Episode 4

DM Me, Only For That

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On this episode of Le Twins Experience,  Kim & Donyetta remember the life of Chadwick Boseman, give you their song picks of the week, their hilarious reactions to the Brandy Verzuz Monica battle.  They talk Niecy Nash coming out and getting married after her recent divorce.  Usher is expecting another child, and is embarking on a Las Vegas Residency,  and in Hip Hop News, Dr. Dre’s divorce is getting messy.  His wife is seeking 2 million dollars a month in temporary spousal support!

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Episode Transcript

[00:00:00] Donyetta: [00:00:00] Welcome to the twins experience with Kim and Donyetta .

[00:00:07] Kim: [00:00:07] Now let’s get back on album bullshit.

[00:00:21] I’m Kim

[00:00:22] Donyetta: [00:00:22] and I’m Donyetta.

[00:00:24] Kim: [00:00:24] And welcome to another episode of Le Twins Experience.

[00:00:28] Donyetta: [00:00:28] We’re back on our bullshit.

[00:00:30] Kim: [00:00:30] We stay on it.

[00:00:34] Donyetta: [00:00:34] So what’s been going on in your world this week,

[00:00:37] Kim: [00:00:37] you know, it’s been a pretty chill week,

[00:00:41] Donyetta: [00:00:41] just

[00:00:42] Kim: [00:00:42] getting the kids ready to go back to school.

[00:00:46] Donyetta: [00:00:46] When did they start?

[00:00:47] Kim: [00:00:47] They started

[00:00:48] Donyetta: [00:00:48] Friday.

[00:00:50] Kim: [00:00:50] Okay. So they had, my oldest had a full day. The little one just had like an hour session with all his new classmates on the computer. They’re doing a hundred percent [00:01:00] online and you know, they’re used to it because they finished up their last three months of school online. So everything’s good with that.

[00:01:09] You know, everything else has been. I’ve been chilling this week. It’s been a good, nice two week. It’s cooler. It’s like a warm today, but it’s been like in the seventies all week in New York. It’s like summer

[00:01:20] Donyetta: [00:01:20] is over. I can feel it in the air when I go outside and I’m just, I like fall, but. I don’t know how I feel about it.

[00:01:28] Some are leaving just yet. We’ll see. Well, I really can’t do anything about it. So I guess it didn’t matter how I feel about it.

[00:01:34] Kim: [00:01:34] I’m going to miss summer, but some are stuck because we were like stuck inside for most of it. So it wasn’t like a normal summer, you know,

[00:01:41] Donyetta: [00:01:41] at all.

[00:01:43] Kim: [00:01:43] So what’s been going on with you this week.

[00:01:47] Donyetta: [00:01:47] Just getting ready to look. I still have not packed a single box and I’m moving in like 10 days.

[00:01:56] Kim: [00:01:56] Girl, you know what? They had this thing called a task [00:02:00] rabbit. You can call some, pay someone to help you pack up your stuff.

[00:02:07] Donyetta: [00:02:07] Okay. That might be an option. Cause I have movers coming, but as far as like packing, I hadn’t packed that I hadn’t even packed a lunch, so I don’t know like what to do.

[00:02:19] And then, because I’m convinced that we’re going to Hollywood. So, you know, this week, the shade room and Reese Witherspoon re posted my tech talks and their stories. And so I was not going to pack this stuff. I was just going to get on a flight. But, um, nobody’s called yet. So let’s just sit tight. Let’s just sit tight.

[00:02:38] So that was exciting this week.

[00:02:41] Kim: [00:02:41] I love Reese Witherspoon.

[00:02:42] Donyetta: [00:02:42] I, when I saw it, like the notification come up on my phone and again, it was like last week I was like, Shay room. Cause first when you see shade room, you don’t know if you are never something good or bad. So I held my breath and I opened it. I was like, [00:03:00] Woo.

[00:03:00] Good stuff. And then later that was that the same day or was it the next day?

[00:03:05] Kim: [00:03:05] I think it was like the next day,

[00:03:07] Donyetta: [00:03:07] the next day I was sitting here, I was working. It have been the same day. I think it was the same day. I get a, um, a notification Reese Witherspoon. And at first I thought I was going to open it up.

[00:03:19] It’s going to be like some made up page or like a fan page or something. Well, I opened up Instagram and I saw that blue check.

[00:03:31] And so, uh, they post it to different tic-tacs videos, but it was the same work from home thing. And, you know, if somebody tags you in a story, you can respond. And so I responded to Reese and I was like, thank you. That made my day girl, she responded back. That’s

[00:03:48] Kim: [00:03:48] dope. Cause you know, HUD’s EMC lit.

[00:03:51] Donyetta: [00:03:51] She was like, you’re so funny.

[00:03:56] It was, it’s been a good, a good week. A good two weeks. The [00:04:00] third time’s a charm. So if it happens again next week, we, for sure going to Hollywood,

[00:04:04] Kim: [00:04:04] we gotta be done with first class and not Jeff. We go in Delta first

[00:04:08] Donyetta: [00:04:08] class. Okay. Look, even though we’re just going to Hollywood. I won’t one those lines, the pots that you sleep in, like if you’re going to the maladies, like on a lie

[00:04:17] Kim: [00:04:17] flat,

[00:04:21] Donyetta: [00:04:21] What is wrong with us? We haven’t even made it yet. We already acted on our bullshit. I haven’t even went anywhere.

[00:04:30] Kim: [00:04:30] Oh my God.

[00:04:33] Donyetta: [00:04:33] I love it. Hot

[00:04:34] Kim: [00:04:34] mess.

[00:04:36] Donyetta: [00:04:36] Wow. So

[00:04:39] Kim: [00:04:39] the big news, uh, what was it last

[00:04:43] Donyetta: [00:04:43] weekend

[00:04:44] Kim: [00:04:44] was the passing of Chadwick Bozeman, mr. Black Panther himself.

[00:04:50] Donyetta: [00:04:50] That was such

[00:04:51] Kim: [00:04:51] I know. And just totally unexpected and just, it just like a little bit of a [00:05:00] cloud came over me because.

[00:05:02] I mean, I didn’t follow a lot of his work, you know, the, the more, um, pop black pants. Of course I saw once and I saw 21 bridges not too long ago, but other than that, I really didn’t follow a lot of his work. But the fact that he’s like our age demographic, like it just, yeah, it hit a little close to home that he passed.

[00:05:22] So I was like really sad.

[00:05:24] Donyetta: [00:05:24] Our Martin day superhero, my adding get into watching like the lore and  black Panther was about to come out because I wanted to know like how all the characters connect and like the significance of all of them being in one movie at one time. And so like, yeah, he was a modern day.

[00:05:42] Um, Superhero, especially for like the little, the black girls and boys who like actually have a action figure or like a super hero that looks like them. I don’t think we had one growing up, I guess, storm from X man, but I wasn’t into that.

[00:05:57] Kim: [00:05:57] Me either. I think I’m [00:06:00] not into really a lot of comic book. The Batman’s back in the day with Michael Keaton and Val Kilmer and stuff like that.

[00:06:09] But other than that, like, I don’t know, what’s the difference between Marvel and the other one and AC DC

[00:06:18] Donyetta: [00:06:18] Marvel.

[00:06:23] I

[00:06:25] Kim: [00:06:25] just can’t with the costumes and

[00:06:26] Donyetta: [00:06:26] the super

[00:06:27] Kim: [00:06:27] powers and all that’s not. Oh, I didn’t see back in the day. Spiderman. With the total Tobey, Maguire.

[00:06:36] Donyetta: [00:06:36] Which one did I see? I don’t remember which one I saw. It was that insignificant. I remember I did see Batman movies, like when it would have been, what was I about to say?

[00:06:49] Bruce thinks first thing by Don yet. Anyway,

[00:06:55] Kim: [00:06:55] Wayne.

[00:06:56] Donyetta: [00:06:56] Oh yeah, him too. Look, I don’t know who was in it. I [00:07:00] saved it. Okay. That’s all I know.

[00:07:02] Kim: [00:07:02] Yeah, but, and then chat with

[00:07:04] Donyetta: [00:07:04] just seems like such a great person. Like the things people said about him outside of his character is black Panther. He left a profound Mark and, um, it seems like you had a life well lived.

[00:07:17] Kim: [00:07:17] He definitely did gone too soon. Rest in peace, Chadwick, Bozeman. I don’t know. So sad. Wow. So we have a new segment of this show where we’re going to give you our top music picks of the week. You know, I don’t listen to a lot of music. Y’all I heard on the last episode that I don’t pay for a music subscription, you girls cheat.

[00:07:45] Donyetta: [00:07:45] And all I do is listen to music. I’ll be having hope concerts over here. Okay. Like, woo.

[00:07:52] Kim: [00:07:52] But every time that I get in the car, I only listen to satellite radio for the little bit of time that I’m in the car. And so the [00:08:00] heat shout out. So the heat. Why are they email me back when I sent you all a email to do

[00:08:06] Donyetta: [00:08:06] BJ on the show,

[00:08:08] Kim: [00:08:08] DJ on the shelf.

[00:08:09] Do you want me back heat? But yeah, so we’re going to do our weekly song picks up and my pick for this week is do it by, uh, Chloe X Halle. Is it Hal or Holly?

[00:08:24] Donyetta: [00:08:24] I think it’s Halle, Halle, Berry, like Halle Berry, maybe.

[00:08:33] Kim: [00:08:33] So if y’all never heard the song, I’m gonna play a little snippet for you.

[00:08:37] Donyetta: [00:08:37] If they haven’t heard it, they’re under a rock.

[00:08:53] Cause we ain’t pan nobody else’s bills already

[00:08:56] Kim: [00:08:56] now, but that’s my gym. Every time I get in the [00:09:00] car, as long as I can. And I do my little shimmy to that. So it’s a good

[00:09:04] Donyetta: [00:09:04] little bop. I like that one.

[00:09:06] Kim: [00:09:06] And there won’t be on face label.

[00:09:08] Donyetta: [00:09:08] They opened for her on the run too. Or was it a Beyonce? Was it lemonade?

[00:09:15] Kim: [00:09:15] One was she had the big hat.

[00:09:17] Remember she was gone like

[00:09:18] Donyetta: [00:09:18] formation. Formation. Okay. So that would have been lemonade was

[00:09:24] Kim: [00:09:24] 2015 or 16.

[00:09:27] Donyetta: [00:09:27] I think it was 16. No,

[00:09:31] Kim: [00:09:31] the last one was 18, right? To go back on tour girl.

[00:09:36] Donyetta: [00:09:36] She said y’all got black is clean. Africa

[00:09:39] Kim: [00:09:39] is not, you need what’s COVID stops. You need to go back on soldier and drop another album.

[00:09:45] Goodness gracious.

[00:09:46] Donyetta: [00:09:46] She probably gone drop one at 3:00 PM or 3:00 AM while we’re all sleeping.

[00:09:52] Kim: [00:09:52] I haven’t even listened to that blackest King.

[00:09:55] Donyetta: [00:09:55] Oh, my God. It’s beautiful. So, yeah, so I listened to the gift, [00:10:00] which yeah. Is the album version of it that was released right. When the lion King came out in 2019 and then black is King.

[00:10:08] Like, you know me, I was here with my popcorn. Can we try to pay some money? Did she turn it to the next song?

[00:10:19] I’ll let him hold a gun. If we, if we come in the crop

[00:10:29] woopsies but like black is King. One of the most beautiful things I have ever seen in my life. Like I literally sat here and cry. It was the end of the color. Purple. So it is pretty much the lion King, if the animals were black people and it shows you how as black Americans, we were stripped of our culture, but there are still like a lot of things that we just do by instinct.

[00:10:54] You like, you just know who you are on a certain level that have a lot of African traditions behind it. [00:11:00] And so it just shows the. The journey of like black Americans and how, like they tell somebody, you can always come back home. And so like, there’s some things that we do. And like just some traditions we have as a people that, you know, are inherent to us from Africa.

[00:11:17] Well,

[00:11:17] Kim: [00:11:17] you know, I don’t have no doggone Disney plus

[00:11:20] Donyetta: [00:11:20] I can give you my password. I just have to figure it out. It’s not in my

[00:11:25] Kim: [00:11:25] pan for Disney plus wait, can I do a seven day trial?

[00:11:29] Donyetta: [00:11:29] I think you can.

[00:11:30] Kim: [00:11:30] I’m gonna have to do that to watch it and cancel it. Sorry, Disney. Don’t

[00:11:36] Donyetta: [00:11:36] tell them what you can do it, but do it.

[00:11:42] So it wouldn’t be all off track. I love it.

[00:11:45] Kim: [00:11:45] And he had his pick of the week. What’s your song?

[00:11:49] Donyetta: [00:11:49] Mine is mood. Featuring Zachary by sir, sir, as a West coast artist. So here we go.

[00:12:08] [00:12:00] Kim: [00:12:08] Now what’s he in the mood for it? Well, he said I ain’t in the mood.

[00:12:11] Donyetta: [00:12:11] I know I’m in the mood if I ain’t in my bag. So this particular song is about, he’s really focused on work and his, uh, girlfriend significant other, like she wants like one on one in the sheet time and stuff like that. And he’s like, girl, I’m all about this bag.

[00:12:31] Kim: [00:12:31] Hello. Get that money so you could pay them bills.

[00:12:36] Donyetta: [00:12:36] So he says, I ain’t in the mood. If I am in my bag. Hello. Hey catch that

[00:12:41] Kim: [00:12:41] somebody. Oh, right. Events. So y’all know. Okay. Doggone brands and Monica,

[00:12:52] Donyetta: [00:12:52] Kim dog, them out like some baldheaded scallywag.

[00:12:58] Kim: [00:12:58] And I said, you [00:13:00] know, Brandy and Monica, neither one of them could really sing that.

[00:13:03] Great. And what happened on the verses?

[00:13:08] Donyetta: [00:13:08] They weren’t saying album playing

[00:13:12] Kim: [00:13:12] did not sing at all. Barely they barely. So I could’ve listened to a Spotify playlist because you know, I only got the free version of Spotify. I can listen to the playlist.

[00:13:22] Donyetta: [00:13:22] Honestly, Monica, Monica was there serving loose baby girl. I didn’t have time to sing.

[00:13:29] Okay.

[00:13:30] Kim: [00:13:30] No Monica was like I’m in his corner

[00:13:33] Donyetta: [00:13:33] upside. I’ll make up a late for the goal. So I

[00:13:37] Kim: [00:13:37] can’t, I don’t get to do nothing, but sit here and look cute

[00:13:42] Donyetta: [00:13:42] and beets.

[00:13:43] Kim: [00:13:43] Monica was beat.

[00:13:44] Donyetta: [00:13:44] Okay. Straight. Oh, I love it. But she’s always like, just like come out, just like damn near. Perfect. Every time I see her, I don’t think she has a bad hair day, but makeup day night,

[00:13:57] Kim: [00:13:57] how team is on points?

[00:13:58] Yes. Whoever [00:14:00] she had from jump from the nineties, like

[00:14:03] Donyetta: [00:14:03] she had to take care of her.

[00:14:05] Kim: [00:14:05] Ms. Fang. So Monica, she’s a hot mess, man.

[00:14:10] Donyetta: [00:14:10] A lot of personality then she, I like so outside of them, that being able to sing according to Kim, I didn’t say that. What did you think about the parts that you did see? I

[00:14:22] Kim: [00:14:22] thought it was horrible.

[00:14:24] Horrible.

[00:14:25] Donyetta: [00:14:25] Like there was tension and it was uncomfortable to watch.

[00:14:28] Kim: [00:14:28] It was a very uncomfortable because they, you know that then they never really liked each other. Okay. And

[00:14:36] Donyetta: [00:14:36] they do

[00:14:37] Kim: [00:14:37] they’re full of shit. They’re full of it. Okay. Because no, the way Monica was looking and the means were alive, like Zimmerman, the show.

[00:14:46] Okay. They were getting triggered.

[00:14:52] Donyetta: [00:14:52] It’s like, if I say

[00:14:54] Kim: [00:14:54] none of the shape, none of

[00:14:57] Donyetta: [00:14:57] it. So holding my breath, I felt like a fight was going to break [00:15:00] out at any moment because, and they weren’t like intentionally trying to throw shade, but you know how, if you don’t like somebody or you already have like tension or a history, they can say like one little thing and it’ll just go all the way to the left.

[00:15:11] I feel like we kept watching that almost happen. Almost happened. Almost happened.

[00:15:16] Kim: [00:15:16] It wasn’t just nervous. I think if they would’ve got up and sang,

[00:15:20] Donyetta: [00:15:20] it would have

[00:15:21] Kim: [00:15:21] been just. We live with the tension. We can live with the tension

[00:15:30] Donyetta: [00:15:30] it would have been like in the dang five heartbeats where they were at that show, you know, it would have been just like that damn talent show. And I would have just been like, you know what? It would have been.

[00:15:44] Kim: [00:15:44] It’s a battle y’all supposed to go back and forth. You’re not supposed to sit there and. Tyler Perry was probably like, get these heifers out of my studio

[00:15:55] Donyetta: [00:15:55] and Jill Scott sat there when they were on Instagram.

[00:15:58] All pleasant instance, Vernon.

[00:16:00] [00:16:00] Kim: [00:16:00] No, they brung. And when that bag lady came, when you heard them,

[00:16:09] Donyetta: [00:16:09] I like this song.

[00:16:10] Kim: [00:16:10] Listen, when that came one, everybody at home got out. They see, we were 1.2 million deep. On Instagram and as sorry, behind versus, okay. I stop halfway through and started editing my video. Cause

[00:16:24] Donyetta: [00:16:24] that was, you did text me and said you were editing your video. Brandy opened it up. And she was like, okay, so let’s talk about the fascia and then I’ll tell you what I was about to say.

[00:16:35] So we know Monica was dressed for the gall. Woo. What do you think about Brandy’s? Brandy

[00:16:41] Kim: [00:16:41] was. A hobo, non she, her hair was nice. I like, I like the, the kind of messy braid she had going on. And they went along, they looked at her outfit, like, did you try to wear Monica’s shoes from that [00:17:00] video that everyone was making fun of?

[00:17:01] Donyetta: [00:17:01] I love you so much.

[00:17:03] Kim: [00:17:03] I mean, granted, I think those shoes were.

[00:17:09] Donyetta: [00:17:09] Probably,

[00:17:11] Kim: [00:17:11] I think that’s what they were. Those quilted slide ones. Granted they weren’t designer, but just,

[00:17:18] Donyetta: [00:17:18] you will.

[00:17:18] Kim: [00:17:18] I think she did that on purpose because Brandy has a little sneaky, shady behind

[00:17:26] Donyetta: [00:17:26] listen. Brandy looked like. Modern day, like Whoopi Goldberg.

[00:17:30] You’re not with the Goldberg dresses. Like she really don’t give a flying flip or she looked like the scarecrow and Oz. Like if it was a person that her jeans have like patchwork or something on it, she was like giving me like ease on down the road. Vibes are like Whoopi Goldberg.

[00:17:46] Kim: [00:17:46] Yeah. She had on a dog on turtleneck in Atlanta.

[00:17:49] Donyetta: [00:17:49] And what was this September? What was it?

[00:17:53] Kim: [00:17:53] Was it, it was, it was in the August.

[00:17:57] Donyetta: [00:17:57] Look,

[00:18:00] [00:18:00] Kim: [00:18:00] Brandy, Brandy girl. We all put on a little bit of weight.

[00:18:03] Donyetta: [00:18:03] We all have you think that’s why she did it. I remember her being fashionable.

[00:18:10] Kim: [00:18:10] She was never really, but that outfit just was not it. And I hate to talk about a woman’s closest week away or whatever the heck we want to wear.

[00:18:18] But come on Brandy, you’re not in this number in front of this amount of people. Probably ever or in so long, like

[00:18:29] Donyetta: [00:18:29] probably ever

[00:18:33] Kim: [00:18:33] bring it

[00:18:34] Donyetta: [00:18:34] like

[00:18:35] Kim: [00:18:35] you’re

[00:18:37] Donyetta: [00:18:37] standing next to Monica. I’ve been so bad.

[00:18:40] Kim: [00:18:40] Nah. Yeah, no, whoever she was next. Why you had on a turtleneck in Atlanta, in the summer. That’s what I want to know.

[00:18:47] And a blazer. It was cold. It must

[00:18:50] Donyetta: [00:18:50] slat in sandals,

[00:18:53] Kim: [00:18:53] toes out. Turtle map.

[00:18:55] Donyetta: [00:18:55] We had to call it in there, like a hospital, trying to keep that Cove it down. [00:19:00] Don’t know. Initially Brandon opened it up. She started off cause Monica was like, well, I’m going to do the Southern thing, the hospital hospitality thing. And let you start first.

[00:19:09] And then Brandon’s like, we’re going to start with a fan favorite. You know, I didn’t get to release this song. Um, because you know, I had my daughter, what fans like your mom and Rachel. Like it was something I had never heard of. And I was like, this is a perfect opportunity.

[00:19:23] Kim: [00:19:23] And her ex husband

[00:19:27] Donyetta: [00:19:27] in the spiral notebook, and she kept reading poems about Tupac.

[00:19:31] And I was just like, Oh, okay.

[00:19:35] Kim: [00:19:35] It was just a hot listen. We could go on and on about Brandy and Monica,

[00:19:39] Donyetta: [00:19:39] Katie.

[00:19:41] Kim: [00:19:41] But yeah, I could pass on that one. That just, it was not it. Sorry, ladies. I love y’all, but that was not it.

[00:19:49] Donyetta: [00:19:49] Are they really going to go on a tour together? They kept saying Brandon’s like, every time Brandy would trigger Monica, she was like, does this mean you’re not going to do the tour?

[00:19:58] This is like, every time like [00:20:00] Monica seemed like to get flared or upset, does this mean you’re not gonna do the tour? You’re not gonna do the tour. You still go look for. And I was like, what,

[00:20:08] Kim: [00:20:08] what are on social media this week? Cause I know there’s a whole lot of stuff. That’d be irking me.

[00:20:14] Donyetta: [00:20:14] I would say, how many things are we get the name?

[00:20:20] Kim: [00:20:20] What are you on social media this week?

[00:20:23] Donyetta: [00:20:23] I wanna say irked me as much as it baffled me. Like I want to know for those of you who do this, tell me like what you’d be feeling. Inside your spirit when you do it, why do people like their own post on social media? Like we know you like it. That’s why you posted it to share for our consumption.

[00:20:44] But why do you like your own stuff? Is it like a Snoop Dogg? I want to thank myself like the Jordan up or do you really want the lights

[00:20:52] Kim: [00:20:52] give credit where credit is due? Like,

[00:20:55] Donyetta: [00:20:55] I’ve always wondered that like, so on Instagram you can just like it. [00:21:00] I think that’s weird. But then on Facebook, you know, you can do the light love care.

[00:21:05] I saw somebody post something and they cared. About it

[00:21:09] Kim: [00:21:09] cared like care.

[00:21:11] Donyetta: [00:21:11] Yeah. You know, the little, the circle he’s holding a heart. Like I care that new reaction Facebook gave us is one of the automatics. I’m like, you might be a psychopath

[00:21:23] Kim: [00:21:23] and

[00:21:23] Donyetta: [00:21:23] I’ve done it by accident. Like I’ve gone on Instagram and been looking at one of my posts and I be like this and it was me and I unlike it.

[00:21:32] But

[00:21:34] Kim: [00:21:34] yeah, I don’t know. That’s

[00:21:35] Donyetta: [00:21:35] weird. DME and he, and me only for that. Cause let me get back on my bullshit. Yeah. Let me know, like what should I be feeling in your spirit when you do that?

[00:21:50] Kim: [00:21:50] Yeah, I don’t get it.

[00:21:52] Donyetta: [00:21:52] Hmm. Interesting

[00:21:54] Kim: [00:21:54] weirdos

[00:21:55] Donyetta: [00:21:55] to you this week.

[00:21:58] Kim: [00:21:58] This irks me on a daily [00:22:00] basis when people posts. On Instagram, one picture, and then they do a slide of the same picture and the next picture they’re blinking and the next picture there moved to the right and then the next picture they’re moving.

[00:22:16] Donyetta: [00:22:16] And then the next picture,

[00:22:19] Kim: [00:22:19] their head is looking for the lab and the right. Why post the same picture? 10 times. It’s the same picture.

[00:22:26] Donyetta: [00:22:26] 10 pounds angles.

[00:22:28] Kim: [00:22:28] One picture is sufficient. We don’t need to see the same picture 10 times in your slide,

[00:22:34] Donyetta: [00:22:34] but you want to know what trick.

[00:22:36] Kim: [00:22:36] What?

[00:22:38] Donyetta: [00:22:38] So if, like, from our perspective, like, as content creators, it helps your engagement.

[00:22:43] If you post multiples multiple pictures in that one post. So like, if you do the carousel, I guess, is what they call it, where you can swipe and see the different pictures in an Instagram post, because you’ve ever noticed, like, if you look at a person’s picture and you don’t like it, but they posted multiple pictures [00:23:00] in that one post, when you get back on Instagram again, it’ll be on the second picture.

[00:23:04] And then sometimes it’d be on the third. So a social media influencer that I follow a black social media influencer said like to get your engagement up, post multiple pictures in one post. I have a hard time doing it because I just need one money shot.

[00:23:20] Kim: [00:23:20] Yeah. Now I take multiples shots. Like if I meant it’s the same day and I’m in different like positions, but I’m not taking the same.

[00:23:28] Like if I’m trying to get one shot and I’m just posing a thousand times and the same, I’m not posting that same shot 10 times. No.

[00:23:35] Donyetta: [00:23:35] Yeah. So I don’t know if that’s why they do it. These might be the same psychopaths that are liking their own posts.

[00:23:41] Kim: [00:23:41] They’re just

[00:23:42] Donyetta: [00:23:42] from a content creator perspective, it works for your engagement.

[00:23:46] Kim: [00:23:46] They’re not content creators. They’re just psychopaths.

[00:23:51] Donyetta: [00:23:51] Nope.

[00:23:53] Kim: [00:23:53] It makes no sense. It makes no sense at all from me. That’s probably [00:24:00] why.

[00:24:00] Donyetta: [00:24:00] I

[00:24:01] Kim: [00:24:01] tried to look, look, I try to handle some pity likes everyday. I hand out petty. He likes.

[00:24:07] Donyetta: [00:24:07] Let me tell you how petty I am, because if you do post multiple pictures in one post, like the second time I get on Instagram and I’d be like, wow, I really liked that picture.

[00:24:16] But then I noticed this on picture number two. And that picture number one, I look I’m like, well, picture number one was garbage. So I’m not going to like this because you should have started off like, think about what you’re. They’re not content creators, so they don’t get it, but like your first picture was garbage.

[00:24:30] So I’m not going to like this post because I don’t want you to think that I like that first garbage photo, even though pictures, two, three, and four were popping. So do better with that first picture, baby. It gotta be the money shot. Even if you’re

[00:24:42] Kim: [00:24:42] is your, is your first impression that has to be the best pit.

[00:24:45] You can’t leave the best for last on Instagram people. That’s possibly

[00:24:49] Donyetta: [00:24:49] a spoon in there. Teacup is the first picture. And the second picture is because I had tea with Beyonce and here she is,

[00:25:04] [00:25:00] I’ll be filling in your spirit.

[00:25:06] Kim: [00:25:06] Queen bee is the lead always.

[00:25:08] Donyetta: [00:25:08] And I’ll be like, this is such an awesome photo. Why was it not fun? Oh, I like it. It’s tragic

[00:25:18] Kim: [00:25:18] now.

[00:25:20] Donyetta: [00:25:20] The big debate to delete or not to delete,

[00:25:25] Kim: [00:25:25] you know, when you post a picture. Right. And there’s always some company that posts right away, CMS for collab or, you know, some dumb shit.

[00:25:36] They always

[00:25:38] Donyetta: [00:25:38] really love your Instagram DMS.

[00:25:41] Kim: [00:25:41] Yes. So do y’all. Hart those posts or do you delete those posts? Do you comment under those posts? What do you do?

[00:25:50] Donyetta: [00:25:50] I heart though, I don’t typically comment. I heart them because as a content creator, thank you for getting my engagement up. Um, but I [00:26:00] also do the same thing, like for people who troll me.

[00:26:02] So like, um, last week somebody commented under, I think it was one of the tic Tacs that either Reese Witherspoon poster or the shade room. They said, are you only going to post pictures of black people now? And I don’t know where that came from because my take talks are not ethnic specific. I am black I’m when I go home, the majority of my family members are like black, but, and so I heard it that, but sometimes if people leave like trollish comments one time, um, there was one take stock I have, whereas using an R Kelly song and somebody commented.

[00:26:37] What would your gut think of you using a song of a child molester? Ooh.

[00:26:44] So I hearted it and I put on heart emoji and then the hands that’s doing, like the little hug and she came back and she said, obviously you didn’t read what I wrote. And I said, well, I said, I just love on internet trolls instead of arguing with them

[00:27:00] [00:26:59] Kim: [00:26:59] for

[00:27:00] Donyetta: [00:27:00] you. I did the heart again. And then the hand, Oh baby.

[00:27:04] When I tell you she went on a tangent, I was like, yeah, I love on internet trolls. I don’t argue with them. Do you see BSA arguing with anybody? Um, I’m Beyonce

[00:27:16] Kim: [00:27:16] want to say don’t ever run that in that’s how fake Instagram that’s how real fake Instagram accounts. Yeah, I’ll run that account. What do you do?

[00:27:23] Do you delete

[00:27:25] Donyetta: [00:27:25] or do you leave it or do you tell them, get the hell off my page?

[00:27:28] Kim: [00:27:28] I’ve been deleting them, but I stopped deleting them. And I’m now just going to give them a hearts. I’m not going to insulate them anymore to pay your butt to comment on

[00:27:42] Donyetta: [00:27:42] I’m to let you live.

[00:27:43] Kim: [00:27:43] Get your money out of me. You’re gonna get a hard out of me.

[00:27:45] And if you keep at it, I’m a slide in your DM and we’re going to have some fun.

[00:27:51] Donyetta: [00:27:51] I got that from a young lady that I follow on YouTube. I can’t think of her name off top, but she’s like she don’t delete comments on YouTube. You help her get her engagement up. Thanks, [00:28:00] boo.

[00:28:01] Kim: [00:28:01] Listen, I had this girl come from me on YouTube.

[00:28:04] It’s hard not to respond. It’s hard. You know, I have like a clean and video on YouTube, clean your, you know, how to clean your airplane seat. Few people come with their snip and talking about you need to be wearing gloves while you clean. And those dirty surfaces.

[00:28:22] Donyetta: [00:28:22] No comment. I know you

[00:28:25] Kim: [00:28:25] have to be polite about it. And I say, you know, I’m not that angry. I like my area clean and you know, I’ll hand sanitize it. After that, I try to be polite about it, but yeah, it is trolls or YouTube. Boy, they look in for a fight. I don’t give it to you.

[00:28:44] Donyetta: [00:28:44] I might, it depends on which day you catch.

[00:28:47] I love the Lord, but I also listen to trap music, the Castillo, Paul. Um, but you know, and it’s, it’s weird for me because like I said up until what April I’ve always had a [00:29:00] private Instagram account. All of my accounts have been private, so like to open them up and then have people troll me. I do have to remind myself Donyetta.

[00:29:11] Don’t go off. Beyonce could be looking at this and she was going to ask you to come to Hollywood, but then she saw you. And so it’s just weird. And actually this week, you know what I’ve been thinking about? So I use my personal Instagram accounts to start my content creation because my blog is the Yetta.

[00:29:31] My YouTube channel is Deanna. Um, But if I had to do it all over again, I started a different page. So I’m actually thinking about pulling a BSA and then getting like a secret Instagram page that is private again and only like my friends have it, because there are things that I don’t share that I used to typically share.

[00:29:49] Like y’all know nothing about me now, except that what lipstick I wore, something like that. So like the personal parts of my life that I was sharing before, I don’t do that anymore because now it’s,

[00:30:00] [00:30:00] Kim: [00:30:00] you could share that on Facebook.

[00:30:04] Donyetta: [00:30:04] Yeah, but I’ve always liked Instagram more than Facebook.

[00:30:07] Kim: [00:30:07] Me too.

[00:30:09] Donyetta: [00:30:09] I don’t have to read as much on Instagram,

[00:30:11] Kim: [00:30:11] but you know, I don’t have much family on Instagram.

[00:30:13] All my family’s on Facebook.

[00:30:16] Donyetta: [00:30:16] Yeah. I take that back. All my family’s on Facebook, but they don’t post that much either.

[00:30:20] Kim: [00:30:20] But they be looking like my momma don’t post, but she’d be on every day.

[00:30:25] Donyetta: [00:30:25] Not liking me, asking me about makeup. I mean, like I said, I’m gonna let you know when I try it.

[00:30:33] Kim: [00:30:33] Every single I’m like, mom, can you like my PO you, Oh, you watched a video.

[00:30:37] She’ll call me and say, Oh, you did this and did that. But I said, did you like the post though?

[00:30:45] Donyetta: [00:30:45] Hike it. And she was like, she said, she likes something I posted, but she was like, you didn’t like my posts. You liked

[00:30:51] Kim: [00:30:51] like Diana’s policy. You don’t even like my posts, mama snady y’all

[00:30:56] Donyetta: [00:30:56] and she just kept walking

[00:30:58] Kim: [00:30:58] JT

[00:31:00] [00:30:59] Donyetta: [00:30:59] boots. She get like a secret Instagram account where I just. Go back and add my gym. The people that I do know

[00:31:08] Kim: [00:31:08] you can, but you can’t use the same email address because Instagram will tell all your friends who are on your previous Instagram account, that you have a new account.

[00:31:18] So you have to use a totally different email address.

[00:31:21] Donyetta: [00:31:21] Okay. And then I have to think about what it would be like. Deanna is something that I started calling myself when I was like eight. So do I do yeah. The two T O O like, I’m gonna think about it. But yeah, I found that Instagram and then like the notification notifications come in so much that I am actually missing things that I would like to respond to and things that I would like to see as far as like pictures that the people that I follow are posting.

[00:31:47] So I’m going to figure it out.

[00:31:49] Kim: [00:31:49] Girl, hop on Instagram long time ago. I learned that lesson a long time ago.

[00:31:56] Donyetta: [00:31:56] And he said you stopped about the tagging. The, you want to talk about that?

[00:32:01] [00:32:00] Kim: [00:32:01] Let’s talk about it real quick. Yeah. I used to tag my husband on Instagram back in the day, but then these little girls started following him that follow me and he followed them back.

[00:32:12] And I said, why are you following these heifers back? And he’s like, because they follow me first. I said, what?

[00:32:21] Okay. You know? So that was, that, that was the end of his, it’s the famous on my account he’s done.

[00:32:26] Donyetta: [00:32:26] And I believe that they did it like. People are like,

[00:32:31] Kim: [00:32:31] they know exactly what they’re doing and he does. He’s not on Instagram a lot. So if he gets a follower, he’s excited

[00:32:37] Donyetta: [00:32:37] and he follows the back.

[00:32:39] Kim: [00:32:39] But yeah, no, no booboo.

[00:32:41] That’s it for you?

[00:32:42] Donyetta: [00:32:42] Like people troll heart. Like, why are you following me? And you hadn’t liked a photo, not Nan every photo. So actually today, before we started recording, I helped some people off of my page. Let me, let me show you the door, darling. I didn’t block you, but you don’t follow me no more. Bye.

[00:32:57] Kim: [00:32:57] Bye [00:33:00] Niecy

[00:33:00] Donyetta: [00:33:00] Nash

[00:33:02] Kim: [00:33:02] has come on out and got married to a lady. Y’all

[00:33:10] Donyetta: [00:33:10] I thought they were gonna be married forever. Cause he was the fondest chocolate man. Yes, he wasn’t. So I didn’t know. She was divorced. You had alone about to be married to, um, anybody yet alone, a woman? I didn’t know. Oh, less than

[00:33:23] Kim: [00:33:23] home girl just got divorced this year in 2020. So I think they filed cashier and final.

[00:33:32] Yeah, girl. So she moved quick.

[00:33:35] Donyetta: [00:33:35] They seemed like such a lovely couple. I remember the reality show. I used to watch it a bit and he just seemed so attentive and passionate and con and call me, I’ll be in Hollywood soon. His name J J

[00:33:46] Kim: [00:33:46] yes. But look, the, the girl that she married, Jessica, Beth’s saying at her first wedding.

[00:33:54] Well, not her first wedding. Her second wedding to Jay,

[00:33:58] Donyetta: [00:33:58] the latest [00:34:00] ex-husband.

[00:34:00] Kim: [00:34:00] Yeah, she’s saying

[00:34:02] Donyetta: [00:34:02] wedding.

[00:34:03] Kim: [00:34:03] So, I don’t know the plot thickens.

[00:34:11] Donyetta: [00:34:11] And when I saw the photos, I thought it was a man. You know, she wears her haircut, I guess she’s like a more masculine

[00:34:19] Kim: [00:34:19] she had on a suit.

[00:34:21] Donyetta: [00:34:21] I don’t know if I hear, um, a lot of people who are in the LBG.

[00:34:27] TQ community say stood for like more masculine women. I don’t know if that’s politically correct, but if I didn’t know that was a woman. I wouldn’t know. That was a woman. And I do remember thinking, Oh, very handsome. Like, you know,

[00:34:41] Kim: [00:34:41] nice.

[00:34:44] Donyetta: [00:34:44] Yeah. Nice haircut. It looks like she got a little bit of edge to her.

[00:34:48] She ain’t too soft. I was thinking, wow, he’s cute. But I didn’t know at the time that it was a female, so I could see it. Like I can see that. Yeah. I can see it. Not for me, but I can see it.

[00:35:00] [00:35:00] Kim: [00:35:00] Paul said mrs. Carrow to niece bets. So her real name, her real first name is Carol

[00:35:08] Donyetta: [00:35:08] Niecy Nash. Denise Niecy

[00:35:11] Kim: [00:35:11] love wins and the rainbow.

[00:35:13] Listen, I’m happy for her. I’ve you can find love at 50 years old, you’re living your truth, then I’m all for it.

[00:35:23] Donyetta: [00:35:23] She looks stunning in that dress or curves were popping. She looked a statically happy. So congratulations.

[00:35:30] Kim: [00:35:30] Congratulations, Ms. Nash, do you, and you can find love over 50

[00:35:39] Donyetta: [00:35:39] anytime. Anytime. Yes.

[00:35:42] I’ve been to find

[00:35:43] Kim: [00:35:43] love at any age, so don’t give up people. There’s someone out there for everybody. Hopefully,

[00:35:51] Donyetta: [00:35:51] hopefully during quarantine,

[00:35:55] Kim: [00:35:55] listen, I just watched a movie on Netflix. [00:36:00] This is going off topic, but who cares without podcasts? Because

[00:36:03] Donyetta: [00:36:03] I’m in the car with you. Let’s go. Where are we going?

[00:36:05] Kim: [00:36:05] Damon Wayans jr.

[00:36:09] Donyetta: [00:36:09] Now is he cute? Cute. By the way, have you seen him? Let me pull it up.

[00:36:17] Kim: [00:36:17] So the movie it’s on Netflix. Let me find a dog movie. I just watched it today.

[00:36:24] Donyetta: [00:36:24] I’ve been watching a lot of those straight to DVD black movies.

[00:36:28] Kim: [00:36:28] Okay. So the movie is called love, guaranteed. And he’s in it with Rachel Lee cook. Rachel Cook is a, she used to be in a bunch of movies when she was like a little younger, like those teen movies, but you have got to watch, it was like a cute little romcom, but when I saw him, I was like, who’s that?

[00:36:46] And then his name popped up. I said Damon Wayans

[00:36:48] Donyetta: [00:36:48] jr. Okay.

[00:36:51] Kim: [00:36:51] Okay. Jr.

[00:36:53] Donyetta: [00:36:53] Yeah,

[00:36:57] it looks like Keenan. His uncle,

[00:37:00] [00:37:00] Kim: [00:37:00] he looks like them, but just a way, way better looking. Oh

[00:37:04] Donyetta: [00:37:04] gosh.

[00:37:05] Kim: [00:37:05] But the premise of the movie is

[00:37:07] Donyetta: [00:37:07] wait, so just way better,

[00:37:11] Kim: [00:37:11] like his mama must be fine because that’s the way he got the looks from. Cause you know how to sister Kim is like a little, she kind of looks like a dude with long hair.

[00:37:23] Like, she looks like the brothers, but with long hair. Sorry, Kim. My name’s sake.

[00:37:27] Donyetta: [00:37:27] I hear you. I’m silent for a reason. Go watch this video. And I see my face.

[00:37:35] Kim: [00:37:35] He obviously got his good looks from his momma. Who’s his

[00:37:38] Donyetta: [00:37:38] mama.

[00:37:39] Kim: [00:37:39] Siri, who is Damon weigh-ins Junior’s mother.

[00:37:52] Who’s Lisa Dorner. Yeah. Her series British accent

[00:37:56] Donyetta: [00:37:56] kill phone. Finally.

[00:38:00] [00:38:00] Kim: [00:38:00] I bet you she’s beautiful. Lisa Dorner, is she white?

[00:38:05] Donyetta: [00:38:05] Black

[00:38:06] Kim: [00:38:06] Lisa T H O. It comes up damn away. His ex wife. She’s beautiful.

[00:38:13] Donyetta: [00:38:13] I told you.

[00:38:17] What’s her name? Lisa Thorner.

[00:38:27] You were to try and say to daddy don’t look good.

[00:38:29] Kim: [00:38:29] It sounds a little funny looking

[00:38:36] Donyetta: [00:38:36] shade of it. All. She started gives me Thandie Newton vibes that she does.

[00:38:45] Kim: [00:38:45] Tiny tiny, tiny. I like her traditionally. Yeah, she has them. So if y’all, haven’t seen this go watch love guaranteed. It’s on Netflix. Y’all know we don’t have a lot of black movies [00:39:00] that are out well, this is not black, but the lead is black.

[00:39:03] So it’s a cute little romcom.

[00:39:05] Donyetta: [00:39:05] There’s a whole bunch of mess of them on, uh, Netflix and Amazon prime, if you watch it, like as stream on my fire stick, like I watched something last night called chocolate kiss. When I tell you it was a hot mess, a hot two hour mess,

[00:39:21] Kim: [00:39:21] listen to some of those black men, but they have actors and actresses that, you know, that like been on TV.

[00:39:27] Like I saw one essence Atkins the other day. And, um, what was her mama’s name? The girl from, I think the woman from a thin line between love and Hey with Morin Lynn Whitfield.

[00:39:41] Donyetta: [00:39:41] Yes.

[00:39:43] Kim: [00:39:43] So S is Atkins a limb with the wind, this movie. And it was like so corny, but it was like a good corny, but it’s like, this is where the black actors go.

[00:39:51] When you don’t see them. These like low budget movies,

[00:39:54] Donyetta: [00:39:54] one with Vivica Fox, Shamar Moore. [00:40:00] Motives.

[00:40:04] Kim: [00:40:04] I think I saw part one of that one

[00:40:06] Donyetta: [00:40:06] part, one was good. Part. One was okay. It’s sort of like, um, what’s that other movie Pandora’s box. Or something that was one of those black movies, motive to Burberry. It didn’t make any kind of sense.

[00:40:18] If you seen one, you’d be like, or did he have a brother? So how does he have a brother that’s going to solve his murder in prison, but Abby having Netflix and chills nights, I make myself take a break cause we’ve been working hard and I just be watching that

[00:40:34] Kim: [00:40:34] foolishness. Hot mess, but y’all check out Amazon because Amazon does have a whole section on black people movies, and you’ll see these actresses at you.

[00:40:44] Like, Hey, I used to watch them on TV, where they go they’re in all these movies that are like straight to video on Amazon. So check that out. Usher is expecting a child

[00:40:56] Donyetta: [00:40:56] or sure,

[00:40:58] Kim: [00:40:58] for sure. What’s [00:41:00] some woman that we’ve never even heard of. Or is know, no, it wasn’t a relationship.

[00:41:06] Donyetta: [00:41:06] I sorta kinda forgot. He got divorced for the second time too.

[00:41:09] Like, it was very, non-drama like low key and he sort of flew up under the radar.

[00:41:15] Kim: [00:41:15] He was very hush hush after he divorced Tamika.

[00:41:20] Donyetta: [00:41:20] But this was like, totally. Hush has

[00:41:23] Kim: [00:41:23] got a

[00:41:24] Donyetta: [00:41:24] big old belly get back together. I know

[00:41:27] Kim: [00:41:27] him and Shelly

[00:41:28] Donyetta: [00:41:28] were like,

[00:41:33] Kim: [00:41:33] no, I love him until he together. I

[00:41:36] Donyetta: [00:41:36] of that. I think it was pretty toxic though. Let me see. This would be Usher’s third chow her first. He has to, with his ex wife, his first ex wife, Tamika foster, a share in Naveed usher jr. Is 12 and Navida is 11.

[00:41:54] Kim: [00:41:54] And I think he has custody of them too.

[00:41:56] Donyetta: [00:41:56] I see them at his takes out videos.

[00:41:59] Kim: [00:41:59] Oh yeah. Cause remember [00:42:00] him it’s Amica had like a nasty court battle.

[00:42:03] Donyetta: [00:42:03] She’s 49, the latest ex wife. What’s her name? Grace. Grace is 51. And this lady, she is a record executive is 37. So she’s more in our age group. He did say he liked older women though.

[00:42:23] Kim: [00:42:23] Yeah, for sure. He loves the cougars, but now he got himself, a younger woman, probably because he’s getting up there.

[00:42:32] They don’t

[00:42:36] court. Well, the two pitches, they. Well, I should look looking a hot, what was going on with his hair in this picture?

[00:42:45] Donyetta: [00:42:45] Jaycee’s here. I can’t

[00:42:47] Kim: [00:42:47] leave. Oh my God. Well, now it looks like he cut the hair cause she’s pregnant in the second picture, but, and that first picture of them. Oh

[00:42:55] Donyetta: [00:42:55] good Lord. Yeah.

[00:43:00] [00:43:00] Kim: [00:43:00] I used to love us shit back in the day, he was so fun and dancing all over the place and

[00:43:06] Donyetta: [00:43:06] stop liking just really, really loving his music altogether.

[00:43:10] Ironically, when I came to Atlanta and usher is here in Atlanta, so I’ve never been to a Herscher concert. I stopped like an usher after confessions. Like I feel like that was the last album he had that I could actually finish and enjoy.

[00:43:25] Kim: [00:43:25] Wait, what was the, when he did the song with little John ludicrous?

[00:43:28] They, yeah. Yeah.

[00:43:29] Donyetta: [00:43:29] That one

[00:43:32] Kim: [00:43:32] that was on the confessions.

[00:43:34] Donyetta: [00:43:34] I think, see that was an Epic album. Cause I liked the one before. What would have been, I don’t know what burn you got it. Bet you remind me. And then confession

[00:43:46] Kim: [00:43:46] from an alarm.

[00:43:47] Donyetta: [00:43:47] Yeah, that was, I was going to say seven, 1187

[00:43:55] and then confessions came out and that was just. That was [00:44:00] like on, beyond stays like lemonade level? No, that was like Michael Jackson thriller level. And then after that, I never really liked ’em

[00:44:08] Kim: [00:44:08] one of those albums. Oh, that was the jam

[00:44:14] Donyetta: [00:44:14] first moved to Atlanta that came out. What about my boot?

[00:44:17] Kim: [00:44:17] What did my book come out?

[00:44:20] Donyetta: [00:44:20] You know, there’s a version of, it would be I say on it. Have you ever heard that one? I liked that

[00:44:24] Kim: [00:44:24] one better, but whatever they, my boo was 2004. That was on confessions. See? Yeah, I didn’t

[00:44:30] Donyetta: [00:44:30] confessions was that was the confessions. Did you check,

[00:44:35] Kim: [00:44:35] was that on there? Yeah,

[00:44:43] I perform that live somewhere. Carson daily used to have a show called last call with Carson Daly. And I saw usher and little John perform that song live 2004 confessions

[00:44:56] Donyetta: [00:44:56] that Epic album. But after that, like I can’t listen to one of [00:45:00] his albums, like from start to finish like multiple songs on it. So he’s actually, even though he’s, he’s not in Atlanta native, but you know, he rubs Atlanta.

[00:45:10] Like he doesn’t even fill out, like, since I’ve lived here the last 13 years, he doesn’t fill up like the RSA filled up the dang Mercedes Benz Superdome. Really close to 80,000 a think, I can’t remember how many it seats, but yeah. Ushers doing like the tabernacle so that tabernacle, I can put it in the Roseland ballroom in New York.

[00:45:32] You know what I’m talking about?

[00:45:33] Kim: [00:45:33] So it’s a theater. Yeah, no

[00:45:38] Donyetta: [00:45:38] ballroom before,

[00:45:40] Kim: [00:45:40] so yeah, he doesn’t feel

[00:45:42] Donyetta: [00:45:42] up, um, Like venues, especially like for Atlanta to be his, what he claims is his hometown now. So yeah, I just,

[00:45:50] Kim: [00:45:50] I don’t know. That’s just been around for us since we were in high school before they met in high school.

[00:45:55] Donyetta: [00:45:55] Yeah. I remember he had the inappropriate song.

[00:45:58] Kim: [00:45:58] I she’s been around a [00:46:00] long time that man has had a long career, so cool. And also he’s doing a Las Vegas residency. That was just announced. So I wouldn’t mind going there. Listen. I want to know how they’re going to do that though, because I think when did it say it was

[00:46:17] Donyetta: [00:46:17] number 2021, July, 2021.

[00:46:22] Kim: [00:46:22] So the residency is going to be at Caesars

[00:46:25] Donyetta: [00:46:25] and Vegas. I liked,

[00:46:27] Kim: [00:46:27] and I

[00:46:29] Donyetta: [00:46:29] was surprised at the wind. Well, somebody else might be there. Nevermind.

[00:46:34] Kim: [00:46:34] Caesars is where Celine Dion was. So that’s that nice, you know, arena that they built specifically for her, but it’s not a long run. So he’s going to be there in July, 2021 for two, four, six, eight shows December.

[00:46:49] Ooh, new years put December 28, 29, 31st and January 1st.

[00:46:54] Donyetta: [00:46:54] Going into 2022. Yeah. Yes.

[00:47:00] [00:46:59] Kim: [00:46:59] Listen, Kobe gotta be done by then.

[00:47:02] Donyetta: [00:47:02] We might have to go get fluid out,

[00:47:05] Kim: [00:47:05] but here’s the thing. The tickets go on sale like now. So if this don’t happen, are we getting our money back for these tickets?

[00:47:12] Donyetta: [00:47:12] Don’t be like the Peachtree road.

[00:47:13] Right?

[00:47:14] Kim: [00:47:14] We got, have to read the fine print on, Oh, check us. Let’s see how much these tickets are. They all available now, girl. Well, see these $500 tickets I ain’t paying fine.

[00:47:25] Donyetta: [00:47:25] I wouldn’t pay a hundred

[00:47:26] Kim: [00:47:26] if y’all want to sponsor us and give us some tickets. Now

[00:47:29] Donyetta: [00:47:29] we’ll go. You flew it out.

[00:47:33] Kim: [00:47:33] Shoot. We’ll even

[00:47:35] Donyetta: [00:47:35] recorded Michelle out there for y’all.

[00:47:36] What would it be on our bullshit in Vegas?

[00:47:38] Kim: [00:47:38] You know? Okay. Oh, presale is Monday, September 7th. Not available yet.

[00:47:45] Donyetta: [00:47:45] Not yet $25 each,

[00:47:48] Kim: [00:47:48] not just yet.

[00:47:50] Donyetta: [00:47:50] So Vegas residency, that’s superstar and sorta go to like to die a respectful though. Well,

[00:47:56] Kim: [00:47:56] Jayla was there for a minute.

[00:47:59] Donyetta: [00:47:59] I [00:48:00] saw J-Lo. If the, if I saw her last year, last July, she came to Atlanta, Atlanta.

[00:48:04] Might’ve been the last stop in her is my birthday. Like, cause she was fit. She turned 50 in 2019 baby. And when I tell you, she put on a show,

[00:48:13] Kim: [00:48:13] JMO is and never seen her life lesson. I would love to see Jane alive.

[00:48:23] Donyetta: [00:48:23] It was a really good show. I really enjoyed myself.

[00:48:26] Kim: [00:48:26] J-Lo got some hits, boy, you could be standing up that whole concert.

[00:48:32] So I’ll share I’m here for it. If the tickets are reasonable.

[00:48:36] Donyetta: [00:48:36] $75.

[00:48:39] Kim: [00:48:39] Now, I think they’re going to be at least $200.

[00:48:47] Donyetta: [00:48:47] I paid 200 for maybe, maybe Janet. I don’t know. I have to think about it. How could you remember?

[00:48:52] Kim: [00:48:52] It’s a smaller space, so there’s some, they sell those tickets for much more than a normal concert. It’s more intimate

[00:48:59] Donyetta: [00:48:59] and I’m not [00:49:00] going to do it.

[00:49:03] Kim: [00:49:03] We don’t be in Hollywood by then. Anyway. So we that’s just Vegas.

[00:49:06] It’s

[00:49:06] Donyetta: [00:49:06] like,

[00:49:09] Kim: [00:49:09] wait, we don’t beat here. We’re not even gonna worry about that

[00:49:12] Donyetta: [00:49:12] with Paul McCartney. Shoot. Tyler Perry is Hollywood’s newest billionaire. Y’all give a round of applause. Can you put it in a clap in effect right there? Round of applause? Yeah. He went from sleeping in his car to being a billionaire.

[00:49:35] I like it.

[00:49:37] Kim: [00:49:37] And you know, last time I was in Atlanta, I drove by, is it Tyler Perry way or something like that?

[00:49:44] Donyetta: [00:49:44] Or the studio is, I think

[00:49:46] Kim: [00:49:46] he has his name on a sign on the highway. Okay. The man has made it.

[00:49:52] Donyetta: [00:49:52] Started from the bottom. Now we here. So congratulations to him. I really liked how the people give him a [00:50:00] lot of flack about his movies, but I genuinely liked his movies, especially the movies that, uh, Madeira isn’t in.

[00:50:07] Now. I like some of those too. Like one of my favorite Tyler Perry movies is, um, diary of a matte black woman. And she’s in that. But I would tell a Perry’s work. I’m here for it. I always try to catch his stuff when it comes out.

[00:50:19] Kim: [00:50:19] Me too. I love his mood. I don’t love all of them, but I, that Medea has a funeral, a gold Savonarola that movie was hot.

[00:50:29] I was crying. Okay.

[00:50:34] Donyetta: [00:50:34] Is she what’s the gospel singer? Who’s the Brown

[00:50:41] Kim: [00:50:41] family funeral.

[00:50:43] Donyetta: [00:50:43] My favorite Tyler Perry movie is why did I get married?

[00:50:48] Kim: [00:50:48] I liked that movie too.

[00:50:50] Donyetta: [00:50:50] That’s real good. Janet and Jill Scott. Uh, yeah. And it had a part

[00:50:57] Kim: [00:50:57] too.

[00:50:59] Donyetta: [00:50:59] Yeah, I liked [00:51:00] part two as well. Part two was sort of all over the place. Part two was sorta like.

[00:51:05] So food, it was, it was a little all over the place. It was a little skiddish, but I still appreciated the message in it.

[00:51:13] Kim: [00:51:13] So Jennifer Hudson’s baby daddy is in Medea, his funeral.

[00:51:17] Donyetta: [00:51:17] David, I forget his last name. 

[00:51:20] Kim: [00:51:20] do you

[00:51:21] Donyetta: [00:51:21] remember what he was on the real world?

[00:51:23] Kim: [00:51:23] Is that where he came from

[00:51:25] Donyetta: [00:51:25] real world and then he became like a wrestler with the white guy.

[00:51:29] That was,

[00:51:30] Kim: [00:51:30] I remember that.

[00:51:32] Donyetta: [00:51:32] Um, and with the meds, he was also on the roar. Yeah. David, I remember cause I used to watch the world. Well, you know, the real world was like our first one. Yeah. The TV show.

[00:51:41] Kim: [00:51:41] That was the first reality, the real world

[00:51:45] Donyetta: [00:51:45] with the real world where they had the white lady from Birmingham and then the guy who’s like an author, a journalist now, Kevin know.

[00:51:55] And then I remember when Tammy. Um, get David kicked [00:52:00] off the real world. Cause he snatched that comfort off of her,

[00:52:04] Kim: [00:52:04] on her panties. I remember that

[00:52:06] Donyetta: [00:52:06] I was so mad. He got kicked off and then I remember him Pedro, um, was on there and he ended up passing from HIV. We’ll put nasty self

[00:52:16] Kim: [00:52:16] out puck was disgusting,

[00:52:18] Donyetta: [00:52:18] Hawk and Louise and putting his finger in the peanut butter.

[00:52:21] But yeah, I used to rock with the real world religiously, but David was on maybe new Orleans. Cause he was back then he was a singer. And I remember he was real corny and like he had some music video maybe where he was like walking around and singing in front of other people’s cars. You know how people do when they go down ocean in Miami, you’ll be taking a picture next to a Bugatti, but it’s natural blue.

[00:52:44] Got it. Like that’s what the video was. None of these cars belong to him. Well,

[00:52:52] did he try to do it?

[00:52:54] Kim: [00:52:54] Did he try to Sue her for some money?

[00:52:57] Donyetta: [00:52:57] I don’t know. Cause

[00:52:58] Kim: [00:52:58] they never got married.

[00:53:00] [00:53:00] Donyetta: [00:53:00] Him and Jennifer? Nope. They never got married. They were engaged. It seemed like, okay. Was he with her when her family, um, some of her family members were, they were together a long time. They have a son.

[00:53:13] This son is like not a little boy anymore. I mean, he’s a little boy. He’s not a toddler. Um Hmm. I think she said he’s pissed. And he didn’t like when she started to lose weight, he felt some type of way. Cause now other men are looking at,

[00:53:29] Kim: [00:53:29] it was with her when she was heavier.

[00:53:32] Donyetta: [00:53:32] Yup. And then you remember she did, was it weight Watchers?

[00:53:34] And cause I remember her doing an interview and he was, she said he would ask her like, where are you going to dress like that? But. Jennifer hasn’t doesn’t dress.

[00:53:41] Kim: [00:53:41] She

[00:53:42] Donyetta: [00:53:42] dresses very conservatively and she was like, what do you mean? And he’s like, you know, why are you wearing that? She’s like, baby, I’m a walking billboard now, you know, weight Watchers.

[00:53:51] But yeah, I heard he was very controlling, allegedly he’s controlling. Um, and yeah, so she probably stayed engaged to him for as long as she did for a good [00:54:00] reason and did not marry him

[00:54:02] Kim: [00:54:02] a smart reason. Well, she still had to pay him. I don’t know how much, but I know she had

[00:54:07] Donyetta: [00:54:07] had to pick somebody that you never married.

[00:54:10] Kim: [00:54:10] Cause he was, I think the primary caregiver of the son or something, it was a big mess, like a convoluted mess.

[00:54:16] Donyetta: [00:54:16] Yeah. Mary J Blige, you know, having to pay her husband, but he was cheating. Hadley. Barry had to pay hers too.

[00:54:23] Kim: [00:54:23] Yeah. Listen, if I was married, I would have went bankrupt. I would’ve gave all my money to my sister and say, come get some of this money.

[00:54:29] I ain’t got none.

[00:54:30] Donyetta: [00:54:30] But what a dance on his head, like she’d be dancing on them. Stages shot.

[00:54:35] Kim: [00:54:35] I see. I see.

[00:54:41] Donyetta: [00:54:41] Okay.

[00:54:42] Kim: [00:54:42] Listen, I went to see Mary last summer. Mary is she’s. My number three. Beyonce is number one. Maxwell is the number two maximum.

[00:54:54] Donyetta: [00:54:54] I’ve seen him like three times 

[00:54:57] Kim: [00:54:57] show Mary’s number three, [00:55:00] Mary kilt. It,

[00:55:02] Donyetta: [00:55:02] I don’t think I’ve seen her. I did go to the bad boy reunion back in 2016. And if she was there, which she probably would have been, I saw her, but I don’t remember.

[00:55:12] I remember total standing out may. And the chorus puffy, but no, I think, I don’t know. My first would be beyond say, you know, who puts on a good dog gone show? This is a show you like, I have old soul that damn Charlotte Wilson.

[00:55:30] Kim: [00:55:30] Yeah.

[00:55:30] Donyetta: [00:55:30] I seen him

[00:55:34] Kim: [00:55:34] up close

[00:55:35] Donyetta: [00:55:35] and, um,

[00:55:36] Kim: [00:55:36] it’s closed now. Sob it’s closed now. And it’s like standing room only uncle Charlie on a good whole time.

[00:55:50] Donyetta: [00:55:50] I seen him like three times once in Birmingham and then two or three times here in Atlanta. Um, but yeah, I love Charlie Wilson. He’s good. How you [00:56:00] doing?

[00:56:02] Kim: [00:56:02] Hello, Charlie

[00:56:03] Donyetta: [00:56:03] and other news, Tiffany Haddish has revealed that she tested positive for COVID-19. Earlier this year, months ago,

[00:56:12] Kim: [00:56:12] three months ago, she tested positive and she actually said that she had, she got tested once it was negative.

[00:56:20] And then someone else she was working with was positive. So she’d got tested again and she was positive, but she had no symptoms, but then she had the antibodies test and tested positive it, had it again, and tested negative. So what does that mean forever? Does that mean that you can have COVID and get COVID again?

[00:56:38] Donyetta: [00:56:38] I don’t think they know yet. And they are, they have, let me tell ya. Y’all can test that vaccine out to their first batch. I’m gonna let you out. Thanks. Y’all can have that. I’m not going to be like, remember that will Smith movie. I am legend. Not today. Not that. Not today. Not, not, not the one. Yeah. I’m not taking that first round of vaccine.

[00:57:00] [00:57:00] Kim: [00:57:00] Like this virus is, it does not discriminate. Everybody is susceptible to this virus itself where you mask people.

[00:57:12] Donyetta: [00:57:12] And now that

[00:57:13] Kim: [00:57:13] you know

[00:57:15] Donyetta: [00:57:15] okay.

[00:57:19] About you. Yes. The day.

[00:57:24] Why at target? Oh, I tell you, everybody has a damn mask on every place, but they nose and they mouth. I said

[00:57:35] Kim: [00:57:35] people,

[00:57:36] Donyetta: [00:57:36] literally parents with math, their kids had none. I saw people wearing their mask on their top lip, but your noses out, I saw people with their mass backwards. I saw people with the mass pulled up.

[00:57:49] Like I have my, my sleeping mask on my tick tock videos. It was a hot ass mess. And I was like, I was looking for the cameras. Cause I was like, Hey, I’m about to pop out and be like,

[00:58:04] [00:58:00] Kim: [00:58:04] yeah, hot mess. I don’t know what it FMS, like

[00:58:08] Donyetta: [00:58:08] what is the problem? And I was in Midtown. You’ve been at Atlantic

[00:58:12] Kim: [00:58:12] station when you’ve been here before

[00:58:15] Donyetta: [00:58:15] it was that target and target blatantly as a sign that says due to like emergency order. Cause you know, mayor Kesha, Lez bottom said in Atlanta, y’all gonna wear a mask.

[00:58:25] You have to wear a mask to enter this store. But I guess, because they didn’t specify how you have to wear the

[00:58:30] Kim: [00:58:30] mask. Y’all some fool, y’all some fools out, listen to New York. We do not play that shit. Y’all everyone wears a mask. You can’t walk in the store. We have security at

[00:58:42] Donyetta: [00:58:42] the dome. It literally looked like everybody was trying to be funny at first.

[00:58:47] Cause I was like Kim, about to come out with some cameras. Gotcha. But you never came. And then I checked out she was not Elian, so yeah, I thought about she yesterday.

[00:59:00] [00:58:59] Kim: [00:58:59] Drive, drive up next time. You don’t need to go on them stores.

[00:59:03] Donyetta: [00:59:03] Well, then I had to like a bunch of stuff to get, like I always do it target girl.

[00:59:07] No, I’m about to move into a house, right? Wow. Why was all in the lawn and patio furniture section and target? I

[00:59:13] Kim: [00:59:13] did look at that online. We ain’t got no time to be up in target with y’all nom, mass wearing mofos.

[00:59:19] Donyetta: [00:59:19] Okay. Cute shirt. I don’t know where I’m aware. I was like, I was everywhere. I was in the grocery department.

[00:59:27] I got some new masks. I got a shirt. I was looking at lawn furniture. Like it hand packed a box, but, okay. So yeah, I thought about you.

[00:59:37] Kim: [00:59:37] Yeah. I need y’all to where y’all mass. We y’all want to be in COVID forever. That’s what y’all want. We’re your doggone mass above. Yeah. Do I need to put a mask on the show?

[00:59:48] Y’all cause

[00:59:49] Donyetta: [00:59:49] you really like I’m to do a YouTube video? I

[00:59:53] Kim: [00:59:53] don’t have one on my, if I have one right here, I will put the dog on masters. The mass does not belong on your neck. It [01:00:00] does not belong. Below your nose. It does not go on your chin. The mask was supposed to cover your mouth and your nose. Please just wear your mass.

[01:00:11] He’s stuck in South. Well, yeah, outside. Yeah. Ben outside in Georgia. That’s why y’all know this

[01:00:16] Donyetta: [01:00:16] labor day. We didn’t had a black Jeep weekend up here. I think they having something. This is labor day weekend. Y’all I’m going to stay in the house. I’m online. But I ain’t got,

[01:00:27] Kim: [01:00:27] no, I’m not going nowhere this weekend.

[01:00:29] You ain’t gonna find places that

[01:00:31] Donyetta: [01:00:31] though, but not with a lot of people. Cool.

[01:00:35] Kim: [01:00:35] I’m going right to this bed and right back to Netflix to finish watching Cobra, Kai,

[01:00:40] Donyetta: [01:00:40] you know, me partying with denies and club quarantine. Yeah. That’s deep bed feature, no club bed feature and DJ pillow.

[01:00:51] Kim: [01:00:51] The I’m not coming no way.

[01:00:53] Call me don’t DM me. Don’t do nothing. Right. [01:01:00] Dr. Dre is getting a divorce and this thing is getting ugly. Y’all

[01:01:05] Donyetta: [01:01:05] let me get my teacup.

[01:01:08] Kim: [01:01:08] So his wife has asked for $2 million a month,

[01:01:13] Donyetta: [01:01:13] month.

[01:01:14] Kim: [01:01:14] A month in spousal support, temporary spousal support.

[01:01:19] Donyetta: [01:01:19] She needed a restraining order. So what is this 2 million going towards a month?

[01:01:25] Kim: [01:01:25] Listen, honey. She put out a list. Okay. Let’s break down. This list.

[01:01:31] Donyetta: [01:01:31] Laundry is $10,000 laundry and cleaning $10,000 a month

[01:01:36] Kim: [01:01:36] clothes. If you got a hundred, if you got 135,000 and close it, you got a lot of laundry can be done. That’s a lot of tide.

[01:01:43] Donyetta: [01:01:43] Are they doing like taking these clothes and washing them in a river?

[01:01:46] A mile deep? Like what kind of organic water being used in

[01:01:50] Kim: [01:01:50] diamond water.

[01:01:51] Donyetta: [01:01:51] Okay. She says education. Which is tuition and living 60,000 now are her kids. I’m like boarding school or something. What’s [01:02:00] this,

[01:02:01] Kim: [01:02:01] they have older kids. What don’t you think?

[01:02:04] Donyetta: [01:02:04] So is that college tuition and living under education entertainment, 900,000 a month.

[01:02:16] Charitable contributions, one 25, 125,000 a month. So wait, I had the fun of your charitable contributions. No, because the mortgage is on here. That’s different. The mortgage is a hundred thousand a month. She has a mouse. She’s at their Malibu home telephone cell phone and email $20,000 a month. Now let me tell y’all I ain’t never got my Verizon bill and it’s been more than probably one 60

[01:02:48] Kim: [01:02:48] kids.

[01:02:48] So the kids is all on the plan.

[01:02:50] Donyetta: [01:02:50] She calling Jesus on the main line. Cause that’s a collect call right there. 20,000

[01:03:00] [01:02:59] unlimited data. What

[01:03:01] Kim: [01:03:01] kind of email do you have?

[01:03:03] Donyetta: [01:03:03] She got that encrypted email that Barack Obama email.

[01:03:07] Kim: [01:03:07] And what mortgage are you paying for? $100,000 a month. Beats by Dre for like $3 billion.

[01:03:15] Donyetta: [01:03:15] He did. So she says she actually spends 2.5, 3 million a month. She’s only asking for it,

[01:03:22] Kim: [01:03:22] but that was their expenses together.

[01:03:25] Right. That can’t be just her expenses.

[01:03:28] Donyetta: [01:03:28] She said, and all she says, she actually has a monthly. Oh, God, this is the best type of ever. It says a monthly nut of 2.5, 3 million. I think it’s monthly net. I think that’s supposed to be net, not nut. Whew. Um, so she’s asking him also to pay for her attorney’s fees, which is another 5 million.

[01:03:55] So

[01:03:57] Kim: [01:03:57] I’m gonna need you to downgrade your lifestyle a little bit. [01:04:00] I mean, you can get a beautiful home and, um, Hollywood Hills or Beverly Hills

[01:04:06] Donyetta: [01:04:06] Alabama, you

[01:04:09] Kim: [01:04:09] can get a nice Tulane all the home in Calabasas, but you wouldn’t live in Malibu. So she says he’s,

[01:04:18] Donyetta: [01:04:18] she feels threatened. So she says she felt threatened.

[01:04:22] To sign the prenup in the first place. And like, she was pressured like up until the final hour before they got married. And then some years later while they were married, he ripped it up and said that he was embarrassed, that he had her sign it. And that they had an understanding that there was no prenup.

[01:04:38] He says that didn’t have

[01:04:41] Kim: [01:04:41] he ripped up a fake copy. He got the real copy is with his attorney.

[01:04:51] Donyetta: [01:04:51] Did she alleged that he was being abusive towards her too?

[01:04:54] Kim: [01:04:54] Yes, she, yes, she did. And we saw what he did to me chalet in that, um, [01:05:00] straight out of Compton movie. And

[01:05:02] Donyetta: [01:05:02] did he like punch a MTV person or a news reporter or something back in the day, a woman?

[01:05:07] Kim: [01:05:07] I just don’t like the way dr. Dre looks me. He always got some waffle long sleeve shirt on with his it’s like a shmedium and his muscles always bulging out in it like

[01:05:18] Donyetta: [01:05:18] that.

[01:05:19] Kim: [01:05:19] Extra large shirts in Compton or whatever the heck you

[01:05:22] Donyetta: [01:05:22] live at the extra large flannel shirts. Like he looks like the Hulk

[01:05:32] Kim: [01:05:32] about the bus out of his shirts.

[01:05:34] Donyetta: [01:05:34] He know he got it when he got hit with M and M. So yeah, don’t see these muscles.

[01:05:42] Kim: [01:05:42] He was in the pen for like 10 years, you know, we never see him. He probably wasn’t a damn pen.

[01:05:47] Shoot making beats.

[01:05:49] Donyetta: [01:05:49] Okay. He beat it’s alleged that he beats women like multiple people are saying these things about that’s concerning. Keep your hands and your feet to [01:06:00] yourself. They didn’t tell y’all that on the school bus, keep your hands and your feet to yourself.

[01:06:04] Kim: [01:06:04] And I love these dogs beats by Dre.

[01:06:08] Donyetta: [01:06:08] I got, I got like Dre, you know, what have we not done? I got an over the air pair that I’ve run in and then I have some wired ones. Um, yeah, I don’t like that. Well, I don’t know what, so how much do you feel like she should get

[01:06:26] Kim: [01:06:26] not know damn 5 million a month.

[01:06:30] Donyetta: [01:06:30] She asked her too, not as familiar, but you know, there is a precedent, which is how Mary J Blige and Halle Berry ended up having to pay their lying, cheating husbands.

[01:06:40] Like once you get somebody accustomed to a standard of living, um, and if you. Um, what’s the word? It ain’t tricking. If you got it, if you financed that standard of living, once you part ways, especially if you have kids, especially if you have kids, the judge is not going to tell them that they’re going to have to move into a house in Riverdale, [01:07:00] Georgia, which is South Atlanta.

[01:07:02] And you used to live in buckets,

[01:07:05] Kim: [01:07:05] but they’re kids.

[01:07:09] Donyetta: [01:07:09] She’s before.

[01:07:11] Kim: [01:07:11] Yo, you ain’t well, you gonna have to downsize booboo $2 million a month. That is a lot of money

[01:07:18] Donyetta: [01:07:18] he got and he got it. It ain’t tricking. If you got it,

[01:07:22] Kim: [01:07:22] once he million dollars a year.

[01:07:24] Donyetta: [01:07:24] Hey, that’s not a, it’s not close to a billion. He got her. How long he got it.

[01:07:32] Like once you have

[01:07:35] Kim: [01:07:35] his net worth is 800 million. They in Cali. Okay. Give me my half. Give me mine.

[01:07:40] Donyetta: [01:07:40] Oh, if she didn’t have their prenup sheet automatically get 50.

[01:07:43] Kim: [01:07:43] Yeah. She she’s asking for a

[01:07:46] Donyetta: [01:07:46] lot less than she would get. If she wouldn’t have signed that prenup

[01:07:50] Kim: [01:07:50] Bobo. If you signed a prenup, you signed a prenup.

[01:07:53] You shouldn’t have signed the damn prenup when you sign it to hell. No, not if it’s that I ain’t getting no money.

[01:08:01] [01:08:00] Donyetta: [01:08:01] Hayden have that money back then. And he’s crazy.

[01:08:07] Kim: [01:08:07] Been there. Why was she signing the prenup? Because she didn’t get married. They got married in 96. He had money. He didn’t have that.

[01:08:18] Donyetta: [01:08:18] He had Compton money. People try to like strong arm, you in society and prenups and stuff like that. Like what the fruit. I’m not with you. Well, when, what I’m working for is look like no, if you have a marriage, Hey, if you are, if you have a marriage with somebody and you go your separate ways, for whatever reason, like I just wouldn’t expect you like to be like a riff Raff.

[01:08:48] And I didn’t have no keys out and cook your food where she might not, they might have services, but you know what I’m saying? But like, it really is big. Yeah. Right. It really is a big debate. Like when [01:09:00] people go their separate ways after building a life together, because let’s think about it. Like you’re a woman, you have a husband, it’s a bunch of stuff.

[01:09:07] Your husband probably couldn’t pull off if you were not his right hand, man. So he. Yeah, but I’m sure like she has some type of contribution to his life. So you just get to walk away. And then, and these kids got to go to Riverdale, Georgia and no offense to Riverdale, Georgia. I want y’all to come with me for me.

[01:09:24] College park, Riverdale East point. I used to live in East point college park. So it’s all good. But yeah, let’s

[01:09:30] Kim: [01:09:30] park is the

[01:09:31] Donyetta: [01:09:31] hood.

[01:09:35] All subdivision. That’s college park.

[01:09:37] Kim: [01:09:37] There was some gentrify parts, and then there was some part, I was like, I’m not going to that captain D’s

[01:09:44] Donyetta: [01:09:44] Oh yeah. You on main street now. That’s that is, that is genuine college park. I used to live in the incorporated park.

[01:09:53] Kim: [01:09:53] I said that captain D’s ain’t

[01:09:54] Donyetta: [01:09:54] happening. We go into the other ones,

[01:10:00] [01:10:00] but yeah. So yeah, it is. There’s a lot of Jew. I used to live on the other side of the tracks, but yeah, so I don’t know, like she she’s been with him since 1996 and I know. I know he told her better. You ain’t got to work. Remember a minute black woman, Tyler Perry movie, you ain’t gotta work. And now that he, we all mean what we say until we don’t mean it any more,

[01:10:24] Kim: [01:10:24] but look, if she signed a prenup, shame on her and stupid on her,

[01:10:31] Donyetta: [01:10:31] if he’s abusive and he forced her to sign there pretty much shame on him.

[01:10:35] Raha chick.

[01:10:37] Kim: [01:10:37] That is true. He shouldn’t, he shouldn’t be a bastard

[01:10:41] Donyetta: [01:10:41] had to have known though, but you know what. She probably knew his reputation, but we always think of it.

[01:10:46] Kim: [01:10:46] But you’re Mary and dr. Dre, like you, you want that lifestyle

[01:10:50] Donyetta: [01:10:50] and you were different. You just punched her in the face. He ain’t

[01:10:54] Kim: [01:10:54] go class, man.

[01:10:55] Listen, let me, our attorney is because if she was smart, she would get one of them. [01:11:00] Bull busting attorneys. What is her name?

[01:11:03] Donyetta: [01:11:03] She needed.

[01:11:05] Kim: [01:11:05] Let’s see who her attorney is.

[01:11:06] Donyetta: [01:11:06] I said, run nagger her money. Oh.

[01:11:08] Kim: [01:11:08] They only have two kids together.

[01:11:11] Donyetta: [01:11:11] How old are they?

[01:11:12] Kim: [01:11:12] Truly young and true young.

[01:11:15] Donyetta: [01:11:15] I hate it.

[01:11:17] Kim: [01:11:17] That one is 19, truly young and true.

[01:11:23] We see a whole thought of these names.

[01:11:27] Donyetta: [01:11:27] Compton

[01:11:29] Kim: [01:11:29] 23. So the kids are grown.

[01:11:31] Donyetta: [01:11:31] Maybe that’s what the living education might be. College tuition and boarding like dorm

[01:11:37] Kim: [01:11:37] rooms.

[01:11:40] Donyetta: [01:11:40] It’s a good attorney. If she wants to

[01:11:42] Kim: [01:11:42] say. Who Samantha specter. Let’s see, I’m just a Googling freak y’all

[01:11:52] Donyetta: [01:11:52] and be over to do a real journalism. That’s how she laid it there. Uh, just like groundbreaking. I interviewed with the dang Atlanta track [01:12:00] club.

[01:12:01] Kim: [01:12:01] She she’s Oh, top 20 lawyers for divorce. Okay. Let me get the aspect there.

[01:12:08] Donyetta: [01:12:08] Good be fair.

[01:12:12] Kim: [01:12:12] You

[01:12:13] Donyetta: [01:12:13] built a life with somebody to be fair. You can’t say that all that money with you be fair.

[01:12:17] Kim: [01:12:17] She graduated from Loyola law school Magnum Kool-Aide. Am I saying that in Louisiana and

[01:12:27] Donyetta: [01:12:27] new Orleans? I believe.

[01:12:29] Kim: [01:12:29] I don’t know, she got her BA in political science from university of California.

[01:12:33] She’s a sorority member of five beta Kappa. Is that one of the white sororities?

[01:12:44] Donyetta: [01:12:44] Right?

[01:12:49] So Lord, okay. There’s a lot that word. You said there’s one in new Orleans, but there’s also one in, um, LA I thought it was [01:13:00] about, I’m not even gonna throw no shade, but I know

[01:13:03] Kim: [01:13:03] factor’s law firm. Their website is bootleg as hell. Okay. I hope her services and not this Boulay.

[01:13:09] Donyetta: [01:13:09] Profile.

[01:13:11] Kim: [01:13:11] It says the firm, right?

[01:13:13] She’s the only lawyer

[01:13:17] Donyetta: [01:13:17] she said, baby, I’m the sun and the moon and the stars.

[01:13:22] Kim: [01:13:22] She find this lady, this website,

[01:13:25] Donyetta: [01:13:25] horrible.

[01:13:26] Kim: [01:13:26] Oh,

[01:13:27] Donyetta: [01:13:27] that’s the wrong website.

[01:13:29] Kim: [01:13:29] You ain’t getting no money. Damn.

[01:13:35] Out of the lawyers you could find in LA you pick, okay, let me not talk. Yeah, this plays out. We can see, I just hope homegirl was stacking her coins. Okay. Because it’ll make no sense for you to be with dr. Dre since one 96. And you were with him before then for you to not have a little cushion

[01:13:56] Donyetta: [01:13:56] for 24 years.

[01:13:58] They’ve been married since [01:14:00] 96 it’s 24 years. And we don’t know how long they date it. So, you

[01:14:03] Kim: [01:14:03] know, so yeah. I hope you stack some coins and all those years when he was giving you them, um, Why is a cash stray from the bank and the wrapper

[01:14:14] Donyetta: [01:14:14] under the mattress

[01:14:19] and using that black

[01:14:20] Kim: [01:14:20] car that he turned off?

[01:14:22] Donyetta: [01:14:22] Oh yeah, he won’t let her use a black car either. And he’d been trying to intimidate her and sent the brother and lots of the house to get his gun, the house in Malibu to get his gun. And she didn’t give it to him because he has a reputation for being abusive.

[01:14:38] Girl.

[01:14:39] Kim: [01:14:39] This is a hot mess. We gonna, we gonna see how this play. Are we going to keep up with this on a show to see how it plays out?

[01:14:44] Donyetta: [01:14:44] Yeah, that brings us to a close. That was a fun time.

[01:14:49] Kim: [01:14:49] We don’t cover the whole shit. We got y’all cover for this weekend. Black folk news.

[01:14:56] Donyetta: [01:14:56] Yeah. And we had like 15 things. We did not talk about [01:15:00] that we had on a list and we were like, look, we are not doing one of these two hour bootleg, black people movies on Netflix.

[01:15:06] We had to cut this town down

[01:15:09] Kim: [01:15:09] and we still keep it an hour. We still, but

[01:15:12] Donyetta: [01:15:12] we might get it down after we take out some bloopers. We might get down to Florida.

[01:15:18] Kim: [01:15:18] All right, everyone. So thank you for tuning into this episode of Les twins experience. We hope you enjoyed it. Don’t forget to subscribe to our YouTube channel.

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[01:15:49] Just go to late twins, experience.com and click on watch the show and all the episodes are there.

[01:15:55] Donyetta: [01:15:55] Connect with us on social media. We are on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter [01:16:00] on Instagram. And Facebook is the twins experience. That’s @letwinsexperience and on Twitter, we are @letwinsexp. So we will see you guys next time.

[01:16:11] Kim: [01:16:11] Later.

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