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Kim and Donyetta met in 2017 via their mutual hobby, running. They quickly hit it off and soon discovered that not only do they share the same sense of humor, they also have similar facial features! Whenever they posted photos together they were asked if they were twins or siblings. Everyone began calling them “Le Twins” and it stuck.

Fast forward to 2020, Kim curated a podcast, The Run Wave, to provide an outlet for runnings to discuss all things running. That year Donyetta ventured into content creation, becoming a blogger and YouTuber. Kim invited Donyetta on the show to discuss runners venturing into content creation. In the episode their chemistry and antics were such a success they decided to team up and for Le Twins Experience!

“Back on our bullshit” is their theme because whenever Kim and Donyetta get together they laugh uncontrollably as they discuss whatever is on their minds!



Born and bred in the Bronx, and life long New Yorker.  Kim is a wife, mother, lover of travel, runner and triathlete.  When she is not taking care of her two boys, ages 6 and 14, you could find her exploring the U.S. one state at a time, and racking up stamps in her passport (pre-covid)!  She is a 6 time marathoner, has run countless half marathons, and is on a quest to run a half-marathon in all 50 states.  You can catch her weekly chronicling her running and travel aventures on her YouTube channel, or at


An Alabama native that lives in Atlanta, GA. Donyetta loves traveling (any beach is a good beach), reading and attending concerts and festivals. She is an avid runner that has run 2 marathons, 12 half marathons and countless other distances over the years. She is also a Blogger and YouTuber. Her Blog Dyetta covers “all things fabulous” and is the written version of her life. Her weekly YouTube channel is a vlog of her health, beauty and fitness journey. 

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