
Never heard of them. Who is he? Kim 38:15
He’s some yeller. He must mix. Unknown Speaker 38:21
I will say is he black? Donyetta 38:22
He’s black. I’ve never heard of him and if I saw this picture I would think he was a white boy with a tan he no shade he got to earrings like a negro Kim 38:35
he black y’all you got to look up black you black. Okay. Donyetta 38:38
She is as a Booker. Kim 38:40
He black. So they went well. I think there’s been rumors about them being together and you know, but now they’re out in the public for real for real. And yet another card debt why they can’t stay up the NBA like you can’t find you a nice businessman somewhere. your accountant businessman or Donyetta 39:01
plus. All these businessmen are five foot one. Kim 39:06
There’s no white guys in the NBA. I’m gonna have to phone and Cody and ask him Donyetta 39:11
Dirk. Kim 39:13
Remember dirt on dark dove is over 40 he’s not an MBA. No more Donyetta 39:17
is he? exact exact hope. I Kim 39:20
don’t know. German basketball player. Is he retired? He’s 42 he has to be retired by now. I met you said Dirk. Donyetta 39:30
That’s the only one I can ever remember. And that one Larry Bird Larry Bird and dirt. Exactly. I don’t remember. Oh, Lord. Kim 39:44
Okay, Donyetta 39:45
but can you blame them for like a black man? Kim 39:47
I can’t. I love them. Okay, but get this okay. He faded Jordan woods. Kylie’s ex bestie because Jordan got caught with Tristan Thomas, who is Chloe’s baby daddy, who Chloe is Transcribed by https://otter.ai

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